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Racor is the worldleader in fuel,oil and air, valves and filtration systems company’s product line includes fuel filter/water separator systems, filter vessels and elements include for marine markets.

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Parker Corp. is the world’s leading manufacturer of control and motion systems & technologies, Marine fittings and Valves with solutions for a variety of commercial, mobile, and marine markets. We offers various of valves include marine valves: pneumatic, hydraulic, refrigeration and instrumentation in a variety of types and configurations.

Valve types can be manual, motor actuated or solenoid.

marine valves: flare, pipe, hose barbs, needle valves, ball valves and thermoplastic fittings for mobile water systems for the marine use.


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Valves For Industrial, Mobile and Marine Applications:


6 Port Check Valves

(.34 bar)
Unique in design Valve with Manual Override and Check Valve (5 PSI)

Electronic fuel tank Valves(engine function during tank switching) for powerboats with 2 fuel tanks.

Awitch-Remotely between 2 tanks without shutting down the engine with Balance fuel levels for both tanks and Manual override

- 12 VDC voltage
- 24 VDC voltage option
- 180 GPH (681 l/hr) f ow capacity
- Recommended f lter: 150 micron -not included

- 2 year warranty

Proportional marine valves


Standard, medium, and high performance

Powerful voice-coil valves which allows higher flows from
smaller valves. Valves offer high response /up to 300 Hz/, and are offered with or without on-board control electronics.

Proportional Relief Valve


This series of proportional pressure valves are direct operated proportional solenoid valvesand power supply voltage and the input command signals are connected via a single seven-pin electrical plug connector with Integrated electronics.

Proportional Relief Valve


Very low hysteresis and excellent repeatabilitydirect operated single solenoid marine valves.

Proportional Relief Valve


Pressure relief valve with integral control electronics and a DIN NG25 cartridge insert .Input signals in the range 0 to 10V or 0 to 20 mA.

Velve Series


Driver module controlled Series proportional pressure valves with proportional solenoid operated pilot stage and DIN cartridge main stage.

Marine flow Valves


a range of flow control valves that fit your application needs.

F-Flow Valves

These Series (automatically)valves provide precise control of flow in one direction, Simple set screw for locking and Tamperproof option
a full range of sizes 7/8-14 - 3/8

FG3PKC Pressure Flow marine Valves, Temperature compensated valve

Series compensated(pressure and temperature) flow control valves regulate flow and may be used for applications requiring bleed-off, meter-in and meter-out
Adjustable flow setting with Reverse flow check standard, Optional lunge control,lock, and trim adjustment
avalible sizes 3/8

FS Flow Valve(CONTROL)

These valves provide precise control of flow and shutoff in one direction, and automatically permit full flow in the opposite direction. A two-step needle allows fine adjustment at low flow by using the first three turns of the adjusting knob; the next three turns open the valve to full flow, and also provide standard throttling adjustments.
Maximum operating pressure: 3000 PSI
a full range of sizes: 0.66, 0.88, 0.47

MV Metering Valve

These metering Series(high-precision) and shutoff valves allow extremely control(close) of fluids used
Provides controlled flow in both directions Valve Provides controlled flow in both directions, Straight and right angle body styles.
Panel mounting kit available, sizes: 1/8",1/4,NPTF 3/4-16

N needle Marine Valve

These Series(minimum space for installation and conserving) provide speed control and shutoff for hydraulic and pneumatic (marine)applications where a reverse-flow check valve is not required.
Valves Provides controlled flow in both directions, Set screw securely ocks setting and Tamperproof option

NS needle Valve

valves(minimum space) provide excellent speed control and shut off and reverse-flow check valve is not required.
Colorflow scale on stem, Provides controlled flow in both directions and Standard or fine metering needles and Tamperproof option
Flow rate 8,15,25,40 GPM,

PC-K Pressure Flow Valve

These valves are constructed to regulate flow at a selected rate then maintain this flow constant within ±5% as inlet and outlet pressures may vary.
Factory set for specified flow and Flow precision within ±5% of regulated flow, Available with reverse flow check

PC-M Pressure Flow(Adjustable) Valve

These valves are constructed for applications such as conveyors, food-processing machines and material-handling equipment.
Flow precision within ±5% of regulated flow and Color flow scale in stem
Tamperproof option and 3,6,15,25,50 GPM

PC-MS Pressure Flow(Control) Valve

valves are used in a range of applications such as conveyors, food-processing machines and material-handling equipment.
Pressure compensated and Adjustable flow setting with Optional reverse flow check
3,6,15,25,50 GPM

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Pressure Flow


PARKER - Anodized aluminum body Valves with precision and Hardened parts for durability, easy to adjust knobs valves and flow ranges with Load sense, hand bypass and Solenoid options for varying applications...more >>

Flow new or used Valves for sale - new Parker f600B, Flow Fuel/Control/Meter Valve, Plast matic flow, deck mount valve, Ross control etc.

Flow new or used Control Valves for sale | Pressure compensated - Spf(in-line) 1/2'-3,8'-1/4'-1/8'port Series-flow of oil and air, MS/air & 3250S/air & 337S of air direction valves.

Valve Series

C N F MV PC*M PC*K Types of Valve Check Needle Flow Metering Adjust Press Press Comp Comp Flow Flow Max Flow Range (LPM) 11 - 569 11 - 265 11 - 569 4 - 110 11 - 189 11 - 95 (GPM) 3 - 150 3 - 70 3 - 150 .5 - 40 3 - 50 3 - 25 Body Material Brass X X X X - - Steel X X X X X X Stainless Steel X X X - X - Port Type/Sizes NPT ⅛" - 2" ⅛" - 1¼" ⅛" - 2" ⅛" - 1" ¼" - 1¼" ¼" - ¾" SAE -4 thru -32 -4 thru -20 -4 thru -32 -4 thru -16 -6 thru -16 -6 thru -12 BSPP ⅛" - 2" ¼" - 1" ⅛" - 2" ⅛" - 1" - - BSPT ⅛" - ¾" - ⅛" - ¾" ¼" -½" - - Max Operating Press* (Bar) 345 345 345 345 210 210 (PSI) 5000 5000 5000 5000 3000 3000

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