Racor Filter Division
Filtration Technology in fuel, oil, air or and coolant filtration systems, high or low flow filter vessels and accessories for internal combustion and marine/boat engines. web
Gas Filters
Efficient Racor Filters for your boat needs and repair: Marine Gasoline Series Fuel Filter/Water Separators.
Boat Air filters
Air Filters Series, Washable with Restriction indicator port for boat use with Maximum flow rate 800,1200,1600 and maximum-capacity 2000 m3 feet /min.
Diesel filters
Marine approved Spin-on models 110A, 120,200 and 400 RMAM for high or low-flow(15/35 to 120 Gph) restriction applications with metal bowls for Diesel fuel system.

Filter Funnels
Series(max flow rate 2.7,3.9,5,15 GPM,) of marine filter funnels fast-flow & heavy-duty for diesel, gasoline, oil or kerosene combustion boat engine.

Formed FILTERS (cone-style filter )

Teague Custom Marine’s sea strainers with the new clamp- and wingnutstyle covers

The latest innovation from the shop a cone-style
filter that replaces the flat one in the company’s popular
5-inch sea strainer. The cone design is standard on its heavy-duty 10- and 12-inch strainers, and now the 5-inch strainer is offered with either filter (cone filters also are sold individually).

Thanks to its expanded height, the cone provides more surface area and forces debris down and outside for better water flow.


Water Filters - Racor Filtration Technology

Controls & Steering

Boat Accessories - Controls and Steering Cables

Boat Drinking Filters - Innovative technology that's made Racor the first name in marine engine protection makes Racor Drinking Water Filters a natural addition to your yacht or boat.

Racor - Drinking water filters

Drinking Filters

Highly effective against the many contaminants present in on-board water supplies, Racor Water/Drinking/ Filters ensure that you will always have plenty of clean, safe fresh water.

There are two types of high efficiency Racor Water Filters - Taste and Odor Removal and Sediment. Both Racor models serve a single cold water faucet or water tank inlet and are sure to provide a refreshing improvement in water taste and top quality and safety.

RACOR Drinking Filter

-Multiple layers of tightly wound synthetic yarns trap sediment, rust, algae and other microscopic solids.

-Activated charcoal element option for taste and odor


-Tough, tight-sealing see-thru bowl lets you inspect filter effectiveness at a glance.

Water filters:

Model No.: WFA12-S5

Description: Sediment Removal, 5 micron

Replacement: WFC-S5

Model No.:WFA12-S5

Description: Sediment Removal, 5 micron

Replacement: WFC-S5

Model No.:WFA12-S30

Description: Sediment Removal, 30 micron


Model No.: WFA12-S60

Description: Sediment Removal, 60 micron

Replacement: WFC-S60

Model No.: WFA12-T5

Description: Taste and Odor Removal, 5 micron

Replacement: WFC-T5


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