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a division of Teleflex Incorporated, serves the global marine, truck and rail, and rigging services markets by developing and delivering specialty-engineered products and services. We invite you to stroll through our website to learn more about the wide variety of offerings that makes up Teleflex Commercial.

Teleflex Marine

Teleflex Marine — Genuine Leadership for 60 years

Teleflex Marine’s 60 years have been notable for the company’s innovations in steering, controls, monitors and more. We made big impacts at marine expositions over those decades, and the industry has designated many of our products as “milestones.” Take a look at the many accomplishments of Teleflex Marine.

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Fire-Resistant Cabling by Belden

Most standard electrical cables are insulated with PVC plastic, which releases chlorine upon combustion. Chlorine is a poisonous gas, and when it comes into contact with water it forms hydrochloric acid. Chlorine is one of several highly reactive elements called halogens; others are fluorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine. Several well-publicized fires - two being the Beverly HiUs Slipper Club and London's Kings Cross Underground Station - illustrate die dangers of such cabling in densely populated spaces. The safe alternative is LSZH, or low-smoke, zero-halogen cable, whose jacketing is made of thermoplastic or thermoset compounds. As its name implies, very little smoke is emitted under combustion, and there are no halogens to generate poisonous gases. The National Fire Protection Association and National Electrical Code each speak to the issue, as does the American Bureau of Shipping.

Belden, a leading manufacturer of signal transmission cable (coaxial, fiber optics, etc.) recently joined a number of other manufacturers of fire-resistant and fire-safe cabling by introducing several new products under the general tide of New Generation. Each has a two-hour fire-resistive rating. An abridged version of Belden descriptions appears below; even so, they're acronym heavy. PLTC stands for "power limited tray cable".