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Yanmar Marine is structured to facilitate maximum enjoyment of leisure time spent on the water.

Yanmar Marine is completely dedicated to boating. With regional headquarters in Europe, the United States, South East Asia and Japan, plus full-scale sales and service support facilities in more than 130 countries, it is dedicated to all the needs of boat builders, dealers and their customers across the world.

Yanmar - Leisure marine products and customer service

Yanmar Marine offers engines, drive systems and accessories for all types of boats, from runabouts to sailboats, and from cruisers to mega yachts. In marine leisure boating, the worldwide reputation of Yanmar Marine is second to none. The entity Yanmar Marine, headquartered in Almere (Netherlands), is part of the Yanmar Company Ltd. Japan, and was established in 2002.

Product overview

Yanmar engines go further and they work harder, year after year. Yanmar diesel engines are renowned for their rugged reliability.

With their economical operation and reduced downtime, itís little wonder that successful water sports professionals rely on Yanmar for enduring power. Little wonder that major charter fleet operators turn to Yanmar. Little wonder that award-winning boat designers specify Yanmar from the start.

© myCI GM & YM Series
(9-29 mhp)
© myCI JH Series
(39-125 mhp)
© myCI LH Series
(160-240 mhp)

© myCI BY2 Series
(150-260 mhp)
© myCI LP Series
(260-315 mhp)
© myCI LY Series
(380-480 mhp)

© myCI CX Series
(530 mhp)
© myCI SY Series
(655-900 mhp)
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© myCI Sterndrive ZT350
(150 - 315 mhp)
© myCI Saildrive Series
(9-75 mhp)
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