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Finding the right net and fabric for your Multihull boat is a matter of matching up the many needs, characteristics and options.

This Spain company is focused on Developing Specialist trampolines, nets and as entertainment & manufacturing process that provides security and high performance.

Though, it seems easy to design, you should know that in the manufacture of a sport or leisure trampoline and nets must consider many aspects related to their future use:

Catamaran/Multihulls Netting

Jump'in Spain Catamaran Nets

There is a big difference in weight between a 6 year old child or an adult. The frame, springs and trampoline network must therefore be able to withstand great pressure, especially when we refer the activity that happens in the boating, dynamic and not static weights.

Nets(Springboards) for multihulls,Cruise and sports catamarans

Jump'in Spain's workshop manufacturing offer boat owners unique products - apparel fabrics as techniques and catamaran trampolines.

Mesh / canvas adapted to your boat:

- Find the perfect canvas or mesh is the result of the selection of the best materials, together with notebook tax burdens.
- The rate of opening or permeability
- The resistance
- The life in the marine environment
- The comfort
- Design

You need us to do the job, but we will need you to know your boat thoroughly. Since shipyard between the plane and your boat can be some difference, it is essential to know 100%.

To order a nets or multihulls as canvas, please contact by mail or by phone at tel:932 202 081, and they will prepare a budget.

 You do not know if it's more convenient canvas or technical fabric for your boat?

Finding the right material for your boat can be very complicated because depend on several parameters in addition to having to adapt to the specifications of the boat:

The rate of opening or permeability.
The resistance.
The life in the marine environment.
The comfort.
The price.

The sea conditions are adverse and changing hence not all materials provide the same result, everyone can have their say by their experiences and work. We can describe a number of advantages and disadvantages of the canvas and technical textiles.

Thanks to research with different suppliers, as well as exchanges of experiences we have had with the captains, individuals and professionals, they propose two ranges of tarpaulins and nets. This offer is constantly updated according to the evolution of new materials.

Technical tarpaulins (fabric catamaran)

Grid or Mesh

The main advantage of the Tarpaulin Nets is wearing comfort. You can be barefoot, sitting or lying. The trampolines are widely appreciated for leisure activities and rest. They also allow significantly increase the area of use of the boat (almost 20%).

Although with the same original design, technical fabrics are varied and have different characteristics, different specific uses for each type of catamaran or multihull. The material, the mesh size, the opening between points, are parameters that help you to define the final product.

Trampolines technical fabric are bordered on the perimeter for reinforcement composed of a solid canvas and leash. This technique can be adapted to many complex contour shapes and fixing systems using different buttonholes, leeches, reeds, strips or straps. In addition, these tarps allow mounting without tension system.

They can be adapted to all kinds of ways with a variety of fastening systems.


This canvas is designed very dense in the two axes with a fine braided wire. This gives a high resistance and durability to the set. Because of its low permeability, this fabric is mainly used in sports multihulls. Available in black.

LIGHT GRIDS: Multi Tramp 332 and 352

Most distant points confer better permeability in the case of a Mesh However, its resistance to breakage is less. The interesting thing about this fabric it is the variety of colors and offer a good result in sport catamarans and trimarans.

- multihull trampoline fabric

Used as a jumping mat in our sports trampolines, this material provides an interesting permeability with very high resistance against breakage and tears.

They recommend it for catamaran or trimaran of 20-34 feet - account the capacity of a tarpaulin and its fastening system to support the weight of all the equipment. Their advantage lies in the fact that this canvas is welded, so that lines the major surfaces (welding seams and is reinforced by coating a solid canvas).

- trampoline fabric

Its technical design and dimensions of materials make it extremely resistant, able to withstand 5 t per m2 fabric. It is a fabric that perfectly suit the large trampolines, from 35 feet to the largest for large catamarans. Its vacancy rate reduces the wave resistance. Their advantage lies in the fact that this canvas is welded, so that lines the major surfaces (welding seams and is reinforced by coating a solid canvas).

On photo above - Solid white canvas welded and stitched with several passes both its bottom and top:

- Material:
- Weight: 900 g / m2.
- Resistance to breakage:
- Resistance against tearing:
- Design, anti UVA rays.

The method of preparation of the edge is identical for all trampolines. But otherwise you can opt for various methods of fixing:

Inner diameter of 18 mm, stainless steel, with a toothed washer for better coupling, the eyelets are the most common way to spend a mooring. This system does not spacing the eyelets to distribute the efforts of the fabric.

Ribbon belts fiberglass

Same design as in the previous case with small belt buckles sewn onto high strength reinforcement and forming the cover for the bar.

Fabric sleeve, PVC or headline rods at its end

Installed in the back edge of the fabric, PVC rod or rope lacing can be set by translation to a tube or a rail of the boat.

fabric trimaran, Cable

In some boats there are several specific locations, it is not possible to have more than two gripping points trampoline. Therefore, the only way of fixing is to place a stainless steel cable and secure the two. Therefore, it is possible to make an edge that retains the cable and allows move and distributing the stress along the entire edge. However, the other side should be stretched and tightly fixed.


The nets are often the most used in the habitable multihulls. His main interest is the rate of vacuum or openings, offering less resistance to the wave. Raided techniques have evolved and twisted to get twisted points allow very resistant, thus favoring comfort.

Jump'in Spain S.L. selection of networks for multihulls includes several wire diameters and various dimensions of points and twisted. Apart from the F1313T polyester net, all networks shown below have been made in multithreaded polyamide, unique material with polyester, with a long duration in the marine environment with protection against UVA rays and salt. They are also offered covered by a protective treatment against UVA rays.

The edges(borders) of nets are manufactured with rope luff of polyamide 6 or 10mm diameter, treated with material that protects from UVA and reinforced with a small nylon cord. The end is bonded in tension and cut to the dimensions of the ship. This will be pre-extended depending on the desired final dimensions.

The main advantage of this double luff is its robustness, the ability to cover the entire perimeter, ensuring each and every one of the nets points, fixing the boat.


There are many methods of fixing trampolines / nets differ from one catamaran to another. If we ask for the strength of a network, a board or a belt, we keep in mind that efforts are absorbed by the anchoring system and therefore the ship by the ship itself.

They work directly on the textile or the rigging and mounting system trampoline. But they have to verify the status of the anchor points of the helmets, the beams, the bridge ... in general all parts of the boat to serve as support.

Different fastening systems

Catamaran trampoline: Aluminum rail

Some boats have aluminum rails fixed to their helmets and / or over the bridge on the roof by a rivet, bolts or screws. For this rail we can spend a springboard sewn or welded to the headline on a cover of PVC for reinforcement and this moored to the trampoline. You must perform the same operation on both sides of the trampoline to keep the tension.

Installation time,
Effort distributed along the entire rail + canvas,
Simplicity of implementation.

Regulated voltage,
Exclusive system.

fabric catamaran: tube frame

They can also find bars formed by stainless steel or aluminum tubes or wood that are bolted leaving a space between the hull and the bridge, forming a frame on which we could tie a rope or any other system loop systems.

fabric catamaran: Grips

They are grappling or flat head screws that are found throughout the ship's structure, mainly in the point of the town with the bridge. These two solutions become fixing points of the boat. The board or the network must have great flexibility regarding the position of the loop points to such matters are specifically located in the perimeter to be used as fixing points.

fabric catamaran: Aluminum beam

The Aluminum beams, before cruising multihulls and especially catamarans are mast sections with a rail. In this rail, according to his profile, they can put flat or cylindrical base tubes. If you are using these last, they can replace them with a headline. However, pay attention to the choice of the slides, because the most basic, cheap and plastic, could not withstand the stresses induced by the trampoline.

Similarly they can find solutions mooring directly around the beam; It is not aesthetic but it is a quick fix. For weak beams section, they can create a canvas bag with a textile springboard to cover the beam. The tension will not pass that way.

Mesh and beam: Cables

If there is a large solid structure on which to perform the grip, we can run a cable to play this role. It will not provide as stiff as a support structure, which will leave a small gap between the trampoline / network and the tube, but for many occasions may be the most logical choice. This solution is valid especially for the front parts of the trimarans, between the link arms and the central hull, where no beam.

Installing trampolines, nets and technical fabrics

...the different ways of fixing a springboard to a pole with one end by highlighting the material that composes it.

The conception of departure is that, for effective and lasting installation on a boat, the springboard (or mesh) must be laid in a strong way. Thus, it is mandatory to leave a space of tension between the trampoline and the boat (hull, bridges, rails, etc.). Should consider this essential space from the beginning. We must have between 5 and 15cm considering: more space eases tension but increases the risk of passing an object or a foot.

Different type of loop

The grip of the trampoline (or mesh) the ship is performed by mooring or loop with the help of one or neighborhoods ends. This solution has many advantages and some drawbacks.


Regulated voltage. Security number ends distributed along the entire perimeter. Adaptation to different types of loop.
Simplicity of implementation.


Installation time (plus the system must be adjusted regularly).
Regular monitoring of the state of the place. If in doubt, you can reinforce with small ends.

trampoline trimaran: Lacing online

This type of loop is based on the alternation of points on the mat (for example) and holds in the ship. Jump'in Spain use a continuous out to each side of the trapezoid that forms the springboard. At each end of the rope, they do a knot in order to maintain the tension that apply carefully. Be careful when choosing the place: high strength, reliability, protection against UVA (multithreaded tissue).

Trampoline Trimaran: Perpendicular loop

Very effective for stress, it should be given to fixing system on the boat. It is the case if grips are available and ready for each eyelet ring, setting each grommet against its corresponding ring. Thus it will be easier to make the voltage by an angle of 90 ° out at each point of gripping. this is the optimal way to preserve the tension.

trampoline fabric: Double loop

The double loop is a combination enter the first 2 types of loop. As if a pulley system allows ease tension and sharing the efforts of several segments of rope.

catamaran trampoline: Single loop

It's a perfect when the attachment points of the ship are far apart. Pull each point as its own voltage independently, thus increasing safety.

Once they receive your "approval" and forwarded the information, they will begin with the preparation and will keep you informed of its progress.

For more details on the different possibilities, please contact us ( for advice or resolve your concerns.

France Trampoline Nets


France Trampoline Team

France Trampoline Company offers for you "trampolines" sport multihulls and cruising. To satisfy your needs, they have a wide range of trampolines and nets for catamarans. They also propose to make your canvas and your custom mesh needs.

Maximum security

The Multihull Net/Trampolines that they offer provides resistance of more than 2000 kg: it helps give shape to the net and put in tension by providing maximum security.

Choose the quality

France Trampoline produce nets for Dart, Hobie, Nacra but also Lagoon, Privilege, Nautitech and many others boat builders. It is possible to add options to your canvas, such as a pocket or toe straps, or modify according to your requirements and preferences.

They promote manufacturing quality by choosing highly resistant materials. You can choose one that suits you based on your use and your budget, between the mesh of the sheet, the multitramp etc.

Trampoline sports

France Trampoline make for you trampolines/multihull nets designed for intensive and sports use. For this, they take great care to select quality materials.

Multihull nets for catamarans

France Trampoline trampolines multihull nets are made with a mesh fabric, known for its extremely resistant properties or tarpaulin if you want a cheaper option. They are designed for optimum compatibility with major brands such as Hobie, Nacra or Dart. If your old trampoline is not too damaged, we can fix it. We can also make your customized trampoline.

The trampoline include multiple rows of stitching, is also reinforced on the most exposed parts to ensure maximum strength. Carnations stainless steel fasteners provide the toe straps and ends.

A variety of materials

They offer a variety of materials, depending on the comfort you and your budget: polyester, Multitramp, grid, Mesh or tarpaulin, each subject fits perfectly, whatever your boat.

France Trampoline offer good net or cloth good results from a search of the best features of materials, depending on the specifications of our customers. The main clients requirement criteria are varied:

- The open rate or permeability
- Resistance
- The holding time in the marine environment
- Comfort
- Design
- The price

Going through this buying guide, explore products, materials and technical data, methods of fixation, etc. This information will allow you to narrow your choices.

Polyamide Multihull nets

Polypropylene + Polyester Multihull nets

Technical fabrics

The main advantage and multihull net technical fabric is the convenience. Sitting or lying, trampolines in technical fabrics are popular for relaxation, rest. Multihull net allow to significantly increase the use of the vessel surface (almost 20%) For a coastal navigation program - oriented "pleasure".

Despite having the same design principle, technical fabrics are varied and have different characteristics corresponding to a specific use for each type of multihull.

The material, mesh, the opening between mesh are parameters that define each product. more commonly known these tissues or Grid Mesh. Trampolines technical fabric are bordered on their perimeter by a reinforcing often composed of full fabric and strap. This technique can adapt to many complex contour shapes and different fastening systems, using carnations, ropes, rods, strips or straps. Furthermore, these fabrics allow one or more sides without voltage system.

Therefore, multihull nets are adaptable to all types and forms with a variety of fixation systems.

Polypropylene mesh fabric

Multi Tramp Mesh (MTMESH)

This Mesh is very tightly meshed in 2 axes with very fine braided wire technology. This gives the whole a high resistance and durability. Due to its reduced permeability, this canvas is used primarily on sports multihulls such as Hobie Cat, Dart, Nacra or the other. Available in black. Canvas light grid

Multi Tramp (MT362)

Reference: MT362

His most distant mesh gives it a greater permeability than Mesh. However its breaking strength is less. The advantage of this fabric is double: large variety of colors and offer a good compromise opening / keeping the effort on catamarans and trimarans sport.

Canvas high strength grid

High resistance Multi Tramp (MT392)

Used as a jumping mat on our sports trampolines, this material offers an interesting wave permeability for breaking strength and tear of a high level. Used for the catamarans or trimarans from 20 to 34 feet.

France Trampoline specification is the ability of a fabric and its attachment system to support the weight of the entire crew. Significant advantage, this canvas is used to cover large areas.

Canvas high strength grid

ultra High resistance Multi Tramp (MT492)

Its technical characteristics make up the extremely durable fabric can withstand 5 tonnes per m².

It is a fabric that will be widely adapted to the trampolines of large units of over 35 feet to the largest multihulls. His empty rate reduces the resistance to the wave.
This fabric is used to cover large areas.

Edge with eyelets

Inside diameter 17 mm, stainless steel, with a toothed washer to properly hang the reinforcement, carnations are the most common way to spend a lashing end. It must not be too spaced grommets to properly distribute the forces in the web.

Border with grommets technical fabric edge with eyelets of the art canvas
Nets for multihull nets.

Rope linking nets are traditionally the most used habitable multihulls. Their main interest is their empty rates or significant opening offering less resistance to the wave. With the evolution of networking and braiding techniques are obtained as resistant as mesh woven mesh with connecting nodes, with a disproportionate use of comfort.

The selection of multihulls to link nets includes wire diameters, mesh sizes and different weaves. Nets listed below are made of Polyamide, Polypropylene and Polyester stranded, able to last in time in a marine atmosphere made of UV and salt. They are further covered with an anti-UV treatment.

Net borders

The borders of nets are made of polyamide rope in rope diameter 10 mm or 12 mm, UV-resistant, reinforced by a small nylon cable.

This tip is bonded to the net when the latter is in tension and cut to the dimensions of the vessel. So it will be alleged the desired finished size. This gives the whole a misshapen appearance at rest.

The main advantage of the rope is in addition to its robustness, the ability to take on the perimeter, in absolute terms each mesh of the net for fastening on the boat. In addition, the net good wife the rounded shapes.

The Mesh - Multihull Net/Trampolines for small catamarans

Mesh is the material with a high-quality structure used on the beach or small catamarans. The gate Batyline is also present on the small supports, as the tarpaulin. The "Multitramp" is an extremely strong material, it is found on large units.

Custom nets

France Trampoline offers you, canvases, chains and nets for your custom multihulls. If you have an unusual multihull boat , they can create for you a customized trampoline (multihull nets) from a plan or from your old model. To fill a gap between two or ropes to secure your boat, dies nets will satisfy you with its efficiency and ease of use.

Realization of canvases, nets and custom channels for your multihull!

The right product for you, for your multihull. They take great care to select quality materials, such as Mesh, polyester or polyamide. All are treated against UV and are highly resistant to the marine environment. You can choose the mesh size of the canvas, if it is woven or knotted, according to the needs.

France Trampoline has naturally turned to the manufacture of catamarans and trimarans trampolines and has developed a strong and recognized expertise.

Working with seasoned skippers and on new technical solutions providers, we are now able to offer nets and trampolines that match your boat and your wishes.

France Trampoline provide a series of catamaran nets for Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot, and Nautitech.


They deliver anywhere in the world, in packages - carefully prepared to avoid accidents.

[email protected]