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Coverquest provides covers include boat covers, RV covers, ATV covers, car covers, carports and portable shelters for all kinds of vehicles.

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We provide only highest quality boat covers, bimini tops, RV covers, carports for our customers.


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Boat Covers:

Our custom boat covers are manufactured by the premier custom boat cover manufacturer - Westland Industries. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail is unsurpassed in the industry, which makes us at CoverQuest honored to offer them to you.

Each cover is patterned for your exact boat ,Custom Fit Boat Cover Fabrics, and is only manufactured upon your order. This is the only way to guarantee a true custom fit for your boat. Whether you are trailering or mooring, these covers are built extremely tough to last long. Others may try to match this quality, but none will ever reach the level of craftsmanship that Westland has.

Boat Cover Accessories:

Accessories for your boat, your boat's cover and your boat trailer. Again we have succeeded in gathering the highest quality accessories from the biggest names in the business.

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Winter protect your favorite boat from winter's wrath

One of the best (in a heated garage is always the best ) way is to use a full "Sunbrella" cover. Keeps it dry and protects the brightwork. Has 4 sections that zip together.

- SeaSprae Coverts: Also you can use a winter cover that is in two parts and zips together over a wooden frame. The cover material is something called "SeaSprae." if it is sunny and above 40 degrees, it is very comfortable underneath.

-Tartan 37 (Solare) has a custom cover from North Sails, TopGun and a felt lining where it can chafe the brightwork & Awlgrip. You can add the Spin pole and a wood beam along the boom for support.

-Acustom fairclaugh cover and metal frame for outside use. Holds up well. Durable, breathes, top quality. You can have pvc ribs bent over the mast and a cheap walmart tarp bungeed to the trailer. Also works great.

-Good cover is discarded billboard vinyl! It's the ultimate in re-use.

How to make a Winter Cover Frame for your Boat

This drawing shows the basic construction of a typical arch.
The pitched-roof shape is easier to design and bend than a hemispherical shape for your boat. Note that two bends are needed, one just above the stanchions, and anoflier at the top to accept tfie connection to the other half of the arch.

Start the construction of the arches by putting a smooth bend about two feet above one end of each piece of conduit.

The photo shows a tubing bender, a good bend , and a bad one. A kink severely weakens the conduit, so make the bends carefully and ty not to make them too tight.

Now, Attach tlie upright members of the conduit frame to the stanchions with hose clamps.

Six or seven feet between stanchions is too much unsupported span to withstand heavy snow loading, so intermediate arches run to length of 2x3.

U-bolts are used to attach the 2x3 to the stancliions and the arches to the 2x3's.

The secret to preserving the coven is to lash it tightly under the boat so it cannot flog. Note: There should be no pockets where water can collect.

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