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Daiichi hooks - full line of hooks, over 900 styles and sizes of fish hooks

Daiichi Fishing hooks-,Traditional, Standard, Fly, Saltwater etc.


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Fishing hooks

Daiichi Production

Daiichi Fly Hooks

Daiichi Fly fishing hooks are the finest in the world hooks are made of the finest high carbon steel, which is hardened and tempered to an exacting formula that makes for a long point life and a very very strong hook.
Daiichi hooks gives amazing speed of penetration use a 12-degree constant taper ground needle point and eliminates irregularities in shape, assuring no weak spots.
- Daiichi hooks come in multiple finishes that are all evenly and smoothly applied hooks results in minimal weakness and less broken hooks and lost fish..
Daiichi offer fly hooks a very wide variety patterns for almost every fly tyers needs and perfect for hoppers, terestrials, and stonefly nymphs

Curved Hooks

Hook to use specifically with metal beads to make "bead head" nymphs. The shape of the bend and standard wire facilitates the use of beads with a smaller center hole of curved hooks. In fly fishing, it works great for nymphs, larvae, scuds, shrimp, or bead-head flies. seies include 1760- 2X Heavy Wire Nymph Hook Round Bend, Down eye, Forged,2X-Long Curved Shank and Bronze.

Wet / Nymph Hooks

Traditional Nymph Hook design, "one eye length" longer than standard shank length.

Daiichi Streamer Hooks

with Straight-Eye Streamer and Flat-Eye Streamer Hook and 4X-long hooks for minnow imitations to create properly proportioned fish profiles

Salmon Hooks

Heavy Wire Spey Fly Hooks, Black or Nickel Steelhead Irons,Curved-Shank Salmon series and Traditional Salmon Hook preferred by most tiers and salmon fishers.

Salt Water

and Specialty Hooks

Tube Fly Hook series, Stainless Salt Water, Red Octopus Hook, "Stinger Hook", Black Ace Salt Water Hook, Meat Hook and Circle-Wide(TM) series These hooks will not rust in salt or brackish waters.

XPoint Hooks

This series "sticky sharpness" of Daiichi XPoint hooks(made of high carbon steel) have four forged grooves along the hook point that allows the hook to penetrate up to 7 times faster than regular needle point fishing hooks.

Daiichi Master

Hook Selections

The Master Selection Designed for the discriminating fly tierby Daiichi Series are great fishing hook selections, each packaged in a premium new Meiho compartment box.

Each style includes classic salmon hooks from the Alec Jackson Series in blue, gold, nickel, bronze10 hooks ea. of sizes 7,5,3, and 1.5.

And selections combination of premium XPoint styles, circle hook, red octopus, and classic saltwater styles

Packaged in a Meiho M-50 compartment box. 240 hooks in all, as described below.

Daiichi Multi-Packs

Hook box with individual flip lids containing 4 most popular sizes of one particular style of Daiichi fishing hooks, for each size there are 10 daiichi hooks. Each compartment is labeled and will hold 25 hooks.