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Our Marine line, you'll find over a hundred unique products for boaters, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds.

Marine Line:

Davis Instruments has a full line of marine and boating tools and accessories for sailors, power boaters, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts of all types. View our products online or download our catalog.


Marine Electronics

Weather Stations

Davis Products

  • Stations - Professional Wireless or cabled weather stations for official weather reporting, in-home use, educational use, and more - we've got you covered. A Davis station is the best value for your money. Select from a variety of stations to meet your needs.
  • Sensors - Our anemometer and rain collector, along with sensors for temperature and humidity, leaf wetness, and solar and UV radiation are all designed for quality and accuracy.
  • Remote Communication - Access your weather data from remote weather stations. Choose telephone modem adapters or wireless repeaters that allow you to get your weather data from long distances.
  • Installation Options - We have the right installation for your weather system: sensor mounting arms, shelters, heaters, solar power kits, and more everything you need for a custom weather station installation.
  • Other Items - You'll find our WindScribe, plus our Perception II stand-alone weather station, other hand-held wind speed indicators and a handy weather forecasting quick reference card.

Marine Products

by sections:

Comfort & Storage. Body gel and shampoo. Traveler's wristbands. Gloves. Organizers and storage pockets. Ventilation.

Docking & Fishing. Anchor holders. Boat hooks. Chafe guards and fender holders. Fish Seeker diving plane.

Lighting. Energy-efficient lights for boats and RVs to replace incandescent bulbs or plug into lighter sockets.

Maintenance. Deck plate keys. Cleaning equipment and supplies. Caulking compound.

Motors & Steering. Performance hydrofoils. Lubrication and fueling systems. Tiller locks. Rudder position indicators.

Navigation/Charting. Compasses. Sextants. Chart holders and charting tools.

Quick Ref Cards. Colorful quick reference guides to piloting, navigation, marine electronics, marine life, and more.

Safety. Ladders. Radar reflectors. Emergency paddles and rescue kites. Propeller and trailer hitch covers.

Sailing. Cable covers and turnbuckle boots. Rigging knives. Sail ties and sail track stops. Yachtsman's pig sticks.

Wind Indicators. Wind direction indicators for mastheads, shrouds, and sails. Hand-held wind speed indicators.