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Electric Outboards Motors
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No fuel problems, no warming up -just stop and start as needed.

Earlier in the year we ran a feature on outboard motors including cost, power and so on. We left one out. And perhaps just as well. This is one for the handyman.

THIS is one for the handy type of sportsman who haunts bomb bays, and wrecking wards, or has a mate in a repair shop.

Electric Outboards - No fuel problems, no warming up -just stop and start as needed.

Electric Outboards have ADVANTAGES

Building your own electric outboard

is more than a means of cheap propulsion. This rig is strictly a fisherman's, though it, might have other uses where quietness is desirable. The obvious appeals include: the absence of a cooling' system; the lower scale of electric power means less loss in sheer pins; and no damage from muddy or sandy conditions. Primarily, the owner of this little work-horse is a man who fishes lures in coastal creeks. Doug Hud- son finds the pace ideally suited to trolling from an aluminium flattie, with added advantages in light weight and absence of a noisy underwater exhaust.

The trick with the use of a starter motor to power the unit is that the average kicker would deplete the battery rapidly. Accordingly, you locate a special- ist in auto electrical gear who can re-vamp the start- er to turn much more easily -after all, the thrust required is only low. With a re-wired starter, you should achieve something like 2 1/2h hours' running from a fully-charged battery -

the bigger the battery, the better

. With the use of a pair of oars, mainly for manoeuvring, plus a certain amount of drifting and casting and the judicious use of tides, the small electric outboard takes all the work out of a day's lure-tossing for the cost of charging the battery.

Should you have access to a generator, or a friend who has, costs go way down. Add a spare battery and you have four or five hours' capacity. Some anglers simply switch batteries from car or tractor to bring costs back to zero.

According to Doug, you get pretty good at judging the charge of the battery by the reaction of the propeller. It's wise to change batteries as soon as one starts slowing down. Electric outboards are made commercially, mainly in the US. The commercial jobs are naturally more handsome in appearance than this home-grown, model, which has no on-off switch. A switch, of course, is easilly and cheaply incorporated. This one starts or stops with a clip to the terminal. The efficiency of the unit is a factor of shaft weight and propeller design, both of which need to be matched to the low thrust output. Finding a work- able spare among the wreckage of aged outboards is less difficult than it sounds, since the motor itself is usually the casualty in an outboard of senior years. For some backyard mechanic there's possibly a future in building electric units as a sideline -locating shafts and props, re-wiring starter motors and then connecting them direct to the shaft.

The one thing you won't achieve with these is speed. Allowing for that, choose a shaft and prop from one of the slower outboards not meant for planing hulls. The unit is best used on a lightweight but stable craft such as the punt pictured here. Engineering is simple since there is no clutch, throttle or gearbox, merely a steering arm.

By allowing a 360 degree steering arc the lack of a reverse gear ceases to count. The electric outboard has a large number of plus assets to weigh against the disadvantage of slow speed. Let's add them up: Low weight, low cost, reliability of an electric motor, low or even zero battery fuel cost, quietness, and ease of starting or stopping -a switch. The uses would probably best be on a duck punt or for fishermen, mainly in streams and lakes. Noisefree travel should get better results with trolling, as for educated trout at Eucumbene. Interesting? By Vic McCRISTAL

Electric hybrid Outboards Manufacturers

Aquawatt (Austria) world‘s most powerful l electric outboard motors

Fast, Clean and powerful

Productions Profile: Aquawatt Austria Company develops and builds clean electric boats and efficient propulsions techniques,Our products range include hybrid and solar boats, enables you to reach on 100% electric powered solar energy engines, and 3 phase AC "low-rotational" motors from 10 - 28 kW electric outboards motors also in-board electric propulsion sytems, battery systems and marine Lithium Ion systems with unique battery management system and custom build.

electric boats designed for European lakes

-717 Classic Sport - made in vinylester and carbon fiber, equipped with Engines: 4,4 kW DC or 25 kW AC;

Video: aquawatt Elektro-Yacht 717

-Twin carbon Aquawatt 848 innovative electric boat for fast speeds: 22 knots

Electric Outboards 2012-Brochure


Dieter Seebacher
Wasserstraße 1, A-9062 Moosburg, Austria
Tel.: +43 (0)4272 82 256
E-Mail: [email protected]


ReGen Nautic (Florida)

Innovation in hybrid technology

Productions Profile:complete powersystems, hybrid and safe electricboat propulsion, engine refits, marine lithium batteries, generators. We have a wide selection of electrical power packs depending on the weight bearing capabilities of the boatl and the estimated cost of a project, and can provide custom-design battery.

for our sea or inland waters

Electric Outboards Motors:

-E200 Outboard fully functional 100% electric propulsion system;

- Hybrid Power

ReGen Nautic USA Inc.
850 NE 3rd Street, Suite 207
Dania Beach, Florida
33004 USA
Tel: 954 302-2240
[email protected]


The Mariner® - quality engineering Outboards: 2 and 4 stroke engines, spanning 2.5 hp to 300 hp include Electric versions

Oceanvolt - New Things in the electric world

After a timid start, electric propulsion is an option which is being asked for more and more often by catamaran buyers.The latest multihulls to go electric are the SIG 45, the Aventura 33 by Martin Defline and the future Aventura 43, both combining extreme performance and comfort. The 8IG 45 we discovered at the last multihull boat show in its electric version is thus equipped with two 8.6 kW saildrive motors with Valence Technologie lithium batteries, and includes efficient hydro generation as standard.

A solution offered by Oceanvolt and its French Leading agency, Eco Power Solutions.

For interested builders, note that the solution being offered is 'plug and play', as a complete, already-configured assembly with comprehensive connections is sent to be fitted...

Diesel electric propulsion systems - Manufacturers & benefits of this emerging technology

The Ray Electric outboards

Easiest to operate, reliable,lighter and most efficient electric outboards on the boat - market. more

Minn Kota's E-Trolling Motors

Minn Kota’s E-Drive Innovation 2HP, 48V unit - How do you quit boat fishing?

Torqeedo is the leader in innovative high-tech water-electromobility and boat electric outboard industry. Best quality, made in Germany.

Cheap boat travel option - with Torqeedo electric Outboard

Launched on May 5th, Model 2007 Torqeedo electric outboard

Sail there was as quick to this premiere a critical eye topics. For those who read the May issue of Boating is this Quiet Boat no stranger. This is a Company based already and sells electrically powered boats from France, Netherlands and the USA. There now Torqeedo added, one in the southern German Starnberg constructed revolutionary and ecological outboard.

The foldable outboard is equipped with an integrated lithium manganese battery with high efficiency. This allows the electric motor is not the only Travel. These Electric motor does not need a connecting cable to the battery.

This One is part of the motor itself, so that it has the appearance of a classic outboard.

The Torqeedo Travel is a feather weight of just 12 kg, including the battery.

The electric outboard models are the only foldable electric motors on the market. They are supplied in a waterproof transport bag of 31 x 32 x 45 cm, easy to store on board or at home. During the demonstration the parts were removed one at a time from the bag and put together in minutes.

a Test

Then a test run on an inflatable boat and trimaran. The sailboat is significantly heavier, he still took a slightly higher rate, probably, because of the slimmer form of the hull and longer waterline.

And of course, the engine runs whisper you hear it lapping of the waves and the sighing of the wind. You can give infinitely "gas".

The operation of the electric motor is similar to that of a classic type outboard. But, here you do not need to pull the starter rope until you gasps.

The height of the screw and the tiller are adjustable and you can choose a long or a short tail. The battery has a charge indicator.

Interesting accessory is the backup battery, which remains for months charged. Depending on whether you are using a 206 W or 566 W charger, the charging time is less than ten hours, or less than four hours.

All these qualities make the Electric Torqeedo Travel is an ideal solution for maneuvering small boats, fishing boats and boats for day trips. And the reason why electric Torqeedo motors never want to go back to petrol models.

He is also very useful as an auxiliary or backup engine. He allows easy storage without gasoline odors.

Electric Torqeedo on fishing kayak

Torqeedo has already won numerous awards at several international boat shows: the Innovation Award at the Mets in Amsterdam, the boat show Innovation in Amsterdam, IBEX Innovation Award in Miami, "Grand Prix Innovation "at the Salon Nautique de Paris".

In the category "Best for Nature" the electric powerboat Tender 06e powered by Deep Blue is the Best of Boats Award Winner 2014.

OEC motors - Outboard design and Features, details, Operating Installations and Instructions

Electric Outboards /

models specifications

Regarding the EPA emissions directives Parsun Electric outboards motors achieve full CE certification. Due the Motenergy Electric as a Parsun's partner sourcing best materials from around the world and critical outboard...

Powerful and Efficient Electric Boat Propulsion - Electric Outboard by eCycle Marine Inboard systems

Outboards from ePropulsion Technology, (Hong Kong)

This E-Company always takes environmental protection. ePropulsion Technology offers inovative zero-emission Spirit 1.0 and Navy 6.0 Outboards. Both electric outboards models can achieve a maximum overall efficiency of over 50%.

The Elco Motor Company

The Elco Motor will change your boating and sailing experience. Now ELCO offers to boat owners new hybrid technology and electric boat outboards to new limits into the mainstream recreational boating market.

Haswing Marine

- Australian Company is establishing a new generation in how electric trolling outboards are made today.

The key to their successful outboards is that Haswing Marine controls all aspect of manufacturing, from start to finish, from design to assembly, HM listen to the needs for the fisherman and boater and use consultants and engineers from all over the world to develop and refine electric Trolling motors, accessories and products.

Most economical Outboards - New Outboards, Engine performance and fuel economy