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Hella Marine | Vision and Innovation of Marine LED-Lights - offer high performance, reliability , designed for safety full range of marine LED lights and systems, Completely sealed Power Lights with Low Power Consumption and light accessories include Bulb, Deck and Exterior/Interior lights, Led Courtesy, Nav or Trailer and Underwater "LED" and "Xenon" lights.

Hella - Marine Led Lights and Lighting systems & Xenon Underwater Boat Lights

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HellaMarine LED Lights

Hella Marine LED Floodlights

Sea Hawk-XLB LED lights

New high output HM LED floodlightsEven brighter and bigger.
The new durability XLB Hm LED generate over 2200 lumens and comes in a sleek and versatile design. The housings of Sea Hawk-XLB lights are engineered from advanced materials: precision injection moulded from thermally conductive polymer(ceramic).

Even under low battery voltages and severe voltage fluctuations Advanced electronics Multivolt 9-33V DC ensure reliable and constant light output and LED lamp protection.

High output 25W(2200 Lumens) and low light 5W(220 lumens) intensity functions in both Spot l and Spread Led lamps.

Sea Hawk-XLB LED lights are available in 3 engineered light patterns, 6 versions.

Advanced optical systems by Hella Marine deliver incredible illumination without glare. Spread Led lamps illuminate a wide, close range spread over a foredeck, cockpit, foredeck and other working areas. Not battery powered - have a plug and water proof socket system with a pair of sockets forward and aft positioned out of the way of water egress.

The Sea Hawk series of LED Floodlights uses a unique "non-metal" housing so will not corrode, is designed and manufactured in NZ and has a 5 year warranty.

AS3 Series LED Floodlights

Used in workboat heavy-duty industry where people needs dependable lighting that holds up to harsh conditions and demanding tasks. Efficient and
Powerful Hella Marine AS3 lamps offer highly effective illumination (2700 lumens) with a power consumption of only 45W.

AS3 Series LED Floodlights are salt water durable and completely sealed, every lamp is impervious to contaminants and moisture, endure the worst of vibration, high impact torture tests and shock.

The housing of the AS3 Led lights features a unique non-stick bonded coating that will not discolour or corrode, flake or peel even under UV and is highly resistant to harsh chemicals.

Thanks to long term Hella’s optical engineering expertise S3 Led lights provides highly effective illumination and AS3 Led light reduces the eye strain and the fatigue.

Option of two light patterns 12/24V DC, spot or spread light beam light patterns offer a crisp white close to daylight 5000K (not yellow) colour temperature.

Deck LED Floodlights

Sea Hawk-LED XLR Floodlights - HM LED lights with low power draw and unbelievable output.

The brightest Led Sea Hawk's, Spread lamps that deliver incredible illumination without glare. Spot LED lamps provide more concentrated a narrower white illumination for a variety of boats and applications. Available in black and white Housing.

Sea Hawk

LED Light

A new Led Lights ultra efficient from Hella with compact design and lighweight & superior strength and resistance.

Lamp build from marine grade materials, Polished 316 stainless steel and heavy duty polyamide lens.Led Light with very low power consumation at less than 3W.

Mega Beam

LED Light

Intense and efficient compact marine led-floodlights offering all the reliability and power saving LED technology with very low at less than 15W consumption.

Module - 70

LED Light

High - efficient aluminium body with Ultra reliable LED technology, shock and vibration resistant illumination provide high intensity white light.
Led lights with completely sealed housing include for marine applications. Low Power consumption 15W.

Available Models with white and Black housing

Boat Interior and Exterior LED Lights/Lamps

Touch Control

LED Light

power saving Led Interior and Exterior Boat light from Hella eith Touch Lighting control and lens technology provides No glare or discomfort.
Available Models White - Less than 4W and Red - Less than 1.5W


LED Light

White Bright Warm 12V or 24V DC Led Light also energy efficient(Less than 0,5W) and perfect solutions for a variety of interior and exterior illumination Available Models in Stainless Steel Rim, Gold Plated, White and Black UV and impact resistant Plastic

White Spot

LED Light

Completely sealed Power 450 candela LED Spot Light with Low Consumption is less than 2,5W and ideal
choice for interior lighting on yachts and boats.

Available Models: Polished,Gold plated stainless steel rim, White and Black UV high gloss plastic

Interior/Exterior Cargo - Flush Mount

LED Light

Flush Mount low profile Led Interior saltwater and impact Light(with 4 LEDs) provide energy efficiency for heavy duty interior and exterior boat applications.

Interior/Exterior Dural - Surface mount

LED Light

Ultra wide light (12 LEDs) perfect for a variety of boat applications for both exterior and interior and low power Consumption <2,5W.

Recent engine room lighting replacement on Bertram 51 flybridge from 24Vdc incandescent globe to Hella LED fittings. Installation offers 80% less draw on batteries and 85% increase in operational life.

Interior/Exterior Dural - Surface mount LED

Heavy duty and durable Led(36LEDs) light perfect for a variety of boat applications for both exterior and interior: Cabin, Deck or Engine Rooms.
and low power Consumption <7W

Available Models with 20 and 50 LEDs

Interior Ponui Series Reading

LED Light

12V DC or 24V DC energy efficient Led Reading Lights provide warm comfortable colour (0.8W Power consumption) for boat and yacht applications

Available Models White and Warm White Light in Bright Chrome Finish, Satin Chrome Finish and Gold Plated Finish

Chart Table/Map Reading LEDLight

12V DC LED Light in resistant plastic and 120mm Cable for a variety of interior boat applications provide warm comfortable colour
Available Models (2W Power consumption) with Red & White Light and White or Black Cover

Down LED Light

Powerful 12V DC or 24V DC Led lights with a completely sealed lamp body with low Power Consumption 0.8W

Available Models 12 and 24V White Led Light Spot with Chrome and White Plastic

Down - spot LED Light

Powerful and energy efficiency 12V DC or 24V DC Down Led lights with a completely sealed lamp body with low Power Consumption 0.8W and provides intense light.
Available Models 12 and 24V White Led Spot with Polished Steel, White Plastic and Spread with White Plastic Rim

Hella - Navigation LED Lights

Horizontal Deck Mount


Deck Mount LED multivolt lights NaviLED Series provide a long service life with very clear lens for Horizontal Installation. UV resistant and completely sealed
with PC Less than 2W for 8-28V DC.

Some boats display strobes, red or white, some have no anchor light at all...their usual excuse is that anchor lights aren't required in a mooring field or a "designated anchorage, " or they just want to find their boat more easily when dinghying back from shore. Some vessels have only one or two solar patio lamps on the rail, or a Davis cockpit lamp hanging under the dodger (not visible forward) others have no lights at all.

"We have an efficient 2 Nautical mile all round white Hella Marine LED at the masthead, drawing so little power that we leave it running 24 hours a day while at anchor. A second very bright all round white LED is on top of the bimini at the stern. I realize that more than one white all round anchor light isn't quite Col-Reg kosher, but the reality is that in the dark of a moonless night, with the bright stars overhead, those single masthead anchor lights virtually disappear from view as cruisers dinghy through the anchorage toward their boats. We had a rowboat crash into our side one dark night while at anchor in Luperon Dominican Republic. "
Here's the lower anchor light, it's very bright indeed.

Pole Mount

LED Nav Light

Pole Mount LED Nav lights "NaviLED-Hella" Series provide a long service life, more visibility and durability with very clear lens.
UV resistant and completely sealed.
with PC Less than 2W for 12-24V DC.
Available models with long White or Black Base(305 mm and 610mm)

Available Versions with Fixed pole mount,Plug in, Telescopic pole or Surface Mount LED Nav Lights

Tri-Colour Navigation

LED Light

Max efficiency and visibility Multivolt 8-28V DC Anchor navigation LED-Light(7 Year Warranty)
with PC Less than 3,5W for 12-24V DC.

Towing Navigation

LED Light

Max efficiency, Compact and visibility Towing Lamp for vertical installations, MultivoltTM 9-33V DC . Led
Light with PC Less than 2W

Available Versions Port lights, Stern and Starboard LED (NaviLED) Lights

Underwater Boat/Yacht LED & XenonLights

Tru Hull Underwater

35W Xenon Light

Completely sealed and max resistant 35W Xenon White Light-12V DC,Consumption: 42W with Remote HID Xenon Bulb Heavy duty marine-bronze housing designed for Underwater use Suitable for wood ,GRP or fiberglass hull materials

Available models for 12 and 24V DC

Tru Hull Underwater

60W Xenon Light

More Power Version,Completely sealed and resistant 50W Xenon White Light for 12V DC, electrical consumption: 60W with Remote HID Xenon Bulb Heavy duty Marine bronze housing designed for Underwater use Suitable for wood ,GRP or fiberglass hull materials

Available models for 12 and 24V DC

White/Blue surface mount

LED Underwater Light

surface mount Light(LED), Heavy duty marine housing in bronze and low power Consumption: 6W
Available models for 12 and 24V DC, White or Blue light colours

White/Blue Thru Hull

LED Underwater Light

Thru Hull Installation type compact Version Led underwater 12V DC Light, Heavy duty marine housing in bronze and low power Consumption: 6W
Available models for 12 V DC, White or Blue light colours.

Engine room Hella Merine lighting

My rakanoa is 66 years old and has a walk-in engine room. Its lighting was four, 24V x 60 Watt household bayonet lights which gave a great light but drew loamps which adds up when you have a four-hour job. Over the last 10 years I have tried various lights but without improvement.
AutoElectrical in Silverdale advised me of a new Hella light. I fitted four and the result is astounding, the engine room is brighter, with light over the floor, up either side and a little on the deckhead. The light arc is 180 degrees, rather than the direct down of the previous lights. The draw of four lights is one amp which is amazing. The lights are Hella 50 white LEDs, approximately 14 x 8 x 3. They are a sealed plastic unit and fairly expensive but my mates tell me you can't take it with you. by Ross P.

LED lights - Deck Floodlights, Interior and Exterior, Navigation and Underwater

OceanLED | Your LEDs lighting specialist!- offers perfecting low power consumption a big range of led lighting - Underwater or Deck also interior and Exterior lights suitable for all styles and types of yachts and boats, from the largest cruiser to the smallest fish boat

LED Docking Lights

Dock LED Lights

OceanLED offers
easy to install and service with removal system Dock LED(50W Xenon) Lights are most efficient and safe provides provides 40 000 hour lifetime, designed with the most sea extreme conditions in mind uses resistant optical ...more

Boat Interior and Exterior LED Lights

Int/Ext 6LEDs Light

50W downlight from Oceanled provides warm power colour for 12 and 24V DC with amazing 80 000 hour life.
Surface Mount light designed in impact Resistant Polymer and can be easly installed on to any surface, for
interior or exterior.
available with 60 Beam Angle in warm white and ultra warm...more

Underwater Boat/Yacht LED Lights

Pro Series - 1520 Thru-Hull

LED Light

Thru-Hull Pro Series LEd lights (2-4LEDs, Equal to 35W Xenon) in Aluminium Bronz, suited for boats up to 10m with easly instalation - 1 hole D 26mm in hull for both operating voltage 12V and 24V DC and over 40 000 hour life.

available versions in White Blue and Green ...more

Innovative Lighting Ltd.| Brilliance, Innovation, value, of Marine LED-Lights - designed and engineering the leading edge of LED lighting technology and high-quality light product line providing the most energy efficient lighting products and accessories include Interior Boat Lighting, Navigation Lights, LED Stern Lights, Electronic Horns and Docking Lights to exact standards and specifications for Marine...[]

Boat Interior LED Lights

Bunk - rotating head

LED Light

4LEDs low power consumption Bunk light with rotating head for 12V DC and On/Off switch designed for boat and yacht interior use only.
Available Models in Red or Light Led Colours and some Base Colours...more

Docking LED lights

Surface Mount Dock

LED Light

Durability, Easier, Surface Mount Installation with Stell screws included Led Light operate 9-to 16V,Corrosion shok and Water Resistant and rated to have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, LED Docking lights project light at a 160 degree angle with sizes 9.75"L x 5"W ...more

Innovative Lighting - Navigation LED Lights



Shock Resistant and Sealed Heavy Duty Battery Navigation LED Light with On/Off Switch, rated to have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, completely sealed to resist water intrusion and corrosion with sizes 6.18"L x 2.53"W
Available Models Bow and Stern Mounting Style...more

Stern LED Lights


LED Ski Light

The low power consumption single LED Ski Light perfect suited for boats under 20 m and 9-16v DCSystems.

ifespan of over 50,000 hours, Shock and Vibration Resistant with Fixed Mounting Base with sizes 2.30"L x 2.14"W...more

May be interesting for boat owners, a versatile and useable gadget.


Hare's a portable, power-friendly gadget with appeal for weekenders and small-boat sailors.

Hood Rlver,OR,atown of about 5.000 hardy souls, is where tho Mood Rivor empties into tho Columbia Rivor. It s the epicenter of the Columbia Rivor Gorge National Scenic Area. It sounds like a nice place, except one wondurs why the state park is called Starvation Creek.

In the summer, the population swells for a couple of reasons-fruit and windsurfing.

Even though it is increasingly popular to harvest fruit with a big rig that grabs a true trunk and shakos the ripe fruit into canvas catchers, a lot of workers are needed to pick the apples, pears, and cherries for which Hood River is noted.

Some years ago, it was discov- ered that the Columbia River Gorge, at this juncture, generates exactly the right variety ofwinds fancied by windsurfers. The vey predictable winds start at midday, which, fortu- itously. is when a lot of practitioners get up. Like the scuba divers' Mecca at Tobermory on Ontario's Bruce Peninsula. Hood River has become "the place" for windsurfers in recent years. And now Hood River has a new industry. The head guy at "Simply Brilliant. LLC is Eric Sanford. He has a new product called a RailLight. and he thinks boat owners might like it. A RailLight is a small light (it fits in a 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" box and weighs but 11 oz.) that marries a 2" x 2" solar cell embedded in the top with a white LED. The container is brushed stainless stool. Sanford claims that it's weatherproof.

Along with the light, which sells for $28. the package con- tains a sot of nylon clamps that can be configured to attach the RailLight vertically or horizontally to a rail,a pulpit, a dinghy transom, a hatch, essentially anvthingnot more than 2 "thick.

The idea is to park tho Raillight in the sun to charge a small internal battery that will power the LEDs when it gets dark. There is a switch to make it automatic (via a photoelectri- cal cell) or manual.

When anchored in a strange harbor, it would be nice to set up the RailLight beofore the crew goes ashore in the evening. Or take it in tho tender. It would be nice, too, to light the cockpit when relaxing aboard. Down be- low, the RailLight provides

enough illumination lor one person to read or do a bit of chart work. The big question is: How much light for how much sun? "Up to eight hours." San ford told claimed. For the moment. PS will assume he's correct. We'll sot tho RailLight up outdoors and rigorously test it for a few months. If it falls short of the eight hours or the weather gets to it. we'll let readers know. Otherwise. it seems like a versatile and useable gadget.

Simply Brilliant LLC http://www.sollight.com

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