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Italy Cesena-based Company with over 30 year experience with manufacturing, technical support and sales Hhigh quality generators which compact size,stand out for quiet sound levels with an output from 1 Kw to 1600 KVA all well known throughout the world and boating market.

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Mase has enlarged iis range with its new generators that operate at 1800 rpm and are rated at 15.6 and 23.1 KVH.

They are the most quiet and compact on the market thanks to turbo motors and new sound-proofing material.

Another great piece of news is the extension of theseries 1800-rpm range to 180 KVA. Mase also produces higher power generating sets for any application.

The series at 3600 rpm (rated up to 12.2 KVA) has been completed with the new 9.6 KVA model. The Gen Set, which is a company of the Mase-Group, has begun to supply lighting towers and engine drive welders to Central America market.

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Mase with Turbocharged Generators

Generator Model: I.S. 15.6

published: Speed&Pleasure - 04 - 2008

Getting onboard a new yacht there are lots of electric and electronic dings used to control the engines and many other parts of the boat. Or they can simply be used to improve on the comfort through electro hydraulic systems or even just to give more relaxation with air conditioning systems or entertainment equipment. For all these reasons the demand for energy is growing and a gen-set must supply more and more power. And the gen-set shall be in a small and light package... Italian Mase Generators found the solution at these matters producing the two gen-set rated at 13,1 and 20,1 kW - 50 Hz and 15,6 and 23,1 kW - 60 Hz. All these models make use of the new Yanmar TNV turbodiesel. These engines are state of the art, and with the turbo and intercooler system they increase the power without increasing the package.

The models IS 20.1 (20,1 kW at 50 Hz) and IS 23.1 (23, 1 kW at 60 Hz) are among the smallest on the market at this power. The IS 13.1 (13,1 kW at 50 Hz) and IS 15.6 (15,6 kW at 60 Hz) complete the series giving more choice to choose just the right power for each boat. Like every Mase gen-set, the new products have a special double chassis which stops vibrations from being transmitted to the boat. A completely enclosed case reduces the noise to low sound levels. Thanks to water cooling, the gen-set does not radiate heat into the area where it is installed. The cooling of the engine is based on a closed inner flow of coolant The system uses a heat exchanger seawater/coolarrt, made of cupronickel, where the thermal exchange occurs between the two liquids. Two separate pumps contribute to the flow of the coolant and the seawater. The cooling of the air inside the gen-set is obtained through a seawater/air heat exchanger. This provides the efficacious cooling of the alternator and the optimal temperature for the best performance and reliability of the gen-set despite its on board allocation and room temperature. Info:

Sailing boats & motor boats Smaler generator

Smaler generator for tighter spaces

Generator Model IS 2.6

published: 01 - 2009

Italian generator manufacturer Mase has a new generator on tap. With the new small 2kW generator Mase IS 2.6, there are no differences, be that visible or not between this one (also available for the USA in the version IS 2.7 rated at 2.2 kW at 3600 rpm 60 Hz), and the largest gen sets built by Mase.

The quality, the low noise, the efficiency and even the elegance (look) of the best products from Mase were transferred to the entry level model, which is particularly suitable for sailing boats and motor boats that do not have enough space for the most powerful gen sets.

The special technical architecture and small outside size allows to mount the IS 2.6 in cramped spaces, without any difficulty, even for maintenance service and check control. Like all Mase generators the IS 2.6 doesn't need any air circulation and it can even be placed in a closed cabin, without any trouble. With an heat exchanger seawater/ coolant in fact the alternator and the en- gine both work at the ideal temperature, regardless of external conditions, for the best performance and reliability. The Yanmar aluminum engine is the most modern and lightest motor currently on the market The gen set is controlled by a microprocessor and monitored through a waterproof control panel. The electronic security system protects the IS 2.6 in case of anomalies. The new product is the evolution of the model IS 2.5 and has an aluminium marine cover that gives it a professional appearance and improves the silence. The noise level is only 54 dBA at 7 meters far, less than the sound made by the wake of a sailboat.



Model "Mase" IS 2.6 (IS 2.7)

Max power 2kW(2,2kW)

Frequency 50 Hz (60 Hz)

Voltage 115/230 V (120/240 V)

Battery charger output 10-12 V

Engine power 4,2 hp @ 3000 rpm

Dimension (l,w,h) 51 x 46,5 x 38 cm

Weight 80 Kg

Noise level 54 dBA at 7m

Marine series generators

6.7kW - 10.0 kW powerrange marine Generator

Generator Model Mariner 700

published:DIESEL PROGRESS NA ed | 03 - 2009

The Mariner 700 is part of a new family of generators by Mase, which includes one other model, the Mariner 900, along with 60 Hz versions for the North American market. The gen-sets cover a power range from 6.7 to 10.0 kW.

Click on the image to see it at readable size.

The benefits of Turbocharged Generators

Turbo gensets

Mase hail smaller, lighter, more powerful genset

Generator Models I.S. 13.1 T and I.S. 15.6T (Lighter and much smaller package)

published:MotorBoatYachting | 04 - 2008

Wen have seen the recreational marine diesel engine make tremendous technological strides: size and wejghl have reduced markedly white performance and reliability have improved. The humble genset. however, appears to have been largely ignored. That's partly because many genset manufacturers reckon that a lowrevving, relatively unstressed diesel is the best way to drive electrical generators, which usually clock up many more hours than the boat's main engines. Genset engines also have to run at way below optimum load for much of their liver.

Mase. however, think that the turbocharged and intercooled versions of Yanmar's new TNV range can put up with such abuse while providing the necessary output in a much smaller and lighter package. The three cylinder. 1.500cc 3TNV84 Turbo is used in the I.S. 13.1 T and I.S. 15.6T models - the former runs at 1.500rpm to produce 13.1kW at 50Hz AC for European and other markets, while the latter revs at 1.800 to produce a 15.6kW at 60Hz Output tor the US. The larger four cylinder 1.995cc 4TNV84 Turbo powers the I S. 20.1 and I.S. 23.1T. the difference in power outputs being due to exactly tne same rpm numbers. It's interesting to compare Mase's approach to that of US manufacturer Onan, part of the Cummins Power Generation Group, who've elected to stick with natural aspiration, preferring to invest in digital electronic control. The nearest modei to Mase's I S. 20.1T is their MDKBS. producing 22.5kW at 1.500rpm from a five-cylinder engine of 2.736cc. So the benefits of turbocharging are immediately obvious. But at 1.150lb (522kg). the Onan isn't that much heavier than tne 1.0251b (465kg) Mase. and it isn't possible to compare noise levels as Mase measure theirs at 7m while Onan use lm. Shame there isn't an agreed standard for this.

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