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Balmar offers improving battery charging perfomance for nearly 30 years in vessels around
the world. High Output DC Charging Solutions by Balmar.

Newest 2013/2014 products - AT-Series alternators and Battery Management System

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Balmar Alternators

High Output series Alternators

6-S Balmar Alternator - that carries a spare

Balmar 6-Series Alternators offer exceptional power in a small case alternator from 70 - 150 Amp rating, provide the ideal solutions for stock alternator replacement with models in four popular mounting configurations 70 to 150 amps in 12V and 24V. Dual internal fans, dedicated ground terminal and meets USCG, CE,ISO and SAE ignition protection standarts
for gas or diesel motors.

6-Series Balmar alternators are available in three mounting configurations, which support four mounting styles; a 3.15” saddle mount that’s typical of Yanmar engines, a 4” J-180 mount, and a single foot mount that’s convertible to support 1” Motorola and 2” Delco style mounting configurations. Alternator Diagrams >>

7-S Balmar Alternator - for Gas or Diesel engines

Balmar 60-Series, 70 or 100 Amp Alternator / Regulator Kits, Yanmar. Small case and light duty alternators are constructed to provide a powerfull alternative to stock alternators with outputs ranging from 80 to 110 amps at 12Internal dual fans provide ample coling and allow the rotor to spin at speed in excess of 12 000rpm. Kits include alternator, regulator, alternator / battery temperature sensors.

Balmar 7-Series alternators are uniquely capable of supporting the demands of high performance marine en gines -- so they are an excellent choice for use on wakeboard boats, ski boats and other trailer boats equipped with inboard gasoline engines, as well as most marine diesel engines, in applications where stereo systems, auxiliary lighting and other large electrical loads dictate larger capacity battery banks and charging systems. Alternator Diagrams >>

94-S Balmar Alternator 12 and 24V- Models.Designed specifically for for larger batter banks, larger case and added Output

Designed series for the rigors of military use, large case alternators feature a stout 2 delco style single foot mount and deliver ouputs at 165 or 210 amps at 12V or 140 amps at 24V.Extra large bearings, large gauge windinngs ensure optimal charging across the powerband for battery capacities in the 700 to 900 amp hour range. Custom-wound rotor/stator combinations optimize output across the typical diesel powerband. Isolated ground provides sure continuity to system ground. Included in the 94-Series alternator family are: 165-amp/12-volt; 210-amp/12-volt; and 140-amp/24-volt models. All models meet

12V Alternator Diagrams >> , 24V Alternator Diagrams >>

95-S Balmar Alternator - Mid-size Compact

12 and 24-VOLT MODELS

Trough compact size enables it to fit many original alternator positions, this series 95 provides big
output to support the instalation of large battery banks in a wide range of marine applications and boats.
Inside the alternator sport series oversiized bearings, a custom wound stator for added low and mid range power.
Select from 150,165 and 210 amps ratings at 12V and 140 amp rated output at 24V.Alternators with isolated ground terminal for use with external P type voltage regulation.

Included in the 95-Series alternator family are: 150-amp/12-volt; 165-amp/12-volt; 210-amp/12-volt; and 140-amp/24-volt models. All models meet U.S. Coast Guard Title 33 standards for ignition protection.

97-S Balmar Alternator - Brushles Alternators Series

12 and 24-VOLT MODELS

Series Alternators to produce substantial current output in the toughest of conditions, 97 series alternators balmar are time proven alternative in marine environments, Avaliable in 160 amps in 12V and 140 amps in 24V ratings, the brushless alternators provide efficiency, increased ignition protection and one less wear point.

Included in the 95-Series alternator family are: 150-amp/12-volt; 165-amp/12-volt; 210-amp/12-volt; and 140-amp/24-volt models. All models meet U.S. Coast

97-S Balmar Alternator - EHD Series for massive Charging chores

12 and 24-VOLT MODELS

The 97 EHD series BALMAR alternators pack one of the biggest punches around for systems requirung amperage
output in line with a small to medium sized ganset and avaliable in outputs ranging from 185 amps to 265 amps at 12V or 190 amps at 24V.
This series Alternators are finished in cast aluminum and feature a case griund.

98-S Balmar Alternator - Brushles Alternators

12 and 24-VOLT MODELS

98 Series Balmar Alternators built to the exacting standards required by military, law enforcemnt and taxing commercial boating.Alternator delivers a breathtaking output of 320 amps at 12V, or 220 amps at 24V.

The 98-Series alternator features a D+ lamp circuit, custom rotor and stator windings designed

to maximize low rpm output, and an efficient dual fan

design for increased alternator cooling.

Alternator Diagrams >>

Balmar Regulators

Multi Stage Voltage Regulators

Max Charge Premium, Charging MC-614/614H Regulation

New For 2010 Model

Setting the standart for smart, multi stage 12 volt charge control, the series regulators engineered to tailor charging based on battery technology
and environmenat conditions.

The newest of the Max Charge multi-stage voltage regulators, the new MC-614 benefits from a four-fold increase in processor speed, as well as improvements in the user interface, which translates to easier programmability for your customers. In addition, the MC-614 is still compatible with optional MC-TS-A and MC-TS-B alternator and battery temperature sensors.

MC-612 Dual/Dual-H Regulator for 24V systems

Version suited to 24V battery systems and includes user selectable programs for standing and deep cycle flooded, gel, AGM,
voltage sensetive halogen systems for most battery types and extensive selection of advanced programming modes.

MC-612 Dual/Dual-H Regulator for 24V systems

Regulator max charge MC 612 Dual features arobust ptatform that's capable to charge lagrer battery banks and suport lagreg electrical demands with ease.

Designed specifically for applications where two alternators are used on a single engine to provide combined output to charge a large house battery bank, the new Balmar MC 612 DUAL provides the ability to direct field current to two alternators at once.

ARS-5/5-H Multi stage Regulation

Perfect for just about any single P-type alternator installations, the ARS-5 packs plenty of intelligence into a user friendly package.

ERS-Kit Compact, cost effective addition ti the Toolbox

Version suited to get tou home solution for the locker, ers-kit provides
a simple, single-stage regulator that;s compatible with any externally regulated P-type alternator.
Set at a fixed 14,1 volts the ERS regulator is well suited for use with standart flooded batteries.

Marine Alternators

Mastervolt Alternators

"12 - Volt" Alpha Series Alternators

High output alternators

12V - Model 12/90 Alternator

12 Volt Marine enclosed brush design
Alternator with Float voltage 13,25v Absorption voltage 14,25V. and Wieght of 5,5kg.

Easily installed on any engine type(gas, diesel) with a charge 3 stage regulator is included. easily way to produces direct current Electric for your 12V ...[more]

All Alternators are eith severe corrosion protection and designed to work in extreme temperatures, dirty environments and warn boat motor rooms. Avaliable versions:
with smaller diameter and bigger extremely powerful with Two Year Warranty.

"24- Volt" Alpha Series Alternators

High output alternators

24V - Model 24/75 Alternator

24 Volt Marine, severe corrosion protection High output Alternator (produces direct current for 24V on board boat system) with Float Voltage 26,5V, Absorption voltage 28,5V and Wieght of 10,1 kg

Alpha pro charge regulator are ...[more]

Alternator, The rules and facts

The rule of thumb is that the horsepower drain on the boat motor is twice the number of kilowatts produced. If, for example, a 100 amp alternator is charging a 12 volt system at full capacity, it's producing 1.200 watts or 1.2 kilowatts. So, it steals 2.4 HP from the motor's output. Power absorbed by It's easy to regard the alternator as a source of free power, just spinning away as the engine runs. In fact, it takes a surprising amount of power and therefore fuel, which could affect a boat's range to turn over an boat alternator. Sizing rule alternator should have a recharging capacity of between 20 and 40 percent of the total amp/hours in your battery bank.

"New 12-24- Volt" AT-Series Alternators

Newest High output alternators