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Customers deserve reliable, well built products that will last in the harsh marine environment. If there is a problem with any Blue Sea Systems product, please call 1-800-222-7617 for a solution.

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Our Catalog is available for download (PDF 16.8MB).

Blue Sea Systems

Marine Products & Boat Accessories


The company boat, a 36' express trawler, is used to test Blue Sea Systems' Boat products & Accessories and ideas and improve the products offered. Blue Sea Systems' in-house lab is used to load test, thermal test, and water test products to ensure they will perform under marine conditions. Results in the delivery of innovative, reliable products for the marine industry.


The Company is comprised of avid boaters with decades of experience in craft ranging from power to sailboats, and have years of blue water sailing experience.


As an independent company, Blue Sea Systems is flexible and responsive to customer needs and changes in the marine industry and boaters.

Boat Products and Accessories:
* 360 Panel System
* Automatic Charging Relays
* Battery Switches
* BusBars, Connectors & Insulators
* Circuit Breakers
* Distribution Panels
* Fuse Blocks & Fuses
* Metering & Meter Accessories
* Panel Accessories & Labels
* Switches

Electric Parts and Accessories /pdf/


We believe we can prosper only through the continuous improvement of our knowledge of marine electrical systems, our products, and our service. In this spirit of continuous improvement, we invite your comments, ideas, and criticism.

Phone: 360.738.8230
Fax: 360.734.4195
Customer Service: Toll Free 800.222.7617

United States and Canada

Email: [email protected]
Internet: www.bluesea.com

Mailing Address:
Blue Sea Systems
425 Sequoia Drive
Bellingham, WA 98226 USA

Web: http://bluesea.com/

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