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Around 20 years experience in solar technology include marine solar panels and systems, pioneers have made qualified experts with profound knowledge of the operation, quality and performance of all technical components of solar systems.

Marine Solar panels, Sun power panels by Cleversolar - Germany

Cleversolar panels solutions for specific challenges! In a national network with strong partners are only tested products, first class components and partially exclusive solar modules on offer that have already passed the toughest test: the inclusion in our range.

Solar Panels

All of our solar panels have a long life and a perennial power warranty from three to 25 years. Whether with sturdy aluminum frame and tempered glass front, whether thin, flexible and accessible, if the screws or sticky: solar panels cleversolar hold far more than they promise.


Skyrrid Farm, Pontrilas, Herefordshire, HR2 0BW UK


Leading Edge (Cleversolar)
Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panels

The future of solar for powerboats, narrowboats, houseboats, caravans and a whole lot more. This could be used to actually provide power to drive the boat along the canals as well.

That panel in the photo is 100W, 17.2V, 5.72A (1050 x 540 x 3mm)

flex-100W installed on narrowboat

Using this ultra-high efficiency professional grade monocrystalline solar cells is the latest in boating and RV market flexible solar technology. Manufacturing process features unique multilayer laminating process that makes a solar panel that is only 3mm thick, weighs less than 20g/watt and can bend up to 30 degrees. All Flexible solar monocrystalline panels carry a two -year Leading Edge product warranty.

120W and 60W FLEX

On photo: 120W | 60W FLEX Solar panels

Flexible Solar Panel(Monocrystalline) (60W) FLEX-60

The new FLEX-60 flexible 60W monocrystalline Leading Edge solar panels are Bond directly to the surface without needs of drilling or brackets.

The new FLEX-60 flexible 60W monocrystalline Leading Edge solar panels are Bond directly to the surface without needs of drilling or brackets.

They are up to 50% smaller than other panels and at over 21.5% efficiency, the FLEX-60 solar cells are one of the most efficient in the market, you get the most power from the smallest amount of surface. For easy and quick connection, Leading Edge recommend our 5m clever-clip cable set.

The average solar panel output is 60W . Size used for installations is 800 x 535 x 3 (mm) and weight only 1kg.

Flexible Solar Panel(Monocrystalline) (100W) FLEX-100

Flexible, 3mm thick up to 30-degrees, the new FLEX-100 solar panels is still the most efficient panel on the market. The 1most popular 00W FLEX-100 by Leading Edge weighs only 19g/watt.

The average solar panel output is 100W. Size used for installations is 1120 x 540 x 3 (mm) and weight only 1,4kg.

Flexible Solar Panel(Monocrystalline) (120W) FLEX-120

The FLEX-120 solar panels has a slightly higher voltage that the smaller 100W version that could be used as well. Therefore, to optimise the charging current, Leading Edge recommend the use of an controller(MPPT), such as the Victron BlueSolar 75/15. The new FLEX-120 Leading Edge solar panels are idealy for boats and sailboats, yachts, motorhomes or narrowboats.

The average solar panel output is 100W . Size used for installations is 1365 x 540 x 3 (mm) and weight only 1,8kg.

These flexible solar panels are also portable enough to take camping. Keep in mind: could be, but are not rollable and have not been designed for the additional wear and tear associated that camping may entail - it would depend on your own 'variety' if camping though.

there ideal for replacing amps used or real time there an invaluable peace of kit you're batteries will last a lot lot longer you fit once and reap the benefits for yrs to come and you can keep adding to them as you're budget allowes I've not met anyone that has ever regretted fitting panels to either boats or caravans infact there an industry standard now not does the sun have to be bright for these to work.

An example of Cleversolar's battery life extension is, if you have a battery that will do 500 cycles to 20% state of charge, the same battery will do 1500 cycles if you can keep it above 60% and 2500 cycles if above 80%.

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Sunpower solar cells

You can use Sunpower solar cells which are the world's most efficient and can work in much lower light levels than most - even under an inch of snow! There are some well quoted tests, in which a 4kW Sunpower installation produced 12% more power over a 4kW 'other' monocrystalline installation. Of course, in cloudy conditions, they don't pump out 100% unortunately...


12 Solar Compact | Solar 12V and 24V standard

Monocrystalline cells, robust, flexible

The acid-and saltwater stainless steel back are particularly stable and still allows the adaptation to slightly curved surfaces. The walk-in plastic to prevent breakage of glass front and is slippery when wet - thanks to special Teflon coating.
To glue or fixed mount particularly well suited.

SPR 1990 a complete system consisting of:
Solar SPR 90 with 95 Wp
Apple 15 Charge Controller
Spoiler fit for SPR 1990
Roof penetration
Adapter Cables
Complete: A comfortable start to your solar energy.

Sunpower solar panels

Whether on board, powerboats and sailyachts or for caravans, motor homes, gardens and villas - always the perfect choice!

The high-performance, Germany solar panels withstand even harder-test conditions such as hail or ice.

The solar cells provide electricity reliably, day after day for 12 V batteries. The Solar Panels have hardened on the front of special glass.

For easy installation and one times the panels have a robust aluminum frame of 35mm height. Extremely high efficiency: High performance even in diffuse light and in low light months.

Sun Power performance solar Panels

The Sun Power SPR 95 is ideally suited for all applications relating to the battery charge.

Maximum currents for the smallest size! This most powerfull mono-crystalline solar cell combines high voltage at high temperatures with excellent charging performance even at low Einstahlung.
Unrivaled cell efficiency of more than 21.5% through the back contact cells
more than 5 A charge current
Sturdy anodized aluminum frame with Mon-day holes for easy mounting fast-ment
Excellent yields even at low light by use of the full spectrum of light, "" the perfect all-weather module!
Dimensions 1038mmx527mmx46mm, weight 8.6 kg

Marine Solar Panels,

compact solar panels to achieve maximum power yield
smallest Raum.

Die small dimensions of the panels provide a space-saving solution for power supply on board.

SunWare compact solar panels meet all requirements for use in sea and salt water best for sailyachts and powerboats.

For assembling the module full glued or clips with universal mounting be securely mounted.
In the framework of our continuous quality control are all solar module before the Delivered individually examined and measured.

100% sea and salt water resistance solar panels /sandwich/
Festverschraubter and sea water tight cable outlet
Structure, Teflon-coated module surface to prevent slipping
Extremely flat mounting accessible with boat shoes
Different types of power selectable
3 year performance guarantee for applications in the lake and salt water area

Panel Structure:

- High Performance solar cells from Q Cells, Germany Quality made guaranteed maximum power output in minimum space

- Panles are 100% seawater resistant, power-coated steinless steel cover

- Rounded Edges to prevent injury and deck harware

- Cable screwwd for absolut secure and unbreakable

- Easly connected type

- 100 % maintenance free

Available solar Panels :

Standard Marine 12 V Weight(kg)/Dimensions(mm) 1,2/249 x 467, 1,7/249 x 642 , 1,7/249 x 642, 2,3/459 x 467, 3,1/549 x 638, 3,2/499 x 838, 6,1/891 x 638

Standard Marine 24 V Weight(kg)/Dimensions(mm) 4,4/499 x 838, 6,1/891 x 638

Compact Marine 12 V Weight(kg)/Dimensions(mm) 3,5/460 x 780, 5,4/890 x 600

FlexCell - Flexible Marine solar Panels/Plates

These solar panels are perfect for all activities wheare mobility is required.Boating,Camping or Mobile Phone, Standars GPS, PDA, Players and Smartphone - our Light, flexible or rollable are adapt to any surface and are very easy to storage. Clever flexible panels are also easy connect and 100% weatherproof.

Available solar Models :
Rolled Solar:7W(600mA, 350 x 900mm, 500g Weight) and 14W(1200mA, 350 x 1500mm, 740g Weight), with Operating Voltage 15V, rating -20 C to +60 C
Flexible Solar: 6,75W(450mA, 350 x 695mm, 480g Weight), 13,5W(900mA, 350 x 1310mm, 900g Weight) and 24W(2400mA, 643 x 1310mm, 1500g Weight), with Operating Voltage 15V, rating -20 C to +60 C

Solar Panels are ideal for adaptation into Cabin-Roof Plates

Applications / Marine Solar Panels for sale/
Powerboats and Sailyachts

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Marine/Solar Accessories

Only with the right accessories, your solar and wind power installation is complete. And here our technicians powerful and reliable components are selected for you. Tested and approved - from practice for practice! ?


The next summer to come. Whether you want to freeze or cool, you give up any comfort. With the cooling devices from Waeco is always right.

WAECO REFRIGERATORS models(12/24V): MDC-50l, 65l,90l,110l weight: 15, 20 28 and 30,5 kg

WAECO COOLING BOXES 12/24v (10 to -18) models 10,5l-105l weight: 8,8kg to 33kg

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