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Yacht & Boat lighting continues to reflect some of today's most advanced technology solutions as well as a highly personal statement of style. It is this combination that makes marine lighting one of the industry's most challenging and dynamic areas.

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Imtra Marine Lighting

Imtra recognizes these demands by providing both the high quality components and technical expertise needed to fulfill a complete lighting system for any marine application. As new technologies and products emerge, Imtra is at the forefront with innovative solutions and "best in class" lighting products.

We are committed to customer service and product support. The staff at our headquarters in New Bedford, Massachusetts is ready to assist owners, boat yards, dealers and boat builders with our knowledge base, technical support and unmatched depth of product selection. Today, Imtra is proud to be the leader in complete marine lighting systems. We remain committed to maintaining our edge in knowledge, selection and customer service.

Advanced LED Solutions from Imtra
In the late 90's, Imtra recognized that lighting technology was beginning to change and that LEDs would play a major role in the future of lighting. Several marine and non-marine companies began to offer hybrid LED products by adapting traditional light fixture to work with simple LED diodes. As companies rushed to offer something they could tag as LED, many poor quality products made their way into the market. The consensus was that this generation of LED lighting was adequate for small utility spaces but not suitable for use in living areas due to insufficient light output, harsh light points and a "cold" uninviting blue/gray hue.

Color Output Choices
Unlike traditional light sources such as incandescent and fluorescent lamps, LEDs are not inherently white light sources. They emit light in a very narrow range of wavelengths (red, green or blue) on the visible spectrum, which is why they are sometimes referred to as monochromatic light sources. Hence modern day high powered LEDs were first used as efficient lighting for colored light applications such as traffic signs and even navigation lighting.

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