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Boat Accessories - Electrical Products

12 Volt Plugs & Receptacles, Alternators & Regulators, Battery Cable, Battery Chargers, Battery Isolators, Battery Switches, Breaker Panels, Bus Bars, Cable Grommets / Clams, Circuit Breakers, Fuse Blocks, Galvanic Isolators, Ground Plates, Inverters / Chargers, Lights - Flashlights, Lights - Running / Navigation, Lights - Spotlights, Shore Power Cords & Adaptors, Switches, Terminal Blocks, Wire & Cable and Solar Panels

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Parts, components and accessories for your boat and yacht.

Electric Outboards - Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors and Information

Aquawatt(Austria) , ReGen Nautic (Florida)
The Mariner® - quality engineering Outboards: 2 and 4 stroke engines, spanning 2.5 hp to 300 hp include Electric versions

12 Volt Plugs & Receptacles - boat parts Manufacturers

Marinco - Leading supplier of electrical products and accessories to the marine industry

Alternators & Regulators - Boat Parts

Balmar - Small and large case Balmar boat alternators are constructed expressly for rugged marine use incorporating extra tough materials for max resistance to salt and corrosion

Mastervolt - High output 12V and 24V Marine Alternators

Boat Generators

Mase IT - Power, compact, quiet-sound-levels Series EU Boat Generators

Battery Cable



Battery Chargers

Guest Marinco - Large range of battery chargers and accessories, charging/monitoring systems

Statpower - DC to AC power inverters and smart battery chargers

Analytic Systems - Makes two stage or two/three-stage AC / DC & DC /DC battery chargers

Lithium technology, LIPO battery on Boats - the possible role of lithium butteries for boat owners.

Lithium-ion Batteries for boating industry

Battery Isolators

Guest Marinco

Battery Switches

Guest Marinco - Durable,reliable switches that will withstand the rigors of harsh environment use

Paneltronics - Power Distribution, Instrument & Switch Panels

Blue Sea - Battery Switches for outboards and small inboard gasoline and diesel engines, Battery Switches for lagre diesel engines, Battery Switch Panels

Breaker Panels

Paneltronics Power Distribution, Instrument & Switch Panels

Blue Sea - Circuit Breaker Panels,Circuit Breaker Mounting Panels...

Bus Bars

Blue Sea - Large selection of Busbars

Boat Cable Grommets and Clams

Seadog - A premier provider of high quality marine and industrial hardware.

Blue Sea - Blue Sea Systems

Circuit Breakers

Blue Sea - DC Circuit Breakers, AC Circuit Breakers, AC/DC Circuit Breakers and Residual Current Rocker Circuit Breaker

Fuse Blocks

Blue Sea - DC Branch Power distribution and Circuit protection


Galvanic Isolators

Guest Marinco

Boat Tankless water heaters

Ground Plates

Guest Marinco


Marine Inverters & Chargers

Heart Interface

Statpower - High-quality power electronic and electrical equipment

Xantrex - Power electronics provide clean, quiet AC power so you can enjoy the comforts of home on your boat or yacht

Boat Lights - Flashlights and Accessories

Fulton - The largest US flashlight manufacturers, afety approved, waterproof, specialty inspection and portable bow and stern lights for the boating market

NightStar - Magnetic Force Flashlight

Imtra - Marine Lighting, Complete lighting systems

Hella marine LED - Complete guide to marine lighting engineered for safety, reliability and high performance

Bushnell - HD Lights, LED Flashlights

OceanLED - Docking Lights, Interior and Exterior and Underwater LED Lights

Innovative Lighting Ltd. - Docking, Interior, Navigation and Stern LED Lights

Running and Navigation Boat Lights

Aquasignal - LED navigation lights, lighting systems for marine applications

Perko - Marine Lighting , Navigation Lights for Deck and Pole

Marine Searchlights by Perko - new generation of Deck, Solar Ray, and Xenon SearchLights

Lopolight - Innovative Navigation Lights

SeaSens - Navigation and Interior Boat Lighting

Imtra - Marine/Boat Lighting

Hella marine - Running and Navigation Boat Lights NaviLED

Innovative Lighting Ltd. - Navigation LED Lights

Spotlights - Boat Lights

ACR - Large range of Searchlight & Spotlight Reflectors

Guest Marinco - Full range of dome lights inaclude navigation, swivel spotlights and recessed lights for boat cabin or deck, remote Control spotlights


Hella marine

Hella marine LED - long range Cabin and Hand Held Searchlights

GoLight - Fixed, Portable and Nav Remote Controlled Searchlights

Shore Power Cords & Adaptors




Marine Coolers

Marine Switches


Terminal Blocks

Blue Sea - Ampere Terminal Blocks and Terminal Block Jumpers

Boat Wire & Cable

Ancor - maximum protection boat cables, resist corrosion and prevent electrical system failure

Marine Solar Panels and Cells, Solar Systems - Manufacturers

Sunmodule Solar Panels - Solar Panels/Modules for powerboats and yachts

Cleversolar - Marine Solar Panels, Sun Power Panels and Systems by Cleversolar, powerboat and sailyachts solar panels

SunPower Solar Panels - Solar Panels, SunPower Solar technology

SunWare Solar Panels - Marine Solar Panels, all areas of solar systems by SunWare Solar Panels

Asola- Solar Panels, Customized, Mobile Solutions & Automobile Solar Panels

Sunsei- Solar Panels/Modules for Special Applications, marine use and other projects

Silicon Solar - Solar Panels, Systems and Accessories

Kyocera Solar- Marine Solar Panels, Sun Power Panels and Systems, marine BATTERY CHARGERS and POWER GENERATORS

IBC SOLAR AG- Solar Panels/modules, Popular, Thin-film, High-efficiency, PV Panels and Systems by IBC SOLAR AG

SunMaxx SOLAR- Solar Collectors and Plates

Ener-Electro- Solar Panels/Modules/systems

NAPS- Panels & modules and replacement solar stations

Solbian - flexible solar panels

Aurinco - solar panels , ranges from 12 to 50Watt

Flexcell - ranges from 7 to 27Watt Marine Panels

Plastimo - Marine/Boat Slim Solar Panels 12 - 95W

Everstart jumpsarter unit - Electrical power - easy way to add 12 Volt Electrical Power on board(article)

Lithium technology, LIPO battery on Boats - the possible role of lithium butteries for boat owners.

Electric Parts & Accessories

An informational Index for finding Electric Parts & Accessories, for all your boating repairs and projects, Manufacturers and much more, quickly and easily, arranged by Category.

Here you can find the most comprehensive and highest quality, a complete line of marine Electric products, components and power oriented products: Battery Chargers, Cable, Isolators and Inverters designed for a wide range of marine applications, Marine electrical switches and Panels - various types, Cable Grommets and Clams, full selection of Marine Primary Wire from producer of high quality marine and industrial hardware.

Running and Navigation lights, installations, complete lighting systems, exterior courtesy and spreader lights, spotlights, flashlights and accessories various types. Power quality equipment for safety, reliability and performance.

Solar Index, Solar technology-Panels & Cells For Marine, RV, caravan Use, Us and International Manufacturers and Suppliers, solar technology news and articles and Panels and Systems for sale, new or used.

To Choose the right battery

Electrical equipment - A selection of electrical system tools that should be onboard every boat.

Marine generators (Buying Guide) - How To Choosing a Generator for Your Boat, a major benefits and actors that goes into choosing the best Unit.

Electrical Boat Parts & Accessories, new or used - Marine/Boat Parts & Components, Battery Chargers, Cable, Isolators, Running and Navigation (LED) Lights...include solar panels and marine solar systems.

Manufacturers and exporters of parts, accessories of the top producers in the boating Industry

Diesel electric propulsion systems - Manufacturers & benefits of this emerging technology

Marine equipment solutions and products include hydraulic component, safeguarding and control equipment - One of the leading companies