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Ancor is a Marinco Electrical Group (MEG) brand. With the combined brand power of Ancor, Marinco, Guest, AFI, Nicro and BEP, the Marinco Electrical Group is a leading supplier of electrical products and accessories to the marine industry. Boat builders specify MEG brand products.

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2008-09 ANCOR Catalog
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You can count on Ancor Marine Grade™ Products to help you meet today's challenge on the water. For more information on other Marinco Electrical Group brands, please see page 118 or log on to www. marinco.com

Chances are, there's an MEG brand product aboard your boat. We're proud to set sail with you.

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Marinco SWD Industrial 2016 Catalog
The Exclusive "Perma-Lock" Terminal-Tightening Advantage
As the Screw Goes Down, the Collar Locks Up: As the terminal screw tightens down on the contact tang, it compresses the wire underneath the tang, causing the screw to exert an upwards lift on the collar overleaf. This lifting action "locks up" the screw's threads. Stress-relieving of the terminal is virtually eliminated. Heat-cycling and vibration cannot loosen the screw.

Marinco Electrical is the premier manufacturer of electrical and harsh environment solutions for a variety of worldwide markets including: Marine, Recreational Vehicles (RV), Residential and Commercial Generators, Heathcare Mobility, and Entertainment.

Comprised of Recreational and Industrial divisions, Marinco is an ISO9001 certified company that employs contemporary, efficient production practices, such as Kaizen and Lean Six-Sigma methods, to ensure both precision-manufactured, high-quality product as well as cost efficiency for maximum customer value.


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