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Think about GREEN

The percentage of U.S. A. electricity coming from the solar sources has doubled in just four years to nearly 6 %.

Wake up man fossil fuels are a dying resource. Let's end energy subsidies across the board and let the market decide which sources of energy they want to choose, not the government.

Believe anything they say, but some people want to save some of the animals and lands for the next generation to be able to enjoy without needing an oxygen mask.

Every energy pull should feed from natural energies of our Universe. Rather it be Solar, Wind, Hydro, etc. I believe that was the Father's main purpose of his gifts anyway. Trees, Sunlight, Water Flow, Wind energy vs. Mankinds greed from energy they don't own and/or can't originally reproduce. Light waves are an infinite resource, case closed. To have such technology available and not utilize it is a proud display of stupidity.

Solar Industry & Technology - U.S. Solar Programs, environmental footprint and innovation

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Desert or roof installations

Why solar installations are cluttering the desert with solar Pamela when there is million of square feet of roofs in California that should be the true solar ranch. Maybe you are all foe solar but if one can spend money to change the California landscape where much if it has been taken over by development. Lets turn the already developed into the solar generators and let the deserts and valley be themselves.Green installations - jobs, power, and less dependence on foreign oil, or domestic fracked gas... way to go!