Perko searchlight - over a century

For over a century, in the commercial and pleasure marine industry Perko searchlights features wide vertical and horizontal smooth movement to provide very bright illumination for a emergency use or variety of night work. Every durable Searchlight is splashproof and corrosion resistant.

Like every Perko lighting product, Search or NAV, the searchlights is made in the USA and covered by a five-year Perko warranty. Suggested retail prices for these lights start around $1,300 and Perko Series line of navigation LED-lights from $100 to $300. Company stocks replacement bulbs for all searchlights models. Note: For the Xenon 19" 9304 series, only replacement option is the Xenon 500 watt lamp that can be used.

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Perko Marine offer a full marine lighting products line for big and small unter 20 m boats/yachts navigation lights and (deck and pole) Corrosion Resistant Searchlights - Chrome Plated Bronze Base. Some of Searchlights Models feature "halo deflectors", and ventilation covers for maximum light and quick dissipation for long bulb life. Perko also Offer series with Xenon Lights.

Marine SearchLights and Lighting systems by PERKO


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Marine SearchLights

Products by Perko

Pilot House Control Searchlight

Solar-Ray® Sealed Beam

Chrome Plated Bronze Base
Lever Handle Controls both Horizontal and Vertical Movement and 7 Inch Sealed Beam Bulb Included
Control Length: 7-1/2 Inches
Maximum Ceiling Thickness: 4-1/2 Inches

12,24,32 Searchlight Volt Series

Deck Control Searchlight

Perko Solar-Ray®

Polished Chrome with White Powder Coating
3 Pedestal Sizes Series - Standard 7 , Medium 8 and High-8 Inches
3 Reflector Sizes - 10, 12, 14

Lever Control Searchlight - Solar-Ray® Searchlight

Polished Chrome with White Powder Coating
Lever Control and 3 avalible Pedestal Sizes - Standard 7, Medium 7 and High 8 Inches.
3 Reflector Sizes - 10, 12, 14 with Length
Drum Inches 13, 15, 17

Wheel or Lever/Gear Control

Perko Solar-Ray® Searchlight

Polished Chrome with White Powder Coating
Lever/Gear or Wheel Control
Lever Control and 3 avalible Pedestal Sizes - Standard 7, Medium 7 and High 8 Inches.
3 Reflector Sizes - 10, 12, 14 with Length
Drum Inches 13, 15, 17

Perko Control-Searchlight

Pilot House Searchlight

White Powder Coated Brass or Chrome Plated
Corrosion Resistant Searchlight
7 and 8 Inch Hand with Overall
Length 24,24,24, and 26,26,26 Series Sealed Beam Units
Tin Plated Electrical Contacts and Wiring
Lever Action, Pilot House Control
70° Vertical Movement and 380° Horizontal Movement with Both Lever Handle Controls
Position with Manual Toggle Controls
For Ceiling Thickness of up to 5"
Series 12, 24 or 32 Volts

Solar Ray Sealed Beam Searchlight

Chrome Brass Head
4-1/2 Inch Sealed Beam Bulb Included

12, 12 Searchlight Volt Series, 50,000 and 100,000 Beam Candlepower and 30 and 50 Wattage

Removable Searchlight

Hand Held Deck Control light

Brass Head and Base - Chrome
For 12 or 32 Volts with Watertight Deck Connection
4-1/2 or 7 Inch Sealed Beam Bulb Included
8 Feet of Coiled Cord & Cigarette Lighter Plug
12, 12, 12, 32 Searchlight Volt Series for 1/4, 1/3 5/8 and 5/8 Range Miles

Solar Ray Series Sealed Beam Searchlight

Chrome Base with Deck Control
12, 24 or 32 Series Volts
Switch in Head and 7 Inch Sealed Beam Bulb

Solar Ray Seroes Sealed Beam Searchlight

Bronze Base and Brass Body
Chrome Plated Powder Coating
For 12, 24 and 32 Series Volts, 100, 200, 450 Wattage

Distant Electric Control Solar-Ray Series


Aluminum withDistant ElectricControl - Joystick type controller with variable speed control for both horizontal & vertical positioning.
with 17 Length Drum Inches

Solar Ray PERKO Searchlight - 1900 Series

Aluminum and Heavy Aluminum Body Weatherproof Construction Searchlight with 32, 124 or 230 Series Volts and "Halo Deflector" Parabolic Glass Reflector - 19” with Shock Resistant Mounting
Lower Vent Cover and Flat Black Interior Finish with Stainless Steel Latches
Heavy Duty Cast Rack and Pinion Assembly
Extra Heavy Duty Yoke Mounting Ribbed for Extra Strength
400 Degree Rotation and Extra Large Cast Aluminum Base Drilled for Four 1/2” Fasteners

The Solar-Ray Searchlights 1900 Series -are designed and built of marine aluminum with the commercial user, this series is available with Lever/Gear, Deck or Distant Electric Remote Controls and easy and fast access for bulb replacement.

XR Series 15" Xenon PERKO Searchlight (over 3 mile range)

Heavy Duty Marine Latches, Waterproof Construction
Cast Marine Aluminum Yoke & Base
Optional Heater System
Quality Ball Bearings
110 or 220 Volt Power Supply + single xenon bulb

Xenon XR Series,very white light, of Perko Searchlights are designed to meet the needs of commercial marine applications.

With short arc of Xenon filled lamps produce an extremely bright with Safety Interlock Switch and Iridium Coated Reflector for very and sharp focus. Best Perko Searchlight with 35,000,000 candlepower !

Marine Halogen,Ray -line and Compact, Series + wire/wireless Remote Control, fixed ot Portable Spot and Search Lights from Jabsco, Perko, Golight ... and more manufacturers for sale by Owner.

Perko Xenon Searchlight - XR Series 19"
(up to 5.5 mile range)

Commercial craft demand a tough, reliable and powerful searchlight. The Xenon Marine Searchlights Series 19" extremely bright lamps produce very white light, Series 19", can be focused into a narrow long range beam. The power supply is designed to operate for 220 or 440 V for both lamp models - Xenon 1000 Watt Lamp or 1600 Watt . Iridium were chosen for the XR Series 19 - reflectance comparison because of their wide use as a thin-film reflective coating in optical systems.

This Xenon Searchlight providing in excess of 100 000 000 candlepower and can be operated continuously at 1,600 watts.

The Perko Xenon 19" Searchlights are manufactured in Sealed Waterproof Constructions to meet the all-needs of Offshore and Marine Industries and commercial marine applications. Come in 12 Inches Base Diameter. XR Series 19" Searchlights features Quality Timkin Ball bearings makes for smooth 380° rotation. XR Series 19" come in two variants - a classic manually controlled or remotely controlled. In addition, XR Series is available with heating capability (Optional Heater System) in hard areas and atmospheric conditions that can lead to the formation of ice on the surfaces. Also light stands up to the most challenging marine conditions.

At high output levels, to assure cool operation Searchlight come equipped with Integrally cast cooling Fins.

See more Perko marine Lighting Products: Navigation Series Deck and Pole Lights

The Searchlights from Perko is designed and constructed on true searchlight principles. Ordinary "Spot-lights" are so frequently offered to the marine public
as Searchlights that many boat owners are misled.

A Boat Searchlight should have the ability to pick up and identify at long range a definite object, as easily as one would point a finger at it in daylight.

To get such results, a closely focused penetrating beam must emanate from the Searchlight. 12V DC or 24V DC operation Spotlights are equipped with metal reflectors, ASA chrome-plated or white case only.

All Perko are equipped with modern parabolic glass mirror reflectors and halo deflectors that eliminates the usual light "spillage" immediately ahead and quick dissipation of heat of the searchlight. This increases the operator's vision and thereby improves the efficiency of the beam and help prolong Searchlight bulb life.

Please Note:The Searchlight Bulbs are not included and must be ordered separately. Perko provide a huge choice of the traditional and the the brighter incandescent bulbs and piercing quartz-halogen units on 32V, 120V and 230V in a variety of wattages.

Hella Marine SearchLights

high performance, reliability , designed for safety full range of marine lights and systems and light accessories include Bulb, Deck and ...[more]

Cabin Control Searchlight

12-24V Fixed Mount Search Light

Hella Marine Serachlight designed for cabin roofs instalations. Vibration and shock resistant
high quality plastic material and zluminum-154mm reflector and Grommet sealed 350 mm long cable and come with H3 bulbs.
Available Versions 12 and 24V - 2x12v/55W,2x24/70W

GOLIGHT SearchLights

GoLight Inc. designer,supplier and manufacturer of revolutionary lighing solutions for Marine applications-boats,yachts...[more]

Remote Controlled Searchlight

12-24V Fixed Mount or Portable Search Light

UV Ray and Water/Saltwater Resistant SearchLights, Durable and Powerful (400,000 Candle Power) Remote Controlled Operation Lights with 370° Rotation for marine use.

3 Years of Warranty

Fixed Searchlights

Fixed Radiory Searchlight

Fixed Mount Search Light + Remote

Fixed/Permanent Model 2000 Searchlight with Programmable Wireless Remote. Lights come with mounting Hardware.

Available Versions: size 7" x 7", White or Black

Portable Searchlights

Portable 2020 Searchlight

Fixed Mount + Wired Remote Search Light

Portable Model Searchlight with Permanent Mount Shoe

and Wired Remote. Light are constructed to be temporarily or permanently attached to a vehicle for your specific needs. This Model gives a full 370° horizontal and 135° vertical rotation.

Available Versions White or Charcoal

Navigation Searchlights

Nav RadioRay Searchlight

Fixed Mount + Wireless Remote Nav Search Light

RadioRay Searchlight M2100 and 2110 is a radio transmitter and reciever operating at 433MHz. Light
provides superior light penetration and gives 370° horizontal and 135° vertical rotation vontrol.
Mounted Models on 12" Stanchion with 12 Vold DC NavLights and Wireless programmable Remote + Storage Nylon Bag

Available Versions: size: 7" x 7", White and Black

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