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Navigation Lights for Deck and Pole


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Perko Marine Inc. -The original marine lighting products line consisted of hand formed and soldered marine lights for big and small boats/yachts for deck and pole navigation lights and Searchlights fabricated from steel, galvanized steel, Marinium, brass and copper.

Marine Lights and Lighting systems by PERKO Mfr.

"Perko Marine" Products range - lights are Certified high quality that will be great for your powerboat, pontoon or sail.


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Navigation Lights, Deck and Pole

Products by Perko

Deck Perko lights:

Round Lights -

360 light visibility for boats up to 39.4'

Tri-Color/White, White, Base Mount Green, Base Mount Red, Green/Red Series

Bow Lights -

Bi-Color Lights for max visibility.

Light offers 1-mile visibility. Horizontal Mount ,Removable Lights and LED Stealth Series

Chrome, Black and White Models.


Led Lights include models with Vertical Mount,Horizontal Mount and Horizontal Mount Bi-Color.

All Certified For Use on Power Driven Vessels Under 65.6 ft.

Replacement Bulbs -

very comprehensive catalogue of miniature electric lamps and replacement bulbs

Masthead Lights -

Plastic /Black and White/and Chrome Plated Lights, Visibility Arc 225

Spare Parts & Lenses -

Replacement lenses, parts and Accessories for many of the popular styles of Perko Nav Lights

Side Lights -

Vertical and Horizontal Mount Side Lights, Plastic/Black & White/, Chrome Plated Zinc Alloy Lights. Green and Red Lens.

Towing Lights -

Yellow Towing Navigation Lights.

Yellow Towing & LED Towing Nav Lights. Certified for use on Sail or Power Driven Vessels Under 20 Meters

Pole Lights:

Anchor Lights (Combination)

Combination Masthead and White All Round Light with Fixed Mount

Bow Lights (Bi-Color)

Removable Bi-Color Pole Lights

Ideal Nav Lights for boats with casting decks on the box.


Fixed Mount White Plastic Base and Replacement Universal LED Omega Series.

Low Heat, Vibration Resistance and Long Life Lights

Masthead -

Fold Down & Masthead Combination White All Round Lights

White All Round -

White All Round Pole Lights, Fixed and Replacement.

This Perko White All-Round Light is made to mount on your boats windshield. Vertical mount and the horizontal mount boat lights. Has a 360 deg. white translucent globe with a black plastic base. ABYC, NMMA, RIMA Certified.

Fold Down Lights -

Fold Down, Combination Masthead and Horizontal Mount Heavy Duty Folding Pole Lights

Pole Light Bases -

Plug-In Type Base and Replacement with Horizontal and Vertical Mount versions.

Marine Deck, Control, Solar Ray and Xenon series SearchLights - Perko Offer a new generation of amazing (over 3 mile range) SearchLights.