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Solar panels and accessories

Silicon Solar solar offers residential power kits, battery chargers, educational kits and using the power of the sun. Experiment with the different technologies including flexible crystalline and amorphous solar cell technology.

"Silicon Solar" Panels & Services

Silicon Solar Offer the largest selection of commercial grade stock solar-cells. Use the same technology the pro's use including both amorphous and crystalline grade cells. These solar cells are suitable for uses that include powering solar kits, solar yachts or boats and cars.

Silicon Solar offer a full line of renewable energy solar products, highest conversion efficiencies that exceed the highest quality standards in the solar industry.


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Photovoltaic Solar Cells

Silicon Solar's solar cells enable solar enthusiast and students to experiment with the powers of solar energy. Whether you are powering a small fan or a competition race boat, we have the custom best solution for you. Several of our projects include:

Classroom Solar Car Projects and Custom solar panels.

Commercial Solar Cells

Silicon Solar provides the highest grade Multi-crystallilne high efficiency solar cells on the solar market . Our Multi-crystallilne solar cells are less expensive to manufacture, allowing us to pass the savings on to you at lower prices.

Each of our solar cell is used in our own manufacturing of our PV modules as well as educational kits.

"by the watt" Silicon solar Series

Scrap Solar Cells of wadding gives a most economical and easiest approach to purchasing existing solar system. Each package of solar cells can provide a large enough array so that each solar cell performs a specific power required to make a new custom solar module functional sun.

Silicon solar strongly recommends the purchase of solar cells watt for all wishing to make their first solar panels. Once the solar panels and testing is completed and you have experience with construction of solar panels may recommend strengthening the next level and purchase our commercial solar cells.

Solar Panels

Flexible Solar Panels

In recent developments, silicon solar provide ways to register thin, lightweight, flexible solar panels, allowing for multiple applications currently available solar that have never been before.

Thin Film solar cells and panels, there are now several types of applications must be brought to market, including solar backpacks, solar thin films clothes and sportswear. We at Silicon Solar have taken these methods to the extreme and receive inquiries from customers who give us encouragement and constructive feedback to develop new ways of using this technology, not only for them, but so good. Each flexible solar panels can be reserved up to 2 cm in diameter, which makes paper thin solar cell one of the most durable and long lasting solar modules on the market.

Panels Sries: include 12v Consumer Ready Panels, 3v-4v Flexible, 6v-7v and 12v Flexible Solar Panels

Grid Solar Panels

Find a wide selection of the world's leading network tie solar electric panels. We offer direct pricing, production, and solar modules more affordable for our customers. Whether you're adding to your existing network or tie off the network or want to install a brand new, let me help you with the correct amount of modules.

Off Grid systems are ideal for seasonal cabins or even full time, habitats year. Our access to the Internet network product is equipped with all major components required for installation.

Panels Sries: include 50-120 and 120+ Watt Solar Panels

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