Sunmodule Solar Panels/Modules


Boat Accessories - Electrical Products

Industry-leading performance Designed to last more than 30 years
Independently tested to generate more energy per rated kW than other major brands.
Module power is guaranteed for 25 years by the largest solar products manufacturer in America since 1977

Sunmodule Solar panels

Sunmodules are tested to withstand, hail, extreme heat, high winds and heavy snow loads.

All Solar products have an industry leading power tolerance, backed by a 25-year power warranty.

Under the Sunmodule® brand, we offer best superior quality, high performance solar modules and panels designed for a wide variety of applications include boat and yachts & sailyachts.

The high performance monocrystalline cells used in the Sunmodule are sealed in transparent EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate) between impact resistant tempered glass and a durable fluoropolymer backsheet. The innovative panel design incorporates new audible locking, IP65 protection rated, quick connectors for fast, reliable installation wiring. New double-insulated cables approved for use in ungrounded source circuit systems.


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for marine use

Sunmodule - Solar panels: SL 48 12 Wp

Ultra Thin Solar Modules, 25-year warranty of performance and the capability of recycling.

The Sunmodule SL-Series provides an excellent alternative to all large, rigid, inflexible glass modules dar. These modules are mounted on an aluminum frame and therefore much lighter, smaller, thinner and more pliable. glued or screwed flat, the modules are accessible and easily adapt to curved surfaces and roofs. The plastic surface can be no glass breakage. The modules are equipped with polycrystalline high-performance solar cells from space technology and attain a very high power output. Nestled in a durable plastic laminate, the modules are completely water resistant and withstand the heaviest weather, hail and ice.

These solar modules/panels are specially designed for use on boats, yachts, buoys and life rafts were developed. But they are also ideal for the demanding use on caravans, electric cars and weekend homes or for temporary, mobile application.
The "heralds" consist of high-performance crystalline cells.
High performance even in diffuse light and in low light months. Each solar module is individually tested for reliability, durability and weather resistance. Equipped with seawater-cable, cable seewasserdichtem, edge protection and mounting holes. The offer to give the average revenue per day in summer.

Model: SL 48 12 Wp
48 Wh / d
Dimensions: 400 x 355 mm

Sunmodule - Solar panels: - SL 120 30 Wp

120 Wh/d
Dimensions: 810 x 355 mm

Sunmodule - Solar panels: - SL 160 40 Wp

160 Wh/d
Dimensions: 670 x 555 mm

Sunmodule - Solar panels: - SL 220 55 Wp

220 Wh/d
Dimensions: 1335 x 355 mm

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