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SunWare Solar GmbH & Co KG produced and developed for more than 20 years Marine solar systems.

Solar Modules

For each boats & powerboats and sailing yachts the right solar module.

Marine Solar panels, the right solar panels - Germany

SunWare produces two completely different module series. In addition to our classics, the boot modules, we also manufacture glass modules with aluminum frame.

All areas of solar systems/panels by SunWare solar panels.

Solar Panels

Quality made in Germany for the highest standards. SunWare produce solar panels and modules for over 20 years in Germany. High-efficiency crystalline solar cells, optimal care of your system island on the water and on land.


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MARINE SOLAR PANELS | made in Germany

Marine flatness Modules (12 - 24 V)

The marine SunWare solar products are extremely flat - 5 mm and have no sharp corners or components. In addition to the use on sailing yachts and motorboats.

-3 years warranty on power output

-seawater tight cable outlet
-selbstreinigende Oberfläche
-3m cable for easy installation

Model SW-3061 Solar Panels/Module

-12 Wp power
-249x467x5 mm
-40 crystalline solar cells
Model SW-3062 Solar Panels/Module

- 18 Wp power
- 249x642x5 mm
- 40 crystalline solar cells

Model SW-3063 Solar Panels/Module
- 24 Wp power
- 459x467x5 mm
- 40 crystalline solar cells

Model SW-3064 Solar Panels/Module

- 36 Wp Power
- 459 x 638 x 5 mm
- 40 crystalline solar cells
Model SW-3065 Solar Panels/Module

- 48 Wp power
- 839x499x5 mm
- 40 crystalline solar cells

Model SW-3066 Solar Panels/Module

- 70 Wp power
- 891x638x5 mm
- 40 crystalline solar cells
Model SW-5065 Solar Panels/Module

- 48 Wp Leistung
- 460x780x5 mm
- 39 crystalline solar cells

SW-5066 Solar Panels/Module

- 69 Wp Leistung
- 890x600x5 mm
- 39 crystalline solar cells

SW-3265 Solar Panels/Module

- 48 Wp power
- 839x499x5 mm
- 40 crystalline solar cells

SW-3266 Solar Panels/Module

- 70 Wp power
- 891x638x5 mm
- 80 crystalline solar cells

Typical installations

Simple assembly by gluing or screwing.

For fixed assembly, the module is also accessible boat shoes.

You can bend it up to 3% to adapt the module to the shape of your boat roof.

SunWare solar weatherproof panels

SunWare solar panels are designed and tested specifically for use in marine and salt water.

The solar panels are completely maintenance-free, durable, and weatherproof.

Even under extreme exposure to UV rays, whether in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean or the North Sea SunWare solar panels are always a reliable partner.

All 12V standard solar panels are designed with 40 cells. Therefore SunWare solar panels without rear mounted.

Thus, the voltage drop due to high temperatures through the 4 additionally integrated cells is compensated to allow for a full charge the battery.

The back of the module is completely flat so that it can be screwed or glued flat on deck. SunWare standard solar panels should always be fitted to a rigid, inflexible surface.

The panels can be mounted flat deck surfaces with a curving of up to 3%. Due to the extremely flat module, the module only 3mm and 15mm at the cable outlet.

The 3M PU sheathed cable is robust, UV and weather resistant.

To reduce the risk of slipping in wet conditions, the panel surface is slightly structured. Within the scope of continuous quality control, each solar panel is tested and calibrated before delivery.

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Aurinco Inc. WA - USA

US Manufacturer of Ultrathin step-on sealed, rugged, heavy-duty (Ultrathin and most efficient with new monocrystalline silicon cells with a over 17% conversion rate) solar panels ranged from about 10 W to over 1000 W with nothing protruding modular approach fits spaces and power needs superior performance in full sun and partial shadow add esthetic appeal to your boat or sailboat. Solar panels are flexible... (

Flexcell - Switzerland
EU/Switzerland Manufacturer of Flexible solar battery charger/panel designed for marine or other water applications, yachts ,boats. Solar PowerPanel(Available models in 7, 14 and 27 Watt.) is made more flexible, robust, and shade(sail) resistant, easly storable...(

Solbian - Italy

EU leader in the Marine photovoltaic brand Since 2007 with several boat / sailingboats installations of photovoltaic flexibility and most lightness solar systems, from 13,16 to over 17,53% solar efficiency...(

Plastimo - Marine/Boat Slim Solar Panels 12 - 95W

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