Cheap Garmin STRIKERs

People am I excited. I just ordered my Garmin Striker 4. On top of that I saved an additional $55. Because of my ordering issue with Amazon, they gave me $50 in credit for the inconvenience and I earned $5 in bonus credit for buying a $100 gift card. All new fishfinders in 3.5",5,7" they start from just under $200.

Have a luck finding one new fishfinder on Amazon.

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Garmin fishfinder - all New STRIKER™ series fishfinders

New Garmin fishfinders

The Garmin fishfinders

Garmin STRIKER's series

The Garmin fishfinders are great because they are extremely user friendly. In fact Garmin Fish & Hunt engineers are the best in the business and spend countless hours improving what is already great and coming up with new ideas that are mind-blowing.

Garmin has already release new transducers. This has been going on for a while now. Companies just trying to put competitors out of business. The new striker range of fishfinders are a competitor to Helix. Advertised US price points on the Striker range are encouraging. Garmin has the best picture on the fishing electronics market.

Garmin STRIKER™ 7DV fishfinder

 Garmin 7dv for biggest flathead on fishing lure

STRIKER™ 7dv series Garmin fishfinders comes equipped with Display: 7" WVGA colour / 800x480 pixels, CHIRP Fishfinder with high-sensitivity GPS and ultra clear DownVu Scanning Sonar.

Includes Garmin GT20 transducer with CHIRP (77/200 kHz), transmit power (300 W RMS)/(2,400 peak-to-peak) with 455/800 kHz CHIRP DownVu (300 W power) Share waypoints and routes with other STRIKER or echoMAP™ chartplotter combos.

Unit dimensions(mm): 235 x 140 x 58

Garmin STRIKER™ 7SV fishfinder

 Garmin 7dv new unit perfect for any fisherman’s needs

Display: 7" WVGA colour / 800x480 pixels
high wide CHIRP Fishfinder with GPS and DownVu/ SideVu Scanning Sonar. CHIRP transducer provides a higher visibly of detail and clarity for both: structure and fish than traditional 77/200 kHz models.

Includes Garmin GT52 transducer with high wide CHIRP 250 W, 455/800 kHz CHIRP DownVu and CHIRP SideVu with 500 W power.

Smooth Scaling™ software technology for depth range adjustments.
Unit dimensions(mm): 235 x 140 x 58

STRIKER "dv" vs STRIKER 7 "sv"

The new STRIKER "dv" series by Garmin adds CHIRP DownVu to provide more clear images. The STRIKER 7 "sv" adds CHIRP DownVu and CHIRP SideVu scanning sonar to find structure to each boat side. Use the split screen junction view to show various sonar options and the waypoint map or create customized views simultaneously. The all new STRIKER series Garmin devices for anglers and fishermen are available in 3 different sizes: 3.5" 5" and 7" displays.

Garmin STRIKER™ 5DV fishfinder

Proving very popular fishfinder, great in price, Depth finder is a plus. Used to use one on south sabine reef to stay in right water depth

To locate your current boat position more precisely and quickly STRIKER fishfinders comes equipped with high-sensitivity built-in GPS.

Display: 5" WVGA colour / 800x480 pixels.

Includes Garmin GT20 transducer with high wide CHIRP combined into 1 transducer (77/200 kHz), transmit power (500 W RMS)/(2,400 peak-to-peak) with 455/800 kHz CHIRP DownVu (300 W power). In fact, even at higher boat speeds bottom contours are more visible.

Share routes and waypoints with other Garmin STRIKER or echoMAP™ chartplotter combos. Unit dimensions(mm): 188 x 116 x 54 mm

If your set on Garmin people'd recommend the echomap models if budget allows. Contour mapping is a great feature. Plus preloaded maps. Waypoints, gps and tracks are also way better.

Sometimes they go on crazy sales. BPS had echomap 73DV for $399 and 73SV for $499 last spring. Some are easy access and others require a drag. All of them I feel confident about catching fish but as in quality of fish not as confident. But always really scenic. Unfortunately it does not have the "detailed maps", but you can mark locations such as ramps ect ect.

The Garmin Striker 4DV

The Garmin Striker 4DV is a heat unit, and fits perfectly on the sea ghost.

Garmin Striker 4DV

- 3.5-inch CHIRP Fishfinder equipped with DownVü Scanning & GPS Sonar.

- It's easy to use color fishfinder 3.5-inch with built-in, d Garmin CHIRP DownVü high-sensitivity GPS scanning sonar.

- Includes Garmin GT20 transducer with CHIRP (77/200 kHz). transmit power / (2,400 peak-to-peak) / (300 W RMS)with 455/800 kHz CHIRP DownVü (300 W power)

- Upgrade to high-performance CHIRP with(each sold separately) a GT22 or 23 Garmin transducer.

- Find fish - mark and return to hot spots, ramps and docks.

People prefer the Striker 4DV. The Striker feel it is a better value. I also liked the display and user interface better. Garmin Striker 4DV comes stock with (77/200 kHz & 455/800 kHz. In fact, the Lowrance will cost more to get the dual frequency option.
It also worked using a SAE connector.

Garmin Striker 4DV setup on

Keep in mind - You may not be happy with a 3.5 screen.

While the Striker 4DV does have GPS, what people don't like is that it doesn't have contour maps. IMO, that is the whole benefit of having GPS. You have to step up into the echoMAP series, such as the echop MAP 43dv, to get that. At that price range, you could also consider the Lowrance Hook 4 and Humminbird Helix 5 Sonar/GPS. Be sure to use stainless or brass fasteners.

Garmin Striker 4DV Vs Lowrance Hook 4X fishfinder?

The Striker gps only shows your trails and Waypoints you mark. There is no mapping at all and no way to update software on the unit. Any adjustments made to your sonar settings are lost every time you turn the Striker off.

For a little bit more, the Hook-4 is the better choice. Base map built in to the unit, with the ability to add additional mapping options by using the micro SD card. You are also able to update the software in the unit.

The Hook-4 Fishfinder has Mapping & GPS. The Hook-4x is Sonar and DownScan only. The Hook-4 is only a little more than the Hook-4x and a much better value in the long run.

It's one of the best portable fish finder for your kayak

They have a few different ones that are portable like the helix 5 and a few others but they go up in price from this one. They say they can be used from a dock and taken to different boats.

Finally got it mounted - transducer cable bunched up around the fishfinder display

Garmin makes a in hull kayak mount sub 20 bucks and it just sticks to the hull and it works fine temperature seems to be the only thing it screws with but that's normal for it not being in the water directly

If your looking for least amount of holes and to save a few bucks - mount the Transducer in hull. And use hobie in hull wire kit bc it comes with stuff to block it off (can remember the name of it right now) 18 bucks for it and some marine goop it going to make a 1 inch hole tho save the stuff that you cut out and when you then your only at 4 holes and when make that one inch hole save the piece and use it to patch the holes. And then everything will be water tight. Buddy hooks his all the time but then your only cost will be fish finder, battery and goop which should only put you at about 150-160 max.

"Used the Garmin today & all i can say is for the money this thing rocks. Great detail of structure, all i was expecting was decent depth, speed & temp. I even dropped a jig under my Kayak & watched it on the screen."
All you need to do is figure out how to adjust it CST time zone, backlighting is adjustable & in fog then full sun today it was great - very pleased with the new Garmin.

Garmin STRIKER™ 4 fishfinder

installed on a kayak fishfinder- a Garmin Striker 4

Garmin STRIKER™ 4 Portable fishfinder

- 3.5-inch CHIRP Garmin Fishfinder equipped with portable carrying case and GPS.

Fishfinders Stiker series - Keep it away from steps in the hull. Be very careful mounting the transducer!! Keep it away from anything that will make air on the bottom of the haul. The pros add composite decking on their boats to easily move it around.

The Garmin Striker 4 fishfinder is waterproof and rugged. This version is great and very capable of providing you what's needed in a fish finder and more.

The GPS feature is great for speeds, marking a rock pile (etc) and finding your way home on those dark nights/fog.
The transom mount kit provided with the fishfinder would be sufficient to mount the transducer on the bottom of the pod.

Garmin STRIKER™ 5 + Ice Fishing Bundle

Gps does not come with fancy maps but are good enough with alot of features to play with

It's all new 5-inch color fishfinder with carrying case, smart charger, rechargeable battery and tilt & float/swivel mount . Built-in, high-sensitivity GPS and designed for ice fishing CHIRP transducer that provides clear and wide bottom definition under the thick ice.

To provide ice anglers a large coverage area in the water the Garmin Striker 5 comes equipped with up to 24-degree adjusted beamwidth (150-240 kHz).

The Garmin Striker 5, has all 3 modes and works very well on a very usable sized screen. The one huge drawback is the while it has GPS and you can mark waypoints, it has no maps loaded.

Get exactly what you want and all that you want. They are like cell phones, tablets and laptops, it'll be outdated in a year as bigger, brighter and better come out, and you can bet they WILL be more expensive. Anglers like the side imaging, they can see images out past the distance and I can cast if I want to. They like the new Garmin STRIKER technology because they can waypoint all the places they catch fish or find structure that want to revisit at a different time.

The Garmin "7612" series

If the new 7612 is absolutely on your wish list

The new feature of Garmin 7612 depth range

First off the new feature of depth range shading on Garmin 7612's has been a HUGE help on helping you stay in the depth you are wanting to target. If you Have 20-25 ft set up in the color of your choice which allows me to maximize my time in searching for that structure in that depth.

Also another huge key would be my down view and side view.....its much easier to find structure behind the wheel rather than just fishing. The best advice is just to put up your rods and spend plenty of time behind your units idling looking for structure. "Just last week at Douglas I spent 12 hours a day idling looking for schools and structure for the BASS Open. May have only 10 casts during each of those days".

How do you use your Garmin Fishfinder on a new lake?

At first use my Lakevu HD Ultra mapping to study the contours and depending on what time of year will tell you what structure to look for. In the summer time look for drops near deep water to locate bigger schools of fish.

Garmin 7612 showing a school of perch on the outside edge of a deep grass bed on 2D sonar and Down VU. These new Garmins are so clear and the definition is incredible.

more clear and defined than my hummingbird ot othere fish finders

the Garmin 7610svx

It's pretty awesome, wired to the engine, so it displays gauges, and just got the update that does custom map generation. Very good sensitivity with the CHIRP transducer. The downview is a little useless. The chart features are good options.

In fact the transducer is not rated for speeds over 20 mph, but it looks like some adjustment will make it work on plane. At lower speeds, the unit is incredible.

Garmin - LakeVu HD

what makes Garmin stands out from other fishfinders

The Lakevu Ultra mapping is superior to any and the units are very user friendly. Garmin is lightyears ahead on the technology aspect.

One way that anglers locate bigger fish is with their Lakevu ultra Mapping - alot of the fish on Table Rock live in really deep water suspended over timber., along with the mapping the down view side view and panoptix have made locating fish much easier.

The best way to to locate bass with Garmin on a new lake

It always starts with mapping Lakevu Ultra from Garmin Fish & Hunt help me to pinpoint the areas that should hold fish, springtime shallow pockets or flats or summer offshore structure or ledges. Once you have established if the fish are shallow or deep time on the water is your biggest key. Time on the water is going to be the best thing and help you become more comfortable

Garmin Fish & Hunt Panoptix series

When fishing in brush piles

The most important thing when fishing brush piles is not wasting casts trying to find them - Use Garmin Fish & Hunt Panoptix to lineup and hit the brush the very first cast....

Chirp sonar

The benefits of CHIRP with Garmin vs the competition

Garmin CHIRP is true CHIRP technology and gives you the widest range of frequencies available, which in turn gives you the absolute best target separation possible. Some of the competitors call their sonar CHIRP, when in reality it isn't. Garmin has had this technology for a while, and widely used it in the saltwater market, which is why only Garmin can offer you true CHIRP sonar at such an amazingly low price.

For more info, visit :

The best Garmin Fish & Hunt unit to purchase on a budget

If you want mapping try looking at the Garmin Fish & Hunt echoMap CHIRP or the GPSMAP 7600 series fishfinders.

More about this Garmin on bottom scanned -

The display is it not showing what's directly under boat but starts showing 50ft to either side of boat.

 have it on side view instead of down

On side scan (see photo above). In side scan mode it shows what's directly below the boat as well as what's out to each side. . That line in the middle is say the boat the black area is the water column if you will look to the left of the line and the right of the line in the black area (water column) you will notice the images are the same. Side scan is a little confusing.

More than traditional sonar:

The New GSD Sounders - Garmin 24 and 26 Black-Box GSD Sounders review

How to Use a Depth Sounders/Fishfinders - Overview, Characteristics, operating principles and operating frequency.