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Take a closer look at the GSD 24 and 26 Garmin Sounders to and help you decide which these black box owners with great for him starting with the GSD 24 Garmin have completely redesigned or sonar black boxes from the ground up to respond to customers demand for high-performance Digital Remote Sounders at a reasonable cost.

The new black box network Sounders from Garmin the GSD 24 and GSD 26.

Garmin Marine - GSD Sounders

Garmin 24 & 26 Black-Box GSD Sounders

These new Garmin Sounders are compatible with Garmin current line up four thousand 5,000 6000 and 7000 series multifunction displays.

They offer excellence on our performance for the serious fishing

Despite their huge capabilities both black box sonars are also easy to install and easy to learn how to use continuing Garmin strong tradition user friendly products for anglers.

The GSD 24's Sounders

If you're upgrading from an existing sonar, the GSD 24 offers excellent sonar performs at a reasonable price. The GSD is designed for the demanding fishermen who wants exceptional clarity. and control. The 24 offers better target separation, excellent bottom tracking enhance sensitivity for better bottom tracking in all conditions.

The GSD 24's new fixed frequency black box network sounder that is equally at home finding trophy game fish or hazardous terrain under your belt. it is cable outputting 200 killer hurts for excellent target resolution shop water as well as 50 killers.

The GSD 24 offers better target separation excellent bottom tracking and yet hand sensitivity that demanding fishermen. it's a fish or potentially hazardous terrain or
reef structures beneath boat you will see the imagery with remarkable clarity. Using the GSD 24 sonar much the "GSD 24" offer six times better target separation than previous Garmin models.

Here, you can see it actual screenshot of GSD 24 in use and the clarity that it provides take a look at all those baitfish the GSD 24 can easily separated a huge fish ball individual targets and show them on screen the GSD 24 also has a thousand
times the dynamic range than previous models.

This means - that the week target returns a small baitfish, won't get lost even in the presence of a strong ground. You can almost count the small baitfish holding in about 60 feet of water and the larger fish suspended below them about 100 feet. They do not get lost even with that strong bottom.

The Garmin GSD 24 has a powerful transmitter to support 600 watt and 1000 watt and 2001 transducers and can scan as deep as 5,000 feet.

However , even with all that power the GSD 24 offers a clean image thanks in part to a new line of 8-pin transducers with improved noise immunity.

if you already have a Garmin legacy 26 transducer or a non Garmin transducer installed on the boat you may be able to use that existing transducer with the Digital Remote Sounder 24.

Every GSD 24 ships with the transducer adapter box in his side each transducer adapter box is a terminal strip, that allows you to manually connect many existing transducers to make it compatible with the GSD 24. But, be sure to check your transducer manufacture or Garmin product support and if you have any questions about using an existing transducer this can save you a lot of time and money.

The GSD 26's

For deeper water penetration and bottom fine the GSD 26 is Sounders - new spread spectrum black box out with a compatible transducer the GSD 26 cancel water on multiple frequencies. At the same time, both returning fast amounts of data to the receiver.

The GSD 26 is the first chirp or spread spectrum sonar black box. This new Garmin powerhouse tix high-definition fish starting to a whole new level unlike conventional fixed frequency.

The new GSD 26 with compatible transducers sweeps each sonar Paul so an entire range of frequencies to deliver much more detail unprecedented resolution.

GSD features incredible target separation compatible with air mars newest line
abroad and transducers this all-digital black box sounder offer selectable transmit power from thirty to 3,000 Watts with the largest transducers. it can scan it steve is 10,000 feet yet still get great shallow water performance as a reduces power.

Low medium and high frequency, the GST 26 offers true dual channel operation you can track the bottom in deep water. With low chirp on one channel and fish with height sure. On the other channel or any combination frequencies it's like getting to sonars in what you can even manually tune the frequency for your transducer that is most appropriate for your targeted species.

The GSD 26 is compatible with Garmin's entire line of current and fifties the GPS map four thousand 5,000 6,000 and 7000 series displays, so you can use the GSD 26 on a new or an existing network installation the GSD 26 is truly a new.

The all new tool core processor provides digital spread spectrum, technology
allowing you to see more fish than ever.