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ComNav Autopilots have gained a reputation for top quality, performance and reliability in even the harshest sea conditions. Premier autopilot company, is also selected by recreational boaters around the world to supply products for their yachts, powerboats and sailboats.

ComNav - marine navigation systems and Autopilots

Trusted worldwide, ComNav Marine has a broad line of marine navigation systems for virtually any commercial or pleasure boat application.

ComNav Marine Ltd., one of the largest privately held autopilot manufacturers in the world has been providing advanced marine navigation solutions for commercial, recreational and government


Autopilots P Series

Admiral Model P3 Admiral Model P3 - "ComNav" compact autopilot series (Operationg voltage 10 to 30 VDC) with sunlight max visible 320 x 240 display and auto learning IST technology and automatic drive detection and calibration. Autpilot suited for professional performance on marine vessels and speed cruising boats. Admiral P3 series provides surface mount ,bracket or flush, waterprooof and simple 8 button keypad autopilot with 3 ear warranty.
Commander Model P2 Commander Model P2 - ComNav compact autopilot with auto setup functions and sutomatic compass compensation and high contrast 9 level backlit TFT display. Universal Mount Autopilot for reliability in all weather marine conditions.
ComNav 1001 Autopilot - Fixed ComNav Autopilot with operating voltage 12 or 24 VDC, fast and slow models with water resistant Control unit suitable for mid sizes boats in the range of 30 to 60 feet.
ComNav 1500 Autopilot - ComNav easy to install autopilot 4 Watts (with Operationg voltage 11 to 28 VDC) with alarms(visual and audible) for trouble shooting. lcd display for night viewing, stable compass and simple waterproof 5 keypad unit
ComNav 1420 Autopilot - The Com Nav Autpilot 1420 - Fast and Slow Modes is easy to install and fully compatible , with Operationg voltage 10 to 40 VDC suitable for small to mid-sized vessels.The Autopilot Control Head is waterproof and the autopilot has an automatic yaw, trim and sea state.
ComNav 1440 Autopilot
Not available in North America
1460 Autopilot - The "Com Nav" Autopilot with digital LCD display, clip mounted allowing both handheld and fixed, suitable for small to mid-sized boats, the control unit is waterproof and ideal for flybridge use. and option of a full function Second Station.
Not available in North America
ComNav 2001 Autopilot - Fixed station Com Nav 2001 autopilot with operationg voltage 12 or 32 VDC engineered for performance and value in any weather conditions suitable for larger boats over 500 feet.There is an option for easy course changes and maneuvering functions.
ComNav 5001 Autopilot - Fixed autopilot Com Nav with large digital or graphical display and Waterproof control unit suited for larger boats and vessels in the range of 80 to over 500 feet with turn, U turn and easy maneuvering functions.

Autopilot Accessories

Autopilot Compasses - ComNav offer amazing series of boating compasses for any boat and any sea conditions, specially engineered max stability compasses for powerboats, sailboats and yachts, Multi-use Special series Compasses suitable series for power, sail vessels and all types of vessels

Marine Electronics and Accessories