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For the past 25 years, Eagle has been the most popular brand within marine electronics in North America.

The company was established in 1982 and its products have, since the very beginning, been known as the most user friendly, safest and most reasonably priced alternative for the small boat market. Thanks to excellent technological standards and a focus on customer service, Eagle enjoys high customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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From youth, family, and senior weekend anglers, to tournament pros, Eagle is flying high in helping make successful fishing and GPS navigation simple for everyone! Today and long long into the future.

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Eagle Electronics since 1982, offers the famous Eagle fish finder( quality and the accuracy, affordable for most people and most easy to use).

Display Resolution of Eagle Fish finders come with many different display resolutions (320 x 240 TFT, 240Vx160H Film SuperTwist LCD,5" 12.7 cm, 4" 102mm monochrome display and etc.
Display Size Displays range from four to seven inches and even larger sometimes - 89,102,127mm etc.
Power The more power(for maximum usable depth) you can get, the better it is. More power also increase the price on your fish finder so try and get as much power as possible for the price you can afford.
Transducer There are two types(Single frequency- for lakes and shallow coast areas and dual for deeper water) of transducers.
Depth The ability of the Eagle fish finder to reach greater depths is related to power and quality.