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For nearly 50 years, Lowrance has been a world leading brand in marine electronics.

In 1957, Darrell Lowrance established the company and introduced at the same time the first portable fishfinding instrument for anglers in the USA.

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This quickly became a "magic box" for American anglers, and changed their fishing methods. Since this revolution for anglers, Lowrance has developed an impressive range of advanced but nonetheless reasonably priced, and easy to use fishfinders, combined fishfinders/GPS and GPS+WAAS map plotters capable of being adapted to several different markets.


Lowrance, has been a leader in recreational, coastal and inland and coastal fishing, fishfnders, sonars, systems etc for over half a century, developing the first ever consumer sonar device, The Little Green Box, in 1957. Some 50 years later, the company introduced the first High Definition System (HDS) Multifunction Display, and since then has continued to launch product after product, consistently redefining its own take on marine electronics. With the introduction of the StructureScan® HD with SideScan and DownScan Imaging™, Broadband Sonar, low-power and high-definition Broadband 4G Radar for navigating in any and all conditions, StructureMap to develop your own map data, and a wide range of fresh and saltwater mapping products, Lowrance sells approximately one million products each and every year, making it every anglers first choice when it comes to recreational amazing fishing technology.


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Added-value features and Software for HDS Gen2

There are two HDS Gen2 software updates. One for HDS Gen2 and one for HDS Gen2 Touch. Along with a number of feature enhancements, the 2.0 software upgrade does include some corrections that should lead to smoother operation. At this time, no further software upgrade is being developed for HDS Gen1, which was discontinued more than one year ago.