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MX Marine designs, manufactures and markets DGPS and GPS products for the commercial market. The first MX100 GPS navigation system was introduced more than 15 years ago and has since evolved through various incarnations to the current MX Marine 420 GPS and DGPS Navigation system with smart antennas.

MX Marine - Navigation systems

MX Marine has a 30-year heritage in providing high precision navigation systems for commercial and government vessels.

Company has introduced the MX 200, MX 300, MX 400 and now MX 420 GPS and DGPS Navigation system with MX 421B-10, MX 521, and MX 525 smart antennas. - downloads : MX Products

Marine Electronics

MX MARINE 500 Navigation system New-Generation CDU w/ USB & LAN ports

The MX 500 is a type-approved marine navigator that can be used as a Single Station or in Dual-Control mode with up to four slaves via the new high-speed LAN interface. This user-friendly device also supports new USB functionality to save and restore vital information.

MX Marine - Trinity Solution

The new Trinity Solution provides D/GPS navigation through the MX Marine 420, AIS (Automatic Identification System) through the new MX 535, and secondary heading through its D/GPS compass using the new MX 575.

MX Marine 420 Display Series Navigation system

The Most Advanced DGPS Navigation System
A smartly designed, compact control and display unit allows one-button access to essential navigation data. User-friendly features include the Edit function, last-used menu memory, and automatic satellite acquisition.

MX 535 Type-Approved AIS Transponder System

The MX 535 transponder is a fully IMO-compliant STDMA unit remotely controlled by the MX Marine 420 Control and Display Unit. The system works autonomously and allows the nautical officer to identify other AIS enabled ships by its correlated UAIS id, contact other ships using the call signs presented by the AIS screen, attain detailed information on AIS enabled ships in radar blind zones, and receive an instant overview of traffic situations and maneuvers of other ships.

MX 575A Type Approved D/GPS Compass
Offering unprecedented performance and setting standards in GPS compass technology, the MX 575A and MX 575 D/GPS Compass provides accurate 2D heading and positioning data, and is also IMO type-approved as a secondary heading device. It offers better than 2-meter differential positioning accuracy and offers reliable heading and rate of turn information.

MX 521 / MX 521A (D)GPS Antenna / MX 521 Smart DGPS Antenna

New Generation of the World's Smartest Antenna

MX Marine presents the MX 521, the newest addition to the World's Smartest Antenna Family. The MX 521 dual-channel DGPS beacon receiver achieves high accuracy positioning capabilities and is designed to meet all requirements for commercial marine applications. The MX 521 is also WAAS and EGNOS capable.

Wheelmark BSH approved IMO MSC 112(73) DGPS antenna

US Coast Guard Approval for MX521 GPS/DGPS Antennas

China Classification Society Type Approval

MX 525 / MX 525A DGPS Black Box Receiver
A new installation possibility for DGPS, MX 525 is introduced to easy installation when upgrading existing GPS or DGPS installations. Use the existing coax cable and GPS/Beacon antenna and upgrade to the state of the art MX Marine 420 navigation system with the high accuracy Differential GPS MX Marine is recognized for.

Wheelmark BSH approved IMO MSC 112(73) DGPS antenna
US Coast Guard Approval for MX525 GPS/DGPS Antennas
China Classification Society Type Approval

MX 421 and MX 421B
The World's Smartest Receiver/Antenna
The MX Marine Smart Antenna offers a remarkable 1 to 3 meter precision with IBM’s SiGe Technology, a built in 12-channel GPS receiver, and MX Marine’s proprietary multipath mitigation technique. The MX 421B dual-channel DGPS beacon receiver achieves high accuracy positioning capabilities, and is designed to meet all requirements for commercial marine applications.

Wheelmark BSH GPS/DGPS antenna
US Coast Guard Approval for MX421 GPS/DGPS Antennas
China Classification Society Type Approval
MX Marine 420/AIS - Type Approved

The World's First DGPS/AIS Integrated navigation systems.
MX Marine proudly presents the very first DGPS navigator, combining the state-of-the-art Automatic Identification System in one simple unit.

MX Marine 420 systems / Navigation system

The MX Marine 420/AIS seamlessly integrates the safety of AIS technology with the conveniences of the MX Marine 420/8, already the most advanced DGPS navigator on the market. Using any of the MX Marine 420 systems, you can create your own navigation universe to precisely meet your needs, knowing that over time any additional functionality can simply be added. You can start with the MX420/2 GPS unit and upgrade to a fully redundant DGPS/AIS system in the future.

Beacon systems / Navigation system
A turnkey Beacon DGPS system network consists of Beacon Broadcast Stations and Central Control Stations. The Broadcast Stations and Control Stations communicate via dedicated local area network and/or by a modem line(s).

Beacon Receiver / Navigation system
MX Marine’s MX 41R DGPS Beacon Receiver is designed to ensure fully automatic reception of differential GPS transmissions to provide reliable, high-accuracy navigation. When a GPS navigator is connected to the MX 41R within the range of a differential transmitter, it will provide improved accuracy to within 5 meters or better.

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