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Navico was born as a fusion of two of the most important international players in marine electronics, Simrad Yachting and Lowrance Electronics.

Navico - Marine Electronics

With the addition of Brunswick New Technologiesí marine electronics division in March 2007, Navico is truly a house of brands, with the B&G, Lowrance, and Simrad brands all manufactured and distributed under the Navico umbrella.

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Navico marine electronics

It is the largest marine electronics Company in the world, covering everything from sailing and cruising to angling, and can stake a claim in more than 100 countries worldwide. From its beginnings in 2006, Navico already boasted a strong lineage, being the result of the large scale merger between the two international marine electronics industry giants, Lowrance Electronic and Simrad Yachting

In 2007, Brunswick New Technologies' marine electronics division came aboard and the house of brands was finally complete. Today, the Navico - company manufactures and distributes all B&G, Simrad and Lowrance products under the Navico umbrella and has established itself as a clear industry leader.

While all three of the Navico brands are at the forefront when it comes to technology, each of them serve a very specific market sector and are experts in their respective fields. This targeted approach helps to keep each of them one step ahead of the competition at all times and means each one can give the same sort of attention to innovation in its market as its Navico siblings.

Navico brand strategy

Navico stand out against the competition in three main areas. The three-brand strategy allows the consumer to choose products that fit exactly to their boating usage and requirements. No other company like Navico launches as many innovative and brand new products.

In fact in 2012, the Navico launched one new product every 20 days.

Navico leading technology has resulted in numerous awards and patents; we are one of the most decorated manufacturers in the marine industry.

Navico also work hard to ensure its customers against get the best service possible, which is evident from the best supplier awards we have received from leading marine companies such as West Marine in the USA.

Navico's research and development

Research and development is one of Navico's top priorities, so much so in fact, the company can boast no less than five research and developments centres across the globe, each specialising in different technologies and sector of marine electronics.

Navico Service

When its comes to being a global giant the New technology is however, only half the battle. the Navico company's commitment to customer service is just as important.

Excellence in product quality, No other company in the Marine electronics industry, offers its customers something Navico calls, The Advantage Service. This Navico's program is designed entirely with the customers in mind and aims to provide advice beyond and practical support the statutory warranty of any given product.

Thanks to this balance between stateof-the art innovation and customer satisfaction that Navico Company has seen one of its most successful years in 2013, with a 15 percent increase in revenue and a 4 per cent jump in its global marine elctronics market share.

Navico developing

Navico is the world's largest developer, extensive investments into developing new technology for boating segment - boating and fishing and new products have resulted in an unparalleled pace of new product introductions, and this has been highly appreciated by the market.

Currently, Navico continues to strengthen its place in the global marine electronics industry. Innovation, Growth and excellent customer service aims to keep its end product as simple to use as possible, but whose innovations, research,, and technologies are anything.