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NAVMAN has developed new proprietary sonar processing software known as SBN and SBN employs the latest in digital adaptive filter algorithms to enhance all returned signals whilst using active noise control to reject interference, often mistaken by sounders for true returns.

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MODELS of Fishfinders

Fish 4100 series Fish Finder by Navman with Transom Mount Transducer

Fish 4100 Navman Fish File with transom mount transducer is easy to use, entry-level fish finder with large, high resolution black and white screen. It features a split screen zoom, 3 sizes of fish and fish symbol too shallow and too deep alarm.

Fish 4100 series Fish finder by Navman with Plastic Thru-Hull Transducer

Fish 4100 Navman Fish File with plastic housing Thru sensor is easy to use, it is characterized by high-resolution black and white screen. White line feature enables easy identification of the bottom and it shows in 3 sizes fish symbol with or without depth of fish. It also includes history and sonar display, split screen zoom function, fish, too shallow and too deep alarm and a large digital readout with bottom trace.

Navman F4150 Fishfinder w/ Speed/temp

In FISH 4150 delivers the same functions as FISH 4100, with the addition of speed boat, Entrance water temperature and their alarms to provide more sophisticated level of information.

- Fish 4200 Navman Fish finder + Transom Mount Transducer with Speed/Temp

Fish 4200 for a final decision without fish and additional benefits at four levels of gray screen for the best definition possible and NAVMAN was built in fuel computer (requires purchase of additional fuel sensor) which can reduce the cost of boating and improve operational safety. This device is fully waterproof, capable of depths to 600 meters, speed and temperature, alarm systems, including fish, too shallow / deep, temperature, battery, low gas, battery voltage (with correct hardware) enhance the ability of 2 times to 100X for detail, and much more! All of the 3,6''HX 2.4''W high resolution 160 x 120 pixels.

- Fish 4500 Navman Color Fishfinder - Transom Mount Transducer with Speed/ Temp

The new FISH 4500 offers commercial sonar performance features and affordability you need. Navman unit designed for serious fisherman. In 4500 features an east to read 5 "summer reading TFT color screen with 320 x 324 pixels resolution. 600 watts (RMS) power optimizes overall sonar performance and provides a depth of 3300 meters. Dual frequency operation (200/50kHz) allows Both signals should be mixed on one screen or split and viewed side by side. With additional fuel kit sensor will also have engine hours to help with your schedule engine maintenance and integrated into computer with fuel consumption of fuel fuel used fuel remaining fuel economy and estimated range functions. As you can see, this device is packed with features economy price.

Track Fish Navman 6600 WAAS GPS Chartplotter and Fish finder

Includes Transom Mount Transducer with Temp
In Navman Track Fish 6600, combines search and navigation of fish in ideal solution is limited space indent. It has a stunning 800 x 480 pixel display on a large 7 "wide VGA screen. White LED and variable backlighting for low light conditions and our transflective screen technology that uses sunlight to increase the screen brightness and contrast to deliver an exceptional viewing all lighting conditions. Navman Features digital computer is extremely fuel (requires optional fuel sensor) for accurate gas use, the rest flows and MPG performance / economy and information boat range. Suitable for 12V or 24V systems, fish Track 6600 provides display Battery voltage that is completely waterproof and stores all settings when turned off.

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