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Since the start of Nexus Marine 2006, we have been shearing our premises with Silva Sweden in Sollentuna. We are now looking forward to our new head quarter in Bromma , Stockholm where we will continue our mission to be a respected driver in sail racing.

Nexus Instruments


New for 2007, the NXR racing instrumentation system provides the ultimate in integrated networking for all-out racing boats. Designed to meet the demands of the world’s top racing yachtsmen, the NXR compromises on nothing as it collects, analyses and displays information on every possible navigational and operational variable on board the most sophisticated sailing boats on the water today.

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Optimal function, readability and qualityThe word Nexus is Latin for connection, summing up exactly what Nexus Instrument Systems are all about. The network has been designed to connect three groups...


Nexus handheld and fixed VHF radios can be found on a wide range of craft; from RIBs to large cruising and racing boats, and are particularly recommended for navigation stations where space for...

Silva Compasses
Nexus Marine was the former marine arm of the Silva Group that specialised in developement and design of the marine products for Silva. In 2006 Silva became part of Gerber and Nexus Marine became an...

A medley of contemporary tools, instruments and devices handy for all yachtsmen.Nexus Marine was the former marine arm of the Silva Group that specialised in development and design.

Marine Electronics


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