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Manufacturer of the worlds best sailing instruments(like affordable numeric and/or graphical Displays, tablets, even smart phones including iPads), systems, education, technology and applicationsince 1974.

Ockam - sailing instruments

Manufacturer of the worlds best sailing instruments.

Knowledge wins races. Ockam Instruments is committed to providing that knowledge:

-Through accuracy of the most technologically advanced instruments available.
-Through research and development of new race winning techniques.
-Through education for you and your crew.
- Through exemplary service and support

Ockam is the proven leader in performance sailing information systems.

Functions - are the system outputs like boatspeed and wind direction. This thread covers the operation of the Ockam system from the perspective of its outputs.

Hardware -is the stuff that gathers the raw data, calculates functions and displays them. This thread covers the Ockam system from the standpoint of the physical components.

Control -allows you to change the way the system works.

Calibration- of instrument systems is necessary to make displayed information correct and useful.


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