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The Waterproof Marine Audio System with the Concert Hall Sound!

Poly-planar is the best known designer and manufacturer of waterproof and corrosion proof audio systems and outdoor speakers for marine, outdoor, deck, pool, patio, and boating applications.

Polyplanar - Marine Audio System

Poly Planar Products
IC-3.5PM MP3 /iPod/ Satellite Radio Adapter
IP-100 Stereo Interface For Ipod
MA-3013 Round Flush Mount Speakers
MA-3030 Two Way Box Speakers
MA-4000RC and MA-9020 Gunwale Speaker
MA-6500 Platinum Series Speaker
MA-8505 5" Titanium 3-way Speaker
MA-8506 Titanium Series Speakers
MA-9020 Gunwale Speaker
ME-50 Expansion Amplifer
MP3 Kit
MR40 C-pak
MR40 Marine Stereo
MR50 C-pak
MR50 Marine Stereo
MR-50DVD Marine Stereo with DVD Player
MRD-70 AM/FM/CD/MP3 Multi-Zone Component System
MRR5 Wired Remote for MR40 and MR50 (optional)
MS-250 10" Powered Subwoofer
MS-55 Compact Box Subwoofer
MS-551 Subwoofer with Amp
MZ-100 DSP Zone Amplifier
WC-400 Waterproof Stereo Enclosure
WC-700 Waterproof Housing with Speakers

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other Manufacturers:

ASA Electronics - RV & Marine

ASA Electronics, quality Audio Electronics and Visual systems for Marine market and Rv owners - manufacturing and assembly work. As the world got smaller and trade doors opened, ASA started out-sourcing main components from the Orient. This move was supported by the addition of a full development and engineering department. In 1991, ASA made another significant corporate impact by introducing the first RV-friendly 13-inch DC-only color television. Scores of new products designed to meet the needs of the growing mobile market would soon follow. Today, ASA operates from a 120,000-square-foot facility in Elkhart, Ind

It currently employs 120 people to produce Jensen, Jensen Murine, Jensen Heavy Duty, Voyager, AudioVox and AquaTronics brand-name products to thousands of OEMs and distributors worldwide.

Our engineering capabilities and 12-volt-only products are what make ASA Electronics very unique, said Monica Pletcher, marketing manager. "Now we are designing and producing products and have our own $2 1/2 million dollar testing facility.There, we vibrate and

slam equipment, then test them for durability by exposing them to ultra - violet rays, fog, salt and humidity. We do a lot of testing to make sure all our products will easily withstand the stress of road or marine use.

Jensen his recently introduced the JEN-X System. This package integrates both audio and video components, including a 32-inch LCD television, 1100watt amplifier and an AM/FM DVD/MP3 player.

With a 3%-inch LCD screen on the face, the player can even be hooked up to optional observation cameras.

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JENSEN® JPort TM enables MP3 tunes to be played through marine stereos

ELKHART, IN - ASA/JENSEN Marine is excited to unveil a new addition to their JENSEN® Marine product line offerings. The JENSEN® Jport enables users to listen to iPod or MP3 player tunes through their marine stereo systems. With the JENSEN® Jport,there is no reason to leave your favorite MP3 tunes back on the dock. The JENSEN® JPort provides interface between the MP3 player's headphone output and the stereo's auxiliary audio input. The JPort comes standard with a 9 foot RCA cable allowing the JPort to be mounted at any convenient location. Installation is effortless and the JPort is extremely easy to use. Simply plug the RCA cable into the aux- iliary input of your marine stereo system, connect the MP3 play- er to the JPort" with the supplied audio cable and listen to MP3's freely. mis 1/8" auxiliary Input Jack Is an exemplary solution tor listening to your iPod or any MP3 player on board. Be ready to expand you marine audio options with the JENSEN JPort. available for purchase in the fall of 2005.

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VIBE Marine Audio & Speakers

VIBE Audio Company founded in 1993 has unveiled a new range of speakers and amplifiers specifically engineered for marine applications and yachts. VIBE has drawn upon its 19 years experience In the audio industry to produce a range of marine-ready audio equipment with a refined aesthetic design, capable of exceptional best sound quality.

The BlackAir 6 Marine Speaker

The BlackAir 6 in Marine Speaker represents the pinnacle of watercraft speaker performance. Designed for perfect integration between woofer and tweeter these speakers produce reference auality sound with razor sharp detail, resulting in excellent sound without any limitation.

the BlackDeath QB69

Also available is the BlackDeath QB69 Marine speaker. An engineering masterpiece with a 3D braced and reinforced ultra stiff Polypropylene cone, the QB69 is 20% larger than a conventional 6x9 speaker for greater air movement and increased bass response.

The cone is powered by a subwoofer motor structure to produce precise lateral cone movements for low to no distortion and very clean Power-Bass.

The QB69's removable tweeter and midrange allow this boat speaker to convert between a 3-way coaxial to a component or be removea entirely for a high-powered woofer- making it the perfect substitute for a Subwoofer when space is limited like a boat.

With a gloss white aluminium heatsink, endplates and bottom plate the new range of Space Amplifiers offer excellent anti-rust properties making them ideal for Boat use.

These VIBE state-of-the art micro amplifiers use Class GH technology, offering the quality of a Class AB amplifier and the efficiency of a Class D. They are available as a 2 , 4 Channel or Monoblock these amplifiers are microprocessor controlled, this single processor controls all of the protection circuits making it virtually impossible to damage the amplifier through incorrect installation.

With a signal to noise ratio up to 11 IdB, the sound is the only thing heard making them perfect for those seeking audiophile quality sound amplifiers for use in a marine environment.