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One of the oldest names in marine electronics, Simrad started out over 60 years ago producing radio telephones for Norwegian fishing boats, and in the process laid the foundations of a reputation for making tough and capable equipment that survives to this day.

Simrad - Marine Electronics

The Simrad brand manufactures a wide range of equipment, including systems for navigation, auto steering, safety, communications and fishfinding, all designed and built for mariners that truly seek to master the elements.

Simrad Yachting

Simrad Yachting Company has its own history of excellence, being the result of the union between such groundbreaking companies as Robertson, Simonsen Radio and Shipmate. This pioneering branch of Navico offers a complete range of technology and high quality systems for the leisure boat industry and, more recently, the commercial vessel industry. The product range includes radar, search,VHF and rescue beacons, autopilot systems, echosounders, chartplotters, and integrated navigation networks, as well as safety products and auto steering systems for all types of boats, vessel, large or small.

The New NSS evo2-Sseries of Multi-function TouchSensible™ displays by Simrad - not only integrates with the entire range of Simrad electronics Modules, but comes with fast Processor for high performance and in a large 16 inch Bright Screen Version.

Suggested Systems - Find your boat size and see suggestioned systems for how to compile your system whether you have a powerboat, sailboat or a

Navigation-Fishfinding - Advanced navigation technology combined with easy to view displays maximize your performance.

Marine Radars - broadband, High Definition Digital Radars, open scanners or radome.

Autopilots - Electronic intelligence combined with powerful and reliable designs make sure you enjoy boating even more.

Instruments -
Multi function Instruments - clear, concise data with excellent precision.

Safety -
If the unexpected occurs or when things really start to go wrong...

Communication -
Wherever you are, stay in touch with compact, powerful, flexible and easy to use units.

Remote Commander -
Wireless control and access to data for your Simrad autopilot, VHF, instruments and NavStation.

Gyrocompass -
A sophisticated range of gyrocompasses for professional applications.

Broadband Radar -
Breakthrough technology that provides superior target detection and separation and a new level of navigational safety.

Antenna -
VHF Antenna, GPS, Radar Scanner and VA Antennas

Transducers -
Depth, temperature and speed transducers

Wireless technology GoFree™

Simrad Wireless Control

Marine Electronics manufacturers Nautical Lowrance, Simrad Yachting and B & G announced its commitment Wireless technology by GoFree.

The GoFree Wireless technology lets you view and control form wireless integrated systems navigation and entertainment.

Lowrance, Simrad Yachting and B & G. The strategy is the result GoFree more than two years of research and development, getting provide a solution the user to work with the latest technologies so flexible and at an affordable price.

With GoFree can locate mariners Wireless equipment system where want and decide what units are part of the network.

Note: WiFi technology is integrated on each device.

Today, Boaters are becoming more familiar with smartphones and devices, tablet type, and commonly used to optimize your experience on board.

GoFree™ Wireless Technology enables all crew members can use their own smartphones or tablets to view and handle data, previously they were only available in the plotters and repeaters the fixed instrumentation.

The new technology enables the possibility to display information in different ways and in different media.

Thanks to the flexibility of GoFree is possible to install the antenna system in a wide variety of positions in order to achieve optimal communication: longer we are limited to the chart table or the command post.

Designed in horn to the full range of data navigation and entertainment, as well as those data from the C-Zone digital switching NMEA 2000 , Simrad And B & G, GoFree the system will be more complete, integrating in smartphones and tablets.

The GoFree - It provides developing access applications Wireless data protocols NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 through a WIFI access point adapted to the marine environment.

That is based on a router wireless Ethernet, width band is available for the partners can transmit data through NMEA protocol, creating and new ways to view and present data from any multifunction supported display.

GoFree are compatible with HDS multifunction displays Lowrance, NSS, NSE and NSO Simrad and B & G Zeus

The key - its GoFree flexibility. The customer can decide to use new wireless technology with multifunction displays, without the need to purchase multiple devices equipped with WIFI.

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