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The company's electronics development and manufacturing of small specialized.

The area of ISH-products ranging from industry, from commercial area to the ship's equipment. The additional sales of selected products of the different areas, makes ISH to a flexible supplier of marine electronic components and systems.

Boat Electronics and Computers by ISH

ISH engineering GmbH is a company based in the northern Hilchenbach Siegerland.


ISH Ingenieursozietät GmbH
Breitenbacher Strasse 5
D-57271 Hilchenbach

HUPIC-K: Universal board PC

The HUPIC-K is a compact board pc for universal use.
The PC with small size, the building
makes of compact systems. The available standard interfaces such as Ethernet, USB, RS232/485 and VGA can through the use of PC/104 cards, such as fieldbus, modem, etc., without the ISH-PC/104 module frame be extended great effort.
The processors 300 MHz to 800 MHz individually for the area to be selected from, the same goes for the power supply of 230VAC, 24VDC or 12VDC.


Dimensions (L x W x H) Housing: 290 x 190 x 54 mm Case material: Aluminum, chrome - yellow.

Power Supply:

Input Voltage: 230VAC (Optional 24 or 12 VDC)

Interface: 4xCOM Ethernet, USB 1.1, VGA 5/12VDC output for powering external devices Compact Flash I and II, opt. HD 2.5 " optional audio and video output optional expansion via PC/104

Additional options:

No. 2070 0030: PC/104 expansion module frame, 18mm

No. 2070 0031: PC/104 expansion module frame, 36mm

No. 2070 0021: Cover for expansion frame No. 0000 4727: Compact Flash 32MB

No. 0000 4711: Compact Flash 128MB No. 0000 4727: Compact Flash 256MB

No. 0000 5266: HDD 2.5 ", 20 GB or greater

Processors: - Geode 300 MHz - VIA 400 MHz, 667 MHz and 800 MHz

RAM: - Max 512 MB, depending on the CPU Environmental conditions

Temperature stress: 5-50 ° C operational -25 - 70 ° C Storage Temperature

HUPIC-W: The Waterproof compact PC

The compact HUPIC-W is a PC for use in harsh environments. The connectors IP67 also allow the business to places that traditional PC as the location is not in question would be eligible for one.
The equipment with different processors and the extensibility of the PC/104 slot allow individual configuration of the system.
For expansion interface cards, modems, communication buses, etc. are available.
For mass storage, depending on the needs and application, a Compact Flash card or a 2.5 "hard drive can be used.

For the power supply can HUPIC-W power supplies with input voltages of 230VAC, 12VDC and 24VDC are equipped. Optionally, an ISH-extension to be integrated with the operation of monitor, keyboard and Mouse up to 300m away from the PC.


Dimensions (W x H x D) Housing: 220 x 196 x 106 mm Case material: Aluminum, powder Color: black

Power Supply: Input voltage: 12VDC (9.5 to 14.4 VDC) 24VDC (18-36VDC) 230VAC (85-260 VAC) Power consumption: <20W

Processors: - Geode 300MHz - Others on request Interface: - Ethernet 10/100 baseT - Serial - USB - VGA - PS / 2

Memory: - RAM: 128 MB - HD 2.5 "or Compact Flash

Environmental conditions Temperature stress: 5-50 ° C operational -25 - 70 ° C Storage Temperature

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