Abu Garcia New Muskie Reels

Investing is a high quality fishin reels is one of the smartest things any musky angler can do. Over our many years of muskie/pike fishing, Abu Garcia give someone an opportunity to use many great, and no so great, musky fishing reels. Most of the reels I'm seeing now are made in china. Much cheaper and no where near the quality. Why can't those of us on a limited budget get the good stuff anymore. Now they offer the brand NEW Abu Garcia Revo Toro S, Revo Toro and Fantasista Beast, To see out the new Abu Garcia muskie lineup at: abugarcia.com/muskie.


It's Superior durability perfect muskie 6500 BEAST model reels, You can test with 30 plus extra deep big lipped crank baits and bigger spinner baits, excellent durability and performance.

Abu Garcia New Muskie 6500

These series is available in 6500 size making it perfect for large heavy bags & heavy line ishing applications. Especially, when must be stopped 6500 model features a one-piece machined aluminium frame and this is machinima enemies gives you a very strong robust real drag reel system.

in Abu Garcia ambassador basis at carbon matrix drag system which gives you a slow start up a new ship but also give your heart max drag an extremely
smooth drag system.

To help you manage those really heavy law and to control costs and features out for peace interview go break and you can adjust the so you can really control because Abu Garcia use 6,500 soldiers on the user synchronize level one system.
To handle heavy loan applications base has a lady a school system is there any distortion school system. And because it's a wider rail reel - just manages the line line much better and also the possibility the reels is much better .

Just to make it much more comfortable Abu Garcia have extended handle without oversized large DBA knobs.

AbuGarcia Bass Gear

Bass Gear- 1x 7' AbuGarcia 24ton Graphite Vengeance Rod with AbuGarcia Silvermax Baitcaster Reel. 1x 6'6" Sensation Splash Spinning Rod with Daiwa Crossfire 2500 Spinning Reel.1 Sensation Carry bag with 3 Tray's filled with 15xhard lures and many soft plastics. All you need to start your bass fishing adventure.

In fact, a 1973 Ambassador 5000C and an AbuGarcia 6.5 ft tod given to me by my father in law. The best gift ever given to me by anyone besides my wife. He used it only once to catch a 7.5 lb bass at Toledo Bend. Been in the closet ever since.


Special trick

You can use ugly stick heavy action rods on all of your live bait rods like the one you see pictured below and they are all spooled with Berkley 20lb big game clear mono and if you need your baits to run a little deeper use a three to four foot fluro leader. For casting rods you can use the Abu Garcia 5500 series with a 7 foot medium action ugly stick spooled with 12-15lb clear mono.

Abu Garcia Reels | Special deals and discounts

Take one minute seconds to check that Amazon is REALLY cheapest spot for Abu Garcia fishing items include brand new 2016 Abu Garcia reels in a huge selection of various type and models such as Special Round Reels c3, Orra S Spinning Reel New Revo TORO BEAST and much more. Certain reels are available up to 80% of the market value.

Kayak Fishing - gear ratios and all high speed reels

Abu Garcia Fishing Reels

Abu Garcia

more unique over a lifetime of fishing

Abu Garcia Reels


Take three seconds to check that Amazon is one of the REALLY cheapest spot for Abu Garcia's famous Reels, Rods & Combos and Maintenance & Parts. Get free shipping and low prices in a huge choices, cheaper Abu Garcia Reels, the list is endless.

Abu Garcia New Low-Profile Reels

Revo Beast Reel

 front view of the AG Revo Beast

Revo Reels features, smooth, 22lbs. drag, great durability, secure grip,low profile rounded slip-resistant eva knobs and compact design. For limitless adjustment and control this brand new Reel , combines with centrifugal brake and magnetic brake systems. When compared eith to most materials BEAST drag setting are achievable.

Low profile new reel come with X-CRAFTIC TM body construction(also plus body cover) that increased corrosion resistance,even in the bad conditions rates in reactor result from aluminum alloy.

Abu Garcia New Revo Beast under perspective

You will be very impressed with how the beast handled these fish. Drag is smooth and strong, never has any fear of loading these large fish. All of the Abu Garcia New Beast Reel mentioned is up for the fishing challenge.

- Max drag:22lb.
- 7 S Steel HPCR bearings
- 1 Roller bearing
- EVA knobs

The Abu Garcia and Spider products can handle fish of big size no problem.


Setting the standard in compact design lightweight fishing baitcaster, the new MGXtreme Abu garcia low profile baitcaster continues to amazes anglers with the lightest yet weighing AG Revo® in at just 4.1/2 ounces.

Abu Garcia New Revo  MGXTREME® reel

Manufactured from One piece super light yet strong X-Mag™ alloy frame the MGXtreme Revo low profile fishing reel combines the new SLC spool concept on Infini II™ - design, with 2 additional hybrid ceramic bearings resulting in a reel with first class casting performance in a ultra lightweight package.

Abu Garcia  MGXtreme Baitcast REVO Reel plus Vendetta Rod

The new Revo MGXtreme fishing reel and Veritas ultra lightweight 7' 60g casting rod make a great combination for fishing a wide range & variety of different types of jerk & soft baits and lures, especially medium-sized jerk baits such as the 114mm Sebile Stick Shadd that delivers universal attraction.

Revo MGX® Reel

The Revo® MGX Series Abu garcia low profile baitcasting reels is the new benchmark in compact lightweight fishing reels.

Abu Garcia New Revo  MGX® reel

The centrifugal IVCB-4 braking system allows almost limitless precise adjustments in casting control while the ground-breaking one piece design X-Mag alloy frame along with 'C6' side plates from carbon delivers significant weight reduction without sacrificing durability and strength. If you make your living catching fish, or fish more than a day a week, Abu Garcia reels won't cut it.

The Abu Garcia Toro-Beast, Revo Beast, Revo STX, Revo Premier and SX baitcast reels are all suitable for Saltwater fishing application. Of course you'll need to take care by washing down with plenty of lukewarm water after every trip, just needs to be cleaned straight after use.

Abu Garcia Moerrum ZX Reel

2 photos -  more expensive reels that works AG

Compact design reel features aluminum sideplates and frame and sideplates,HPCR™ bearings from stainless steel plus one roller bearing for maximum corrosion protection, smooth Carbon Matrix™-drag-system and precise brake (IVCB-IV) system that enables people to cast ultra-lightweight fishing lures with maximum control and precision accuracy. Convert standard 6.3:1 gear ratio.

photo : Abu Garcia

The Abu Garcia C3, C4, Record and Line Counter reels always have been and still are made in Sweden. On the boxes it says Country of Origin: Sweden. That's a CS Pro Rocket, a distributor special ordered them in purple for the 5500, 5501 and 6500 sizese. If you search it online you'll be able to locate retailers or ebay sellers. Model #'s are the size followed by SPROROCKET. You can check ebay or google, the custom color reels are available to distributors and retailers by special order.

You could have a pawl that's worn, but chances are the cog wheel is dry with no grease. The cog wheel is on the inside of the faceplate (non handle side). A little Abu grease should quiet the casting down. Also, you should really clean out the worm gear then drop some oil.

Any dirt trapped can cause noise and especially add to erosion.

Note: the BCX line harbors the same model numerics as the legacy round reels (5600, 6600, etc.). C3's and C4's come from Sweden, according to the literature that accompanies those reels.

Ambassadeur 5000 from 1961 by Abu Garcia

The 2014 6500 CS Pro Rocket Black Edition reel. - Abu Garcia

Abu Garcia: Ambassadeur

For a Pro Rocket design with a CT frame and no level wind will come soon...

Max drag is 15#. Retailers will have it first, Abu Garcia don't usually sell direct until it's been at retail for at least 6 months. All of Abu Garcia 6K+ sizes have a bait clicker and have bait alarms - so this reel, Record, C4 & C3 all have bait alarms as do some of our other reels outside of this series.

Abu Garcia 6500 CDL Custom Deluxe reels

These reels are part of a project Abu Garcia worked on for this retailer. They sell a few different options.

These are available for sale - Abu Garcia made quite a few of them for Simmons Sporting Goods. Reach out to Simmons using the contact info in the link below - these reels are part of a project Abu Garcia worked on for this retailer. They sell a few different options. Their online store is undergoing maintenance, but they will be happy to ship you what you need if you give them a call. Have a great weekend.
for sale : http://www.simmonssportinggoods.net/servlet/StoreFront

The Record 5600 reel

It is made in Sweden. Abu Garcia have quite a few reels that are made in Sweden including - but not limited to - the C3, C4, Morrum, Record, Pro Rocket Black Edition and Ambassadeur Line Counter models.

Note: Every major fishing reels manufacturer produces their lower end reels in "factory" countries. Until you step up and spend the money on higher end equipment, JDM or Sweden manufacturing is out of your reach.

the round fishing reels by Abu Garcia

The reel in the photo is a updated "ultra cast" AG model. The spool and bearings spin on the spindle when you cast .on the really old models the spool and spindle spin as one on bearing. The new ultra cast reels cast a little better and have anti reverse bearings and carbon drag washers. It's not built cheaper ,it's a better reel.

Abu Garcia never stopped making them but AG're relaunching the next generation of Morrum, Record, CS Pro Rocket, C4 and C3 reels.

In addition to some cosmetic changes, Abu Garcia put a new brass main gear in the new C4s and added another bearing. They also reduced spool weight by 25% and the line guide weight by 65%. It’s a smoother, lighter, updated C4, built in the same Swedish factory they’ve always been made in.

The 6000 sizes in the C4 have a drag clicker button on the top of the palm sideplate. The braking system is internal (6 pin centrifugal) and the knob next to the handle is the spool tension knob. There are no magnetic brakes on this reel.

Abu-Garcia Ambassadeur® C3 Reel

The newest C3 reel has two spool bearings and a worm gear bearing. The Rocket has two spool bearings and two worm gear bearings. With the added cast control knob, you can cast it a bit further than your other Abu's. The newer Abu's don't include their anti-reverse bearing in the count, as did the previous models. The C3 has the three bearings, plus the anti-reverse clutch bearing. The C4 has four bearings plus the anti-reverse bearing.

Abu Garcia sell a left-handed version of the Ambassadeur (as well as many other reels) and it is available on Abu Garcia website here. You will need to scroll down to see the left-hand model.If you ever need to speak to a customer service representative directly over the phone, call 800.228.4272.

Abu's great reels - 505 made 1962

Reels for collectors | used materials: DP

All sported the bright red spool cover, but in handles, line guides, badges and boxes there's a surprising variety.

The very first 505 came out in 1962, and Abu GB spent its entire marketing budget promoting the one reel. Why? Well, closed-face reels like the Abu-maiic, designed for lure rods and mounted on top of a rod, had always been seen as slightly quirky.

But the Abu 505 was a truly innovative reel, overcoming one of the biggest problems of trotting: the delay in closing the bale arm with a hooked fish. There were other technically brilliant advances too: the synchro drag, mounted on the handle rather than at the front of the reel spool, the backwind handle system dial enabled an angler to ease the clutch off, and the push-button line release that enabled tangle-free casting.

Its slightly oddball look caught on. Top anglers like Kevin A. recommended the 505 reel. Its only disadvantage was that it only came in left-hand wind, and "caggy- handers" like me had to wait a decade before the launch of the 505 - a reel that you can still use today.

The reels goes into exhaustive detail (essential if you want to know the difference between die second and third model) though it never answers the question of why ABU sold the reel with a casting plug until 1971. A strange addition, but a sub-category for collectors! It's very thorough, it

can't have been that much harder to find out what the reel cost between 1962 and 1964. It's listed as unknown.

Soron STX Spinning Reels

Anglers looking for a well built spinning reel for saltwater and freshwater fishing may want to take a serious look at the Abu Garcia Soron STX line of reels. There are five different models of the Soron STX spinning reels available with line capacities that will handle all of your fishing needs.

These well made fishing reels feature ten stainless steel ball bearings that makes fishing all day a real pleasure instead of a chore. The Soron STX reels come with two spools for monofilament and braided fishing lines. Current models include the Soron STX10, Soron STX20, Soron STX40, Soron STX60 and Soron STX70.

Abu Garcia New Reels

Abu Garcia Special Round Reels

Abu Garcia New for 2016 C3 Catfish Reel


The Company Abu Garcia announced the release of their both models 6500 C3 Catfish Special Reel and 7000 catfish special at iCast this year.It's a welcome addition to catfish gear.

Redesigned from the Abu Garcia C3 round fishing reel base, the brand new Catfish Special offers a 2(for C3-6500CATSPC models) or 3(for 7000) SS ball bearings plus smooth and consistent Carbon Matrix™ drag system and 1 roller bearing system.

Across the entire drag, Abu Garcia C3 range drag system Carbon Matrix™ provides smooth work, consistent drag pressure. In fact, a lot of catfish anglers prefer these C3 Catfish power handles on their reels and not the traditional handles.

C3 round fishing reel gives anglers synchronized level wind system,centrifugal brake (6 pin) and extended bent reel handle with tested components. And that is not everything yet , Custom graphics and colors by order.Any unique features other than the power handle. That orange would look good on a WST fishing rod.

Two reel titans
These two reel titans are the Abu Garcia 7000i C3 and of course the legendary high dollar Penn 975LD International. They both got bought out by pure fishing. Penn has up their game on the smaller round bait casters. I bought two Penn Fathoms size 20 are the great reels too.
Many anglers have chosen their favorite 7000i c3 s it’s time for you to choose the best of the best. It's super reels for flathead catfishing.


The Swedish Company made Beast™ Ambassadeur® reel designed for hard pulling fish and bigdrag system ensures consistent pressure baits fishing with rock-solid construction provides smooth performance.

The Abu Garcia Carbon Matrix™ drag system ensures consistent pressure,It catches shark and tarpon so it'll handle the flathead, which you can have also caught and highly respect WAY over a pike/musky.

The BEAST™ AMBASSADEUR® Reel from Abu Garcia comes equipped with
7 stainless steel precision machined HPCR™ bearings + 1 roller bearing, large size EVA knobs and AG Duragear™ brass gears.

Abu Garcia Low Profile Reels

Abu Garcia New Revo TORO® BEAST™ Reel

Totally redesigned for 2016 Revo reels are new lightweight design, more powerful and more lightweight. Abu Garcia® Low Profile Revo reels are one of the most popular series on the low profile baitcast reels market today. Engineered for unrelenting performance these Beast reels are already been put through their paces with rigorous testing.

Superior high line capacities and cranking power give fishing enthusiasts and professionals the upper hand on a variety of both type: salt and fresh water hard pulling fish-species. Abu Garcia giving anglers this piece of perfection in a wide variety of customization options, include 3 different power handles with each Revo model in the Toro Beast Reel series.

Toro Beast comes equipped with 7 HPCR™ stainless steel bearings + 1 roller bearing. You know every year companies are coming out with more and more low profile saltwater reels, a low profile real is just more comfortable building
casseroles got their infamy max brake system and all that kind of stuff everything you want in a saltwater reel.

Abu Garcia New Revo TORO® S Reel

The New Revo® Toro S Series comes with new ergonomic design, they are designed for performance and reliability, constructed to handle a wide variety of salt and freshwater conditions. Revo TORO® S come in both right and left 4.9.1 and 6.2.1 ratio.

Revo S LP design is new, 15% lighter and pushing the limits of baitcasting
reels has been a staple in the Revo® Abu Garcia® fighting power Reels family.

The new Revo S Reels combines functionality and new cutting edge design. For added corrosion protection Revo S frame is constructed of X2-Craftic™ alloy while the sideplates are of graphite. for easy spool tension adjustments they comes equipped with centrifugal brake system. Other features include PVC knobs, Casting Power Handle a new and efficient D2 Gear Design™ and a Carbon Matrix™ drag system for smooth, consistent drag pressure across the entire drag range.

Abu Garcia New Pro Max Reel

it's a must have fishing reels for Bass and Pike anglers, also best for Kayak and Shore fishing, these lightweight units offer maximum performance.

The new ones, packed with a heavier drag load. The Company Abu Garcia revamped its line of Low profile Max reels while adding features and keeping the same great price points. The new ProMax reels comes with a better lower profile, controls and composite side plates. These small reel have a super fast retrieve of 7.1:1, an 18lb drag.

Abu Garcia Silver Max Reel

Silver Max low profile reels feels and looks great for a modern composite reel and you will really like the Rocket Clutch similar to a flipping switch, but more durable.

This new baitcasting reel also features a bent handle, and bent star, which makes it a lot more compact in ergonomic ways, to get your hand closer to the reel. These Balck Max Reel LP reels also feature Abu Garcia's 6 bearing system(5+1), 6.4:1 GR for very smooth performance over the whole life cycle of the reel.

They also feel a MagTrax™ brake system. Gives you a lot of control and a lot of adjustment, when you're trying to fine tune your fishing baits. So whether you're throwin' a lightweight bait, or a heavier weight bait, you'll be able to adjust to it. The silver max also features a flipping switch. So, if you do want to use it for slipping, you've got that option to use the flipping switch.

The Silvermax for baitcasting reels. Great beginner reel, but if you want something Tbetter without spending loads of cash, get a A/G Revo, Lews Speedspool.

Abu Garcia Balck Max Reel

The new Abu Garcia series reels designed from one piece frame of graphite and incorporates advanced ergonomics with latest updated styling. It's designed with comfort factor in eye, more ergonomic an easy to fish with a stainless steel bearing system in the max family of four plus one stainless steel bearing system in the Abu Garcia max family of four plus one stainless steel bearing system reels.

Black Max gives you smooth operation to really help stop those large fish without power.

It's small reels perfect for flipping,pitching and back trolling fishing techniques. The adjustments of the Balck Max Reel stay in position well and the brake plate/clutch is smooth during casting.

Abu Garcia New Spinning reels

Abu Garcia REVO® Spinning SX Reel

With the new revo sx spin reel match it to an Abu Garcia Veritas rod and go chasing bass estuary perch and murry cod in the estuaries.

Packed with proven on-the-water technology The new Abu Garcia SX C6 series carbon body gives anglers around the globe a lighter spinning reel that can be fished all day withoutfatigue.

The hybrid drag Carbon Matrix™ system creates a reliable drag and ultra smooth.

The Abu Garcia Revo SX is equipped with a machined-aluminum, braid-ready spool and Everlast™ bail system for improved durability that delivers extended life and improved durability, slow oscillation of the spool provides even line lay whether anglers choose fluorocarbon fishing line, mono or more common braided types.

The handle of Revo SX features a flat EVA knob for best comfort. The new SX reel series is available in four sizes, 5.8:1 gear ration and well suited high rate of retrieve.

All you need now is to spool them bad boys up with some Sunline SX1 12 lb with 8 lb Gamma Flourocarbon and you will have a party on them Smallies. There is not a braided line that comes close to Sunline SX1.

Abu Garcia clearly makes the best fishing equipment and one of the favorite reel is the MGX paired with the Villain rod due to its lightweight and incredible sensitivity.

The Orra S and Orra SX spinning reels are a must have and the new max series are the best, reliable, and most affordable reels out on the fishing market.

Abu Garcia REVO® Spinning STX Reel

The brand new Abu Garcia Revo STX series is spinning reels available in four sizes from 10, all the way through to 40 making it perfect through them lots of fishing water applications. Like its Abu garcia baitcasting counterpart, the Revo STX spinning reel is designed on a foundation of very lightweight design and high quality components.

At its base is a aluminum machined main gear design that provides superior gear performance and feel.

These AMGearing™ system allows us to get a very precise key systemwhich gives you great deal feel as well as great durability component.

Abu Garcia Revo STX include durable HPCR™ that can handle more stress, a C6 carbon stem and rotor and a braid ready spool translate to a super-smooth fishing experience.

Just about to start hitting the Golden Perch across central Victoria and the Abu Garcia Revo STX would be a fantastic edition to your artillery. If you are a very passionate fisherman that would truly make the most of such a great product.

Perfect for demersal fish around the midwest and denham areas and looks

Abu Garcia REVO® PREMIER Spinning Reel

Would be targeting all the natives around home in the dams and creeks and would put it to work when you head up north later in the year chasing jacks, barra, salmon and queenies having abu spinnig gear you would love to set yourself up with some of your new spin gear as its second to none and would be a great prize.

Abu Garcia REVO® S Spinning Reel

The updated Revo S Spinning expanding the family of Abu Garcia Revo Reels where the unique design and quality components meets the smooth performance, what every angler look for when choosing a spinning reel. Revo S features such as the Carbon Matrix™ drag syste, Molded C6 (AG IM-C6™) carbon body design, and HPCR™ corrosion resistant bearings make this Abu Garcia Revo a fierce contender.

Strong and Lightweight for many hours of fishing, the new AG Revo S has a one-piece X- Craftic™ alloy frame, polymetric body and rotor, graphite stem, stainless steel main shaft and quality components. The reel series is available in four sizes attend all the way through to a forty size - perfect size for any fishing situation.

The new Abu garcia Revo S worked great, balanced & light will caught a lot of bass fish and It was rugged enough to handle bothe larger fish and both fresh and salt water.

Abu Garcia REVO® Spinning MGX Reel

Being used in structural applications, the new compact and really lightweight Abu garcia MGX Series reels continues with the addition of the AG MGX spinning base engineered with a unique X - Mag magnesium alloy one-piece gear box design. A 11 (10+1roller) HPCR™ bearing system delivers ultra-smooth work and exceptional corrosion resistance.

Targetting anything that will take soft plastics! Used anywhere you can get out with great mates and enjoy this awesome pasttime while using the best gear on the fishing market! Abu Garcia!

Abu Garcia REVO® INSHORE Spinning Reel

You can use the Abu Garcia Revo Inshore 60 on the northern beaches kingfish. The unparalleled smoothness and drag sensitivity of the Revo with the awesome gear ratio is just what you need to be pulling kingfish out of the array of wrecks the incredible Pittwater has to offer.

When in such tight territory the Revos overall performance will give you the edge you need in getting them to the surface.

Get your new REVO SPIN reel to compliment my REVO bait casters, which your REVO 50 Nc Al is your favourite, responsible for all my big Barra catches, so smooth you love it.

Abu Garcia customer service

"Revo STX, on Vendettas. My Orra was dipped into salt water by my little cousin and It corroded it to hell. Went to a local shop, and there happened to be an Abu Garcia representative there, he told me fill out some paper work and to mail it in and I'd get a new one. I took the initiative and took it apart and ordered parts for it and now it works like a charm, even the new parts look great! It was all silver, now mixed with blue. Service and warranty is great." said Justin N.

Cleanup and Repair

If not you can always ship your reel , whether it's 1 year or 60 years old, back to Abu Garcia customer service and they will fix it for you, where your from but you never charge anybody to clean a reel unless they bring in 3-5 that are all practically destroyed.

Abu Garcia reel service team will be happy to help with your cleanup and repair for a nominal fee. Please reach out to our customer Abu Garcia service department.

Many fishing tackle companies do things out of their own generosity, however they are not entitled to give you anything. When you publicly beg for a handout like this it puts a black mark on the service of the many other fine men and women out there who hold their collective heads high and are overly appreciative whenever they end up on the receiving end of public generosity. If you need help with replacement parts, warranty issues or just a general question, Abu Garcia customer service department will be more than happy to assist you - a representative can be reached at tel: 1.800.228.4272.