Matrix Reels

Fishing for carp - Reels, suit all feeder and modern float fishing




Feeder Reels "Horizon"

These lightweight Horizon Reels features a Lightweight compact graphite body and Balanced rotor.

The "Horizon" line of Martex reels are offered in one speed in gear ratios of 4.6:1,and features a 5 stainless steel bearing system. Reels come in 96cm per handle retrieve, and the line capacity of the Horizon Feeder reels are 80-100 metres.

Ultron Reel

Ultron Series Reels modes 3000 and 4000. Both reels have been designed by Matrix to suit match fishing and cover all feeder and modern float fishing methods.
Ultra lightweight from 320g to 360g Reels with Gear ratio - 5.0:1 come supplied with aluminium spare spool.

New Reflex 4000 Reel

The New lightweight Reflex reels weighs just 250g, thanks in part to the compact
graphite rody, rut produces deceptively powerful fishing performance.

Designed with an oversized large diameter spool, the Reflex 4000 is the perfect size for small water commercial match fishing in the European float fishing using Bolo tactics. Strong 6 to 8lb line and also performs smoothly releasing line freely when Bolo fishing on moving waters.

The shallow spool - 150m - 0.23mm is ideal for its intended use and an extra
spool is supplied to give different line strength options.

Trusted and Tested The new Reflex by Matrix has been tested extensively for many months on a wide range of venues, using a wide range of methods, and can be
totally trusted to perform as you would expect.

Powerful Performance

The lightweight just 250g, thanks in part to the compact graphite body, but produces deceptively powerful performance from the internal worm
drive gearing, the nine ball bearings and the 5.1:1 gear ratio. This results in
superb line lay and efficient cranking performance under pressure and is just one of the reasons why this understated model is so suitable for match carp fishing.

Smooth Fish-playing

Reels designed for anglers who play fish off the drag there is a multidisc front drag system which offers a wide range of adjustment to suit personal preference. The easy to grip adjustment knob at the front of the spool is simple to adjust whilst playing a fish.

The Extras & features

Because the Reflex 4000 has been designed for a specific purpose it doesn't have any of the unnecessary features often found on mass market 'spinning' reels, but
does contain features which will make a difference.

With many reels when the bail arm is open for casting, it often drops down and stops you controlling the line during the cast.

The Rotor Brake on the Reflex 4000 stops the bail arm from moving and allows you to have complete line control during the cast, letting you feather the line without hindrance. It isn't an immediately obvious feature, until you use the reel, but it makes a big difference to casting control.

Like most high quality fishing reels from other manufacturers the new Reflex has a hollow aluminium bail arm which holds a specially shaped line roller to minimise line twist often associated with continuous casting and retrieval.

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