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Fishnet Co - Louisiana Fishing nets covering the commercial fishing industry to include realy all types of netting include custom netting needs.

Fishnet Co - THE FISH NET COMPANY - Tradition of fishing Nets

We promise to continue to strive to give you fast, courteous service, top quality fishing products and nets , at fair prices. We can repair your old/used fishing nets and restore them like new.


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Fishing Nets

all types

Ace Netting Series

Fishing - Seines Net

No. 15 Drag Seine - 100% nylon netting and are treated in netcoat,Mesh Size:1" to 3"

Small Mesh Nylon - 100% nylon, Bags will automatically have leads and floats across the mouth, Bag Sizes: 4'-12' x 4'-12' x 4'-12'

Ace Nylon Series: Knotless Nylon Netting 8 Ft. and 10Ft Series Deep

Cast Series

Fishing Net

Sportsman Series - Heavy Duty Floating
polyethylene line, braided hand loop designed for
maximum spread & flatness. 3/8" Mono-Clear, 3/8" Nylon - White and 1/4" Nylon - White S available in varius sizes 3" to 8"

Pro - 3/8" Mono-Blue, 1" Mono - Blue and 1/4" Mono - Clear, Heavy Duty, Extra Strong nets long 26", available in varius sizes 3" to 12"

Pro-Select - 26 foot Heavy Duty, 6" to 12"

Catfish Series

Fishing Net

Series with Hoop Size: 18" to 30" and 4 or 5 Hoops available

Crawfish Series

Fishing Net

Available series: Crawfish Nets(3/4" mesh,19" x 19" and 17" x 17") with Nylon Netting, Pillow Type(3/4" mesh) Crawfish Traps Pyramid Type with 3/4" mesh.

Dip Series

Fishing Net

Available: Ranger Series with Standard Type Handle, available in varius sizes and shapes(Round, Square),Fingerling - 15" X 18" bow with 10" deep, 31" steel handle and Heavy Duty Steel Dip Series 18" X 21" with 2" steel ring and 40" steel handle.

Flalg gill Series

Fishing Net

No lead and float and No. 24 nylon top string

Flag Type Gill Series

Fishing Net

Conventional Nylon(more limp for a wider range of fish size) or Monofilament(for clear water use) netting.

Available series: Monofilament flag nets, depth 6" to 14" and Nylon series depth 6" to 14".

Gill Sack Series

Fishing Net

Polyester Net series available in 4' x 4'

Gizzard Shad Gill Series

Fishing Net

1 3/4" sq. mesh and 2" sq. mesh

Hoop Series

Fishing Net

Treated Nets available in varius sizes and different mesh size(1" to 3"), Size Front Hoop from 2" to 6" and Length from 10" to 18"

Treated economy nets

Avaialble in in 4 sizes(3 and 4 ft.), these fishing nets are made with 6 fiberglass economy hoops, and are a little shorter than FNC normal 7 hoop nets.

Leaded Gill Series

Fishing Net

Monofilament (6 and 8 mono)series, Depth 6" to 8"

Nylon series (128 and 208 Twine Size), Depth 8" to 14"

Turtle Nets

Long line nets and gill nets are killing many "species" of fish, mammals and turtles etc., and should at least have TED or something similar in them. Actually, they should be "outlawed" because there use is "fishing out" the oceans by greedy fishing companies and fishermen.

Fish Net Company offers Turtle Nets made with N18 nylon netting on 4 galvanized steel hoops (3,3 1/2, 4Ft.), these nets are approximately 7 feet long. Flat throats can by order and Finger throats comes as standard.

Live Series

Fishing Net

Nylon Treated Live Nets - nylon netting on two galvanized steel hoops(2" to 4" Diameter) available in varius sizes: 1" Sq. 2" Str.,1" Sq. 3" Str. and 2" Sq. 4" Str. designed for keeping fish alive for long.

Floating Netsc - Height 30"/Diameter 21" Concrete reinforcement wire and 1" sq. mesh

Survival Nets

Due to their high catch rate nets are in many states not legal rules for fishing. It is the customer’s responsibility to comply with all fishing regulations in your areas.

Don't believe one type of survival fishing net fits all situations. You need different nets options for different needs.

- For the camper FNC recommend a gill net complete with a top string tied in.It is 4' X 50' with a 2" mesh.

- For the survivoralist use a gill fishing net with a 2" mesh that is 6' X 75'.

- For the prepper use a gill net that is 6' X 100' with a 2" mesh or a gill fish net with a 3" mesh that is 6' X 100' .

Custom made Nets

I have fished with people that fished the same way their father and grandfather did. Maybe not the most efficient way but it is just the way they learned. Not that it is right or wrong. Sometimes using new technology or materials change things and nets. FNC (Fish Net Company) can design and build virtually any type of fishing net you need to provide you with your possible best net solution..

Using all types of materials and tested almost every combo you can put a cast net together with and you are given nets away to experienced net throwers so they can give me their opinions.