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Freshwater Tips & Techniques Gene Kugach /97 - Joe Mahler

Themes:Fresh and Fly fishing: Trips - general fishing trips, Weather Tips,River Trips.
Bait Trips - Purchasing Bait Tips, Bait Fish and Worm Tips, Crayfish Tips.
Rigging and Rigs - Trolling Rigs, Walleye Rigs, Striper Rigs, Crappie & Spring Rigs and more, What "Knot" to Use and How to Tie Them.Presentation of Baits, lures, spoons, Spinners etc.
Fly Fishing and Tying, Ice fishing and fishing Tackle, Tips and fish Facts, cleaning Tips and
Cooking Methotds


The Complete Guide to Freshwater Fishing - "The Freshwater Angler" /2002 - GEditors of Creative Publishing and creative Publishing international

illustrating how to tie them in step-by-step photographs Guide.

Themes:Proven Techniques, Fresh water Equipment and skils for catching America's popular Gamefish


Basic Freshwater Fishing - Step-By-Step Guide to Tackle and Know-How That Catch the Favorite Fish in Your Area /1988 - Cliff Hauptman

Themes:Proven Techniques and Step by Step Guide to knoe how and Tackle. The Basic Equipment - What Is Tackle?Baitcasting Tackle, Spinning Tackle, Flycasting Tackle
The Fishes-What to Fish For Gamefish, Trout and Panfish.
The Methods - Live Bait and Artificial Baits
Extras and Fine Points - Trolling, Knots, Additional Tackle and High-Tech Conclusion


IGFA's 101 Freshwater Fishing Tips & Tricks/2007 - Bill Dance and Rod Walinchus

Themes:Professional Advice for Catching Bigger and more freshwater fish, over 100 Tricks and Tips



Game Fish of North America-

"An Illustrated Guide" /09 - Peter Thompson

Themes:Beautifully freshwater Game fish detailed illustrationg Guide from little known river redhorse fish to pike, pickerel and trout family America's fishes


The Ultimate

Guide to

Freshwater Fishing /03 - by North American Fishing Club

Fresh water Guide for serious fisherman




of the Northeast /20010 - David A. Patterson and Matt Patterson

Themes:A illustrated vividly fresh water guide to more than 60 freshwaterfish from
the rivers, ponds, lakes, and streams
of NY and New England.


Tales of Freshwater Fishing /2001 - Zane Grey

Themes: Oceans Winter Fishing with Zane Grey


Fishing Tips for Freshwater Fishing /2003 - Gene Kugach

Themes: New and proven tips for catching fish, Over 500 ways to Improve your Skills.
General Fishing Tips, Locating fish, Equipment tips - Lines, Lures, Tackle box, nets etc.,
Bait and Presentation Tips,Ice freshwater Fishing Tips, Fly Fishing and Tying Tips,
Cooking ,Care and Cleaning


Flyfisher's Guide to Freshwater Florida - with Wilderness Adventures Flyfishing Guidebook /2003 - Larry Kinder

Themes:comprehensive information on the hundreds of excellent fisheries for freshwater fishing, everything Freshwater Florida Fishing regions plus Florida's Top - 10 Freshwater Fisheries


Trout Fishing in North Georgia- A Comprehensive Guide to Public Lakes, Reservoirs, and Rivers /2006 - Jimmy Jacobs

Themes:Trout Fishing - Basics: Tackle and tactics, Reading a sream and upstream, Big Waters iclude Savannah River,
Toccoa and Uper Toccoa, Chattooga River and more


Fishing for Catfish The Complete Guide - for Catching Big Channells, Blues and Faltheads (The Freshwater Angler Guide) /99 - Keith B. Sutton

Themes:Understanding Catfish - Basics,Senses, white and bullheads,Where to find Catfish - Big Rivers, Lakes and Ponds, Equipment - Rods,Reels,Line, Tackle, Baits and accessories for catfish,
Technoques for Catfishing - drift, trolining,jug, limblining and nodling,Water Situations - deep,cold or clear Water, cleaning and Cooking


The Pocket Fishing Guide- Freshwater Basics, Hook, Line & Sinker /2007 - Jimmy Jacobs

Themes:Basic book with illustration to freshwater fishing, explanation,info and "how-to"


Top Rated Freshwater Fishing /2000 - Maurice Valerio

Themes:Guides, Captains and Lodges, from Florida to Alaska and Canada,freshwater fishing for Trout and Salmon


What Fish Don't Want You to Know: An Insider's Guide to Freshwater Fishing /2003 - by Frank P. Baron

Themes:Introduction.Thinking Like a Fish ,Structure ,We Found Them - Now What?,Gear and Tackle, Common Sense as Favorite Fish and Special Tactics, A New Euphemism, Primer—Equipment Basics for the Beginner


The Art of Freshwater Fishing A How-To Guide (The Freshwater Angler) /98 - Editors of Creative Publishing

Themes:A HOW-TO GUIDE for Successfully Locating and Catching Every Popular Freshwater Species,Understanding Fish & Their Environment include Fish Senses, Cover, Food, Freshwater Basics, Natural Lakes, Risers & Streams. Fishing Equipment & How to Use It include fishing Rods & Reels,ines & Knots,Terminal Tackle Sonar Devices & Other Electronic Aids, Fishing Boats. Basic Gamefish Techniques inc: Largcmouth/Smallmoulh Bass, Sunfish, Yellow Perch., Crappe, Salmon...


Where the Fish Are: A Science-Based Guide to Stalking Freshwater Fish /2009 - by Daniel Bagur

Themes:Introduction.How Fish Work, Behave, and Think, Where the Fish Are Through the Day,Where the Fish Are When the Wind Blows and the Rain Falls, Where the Fish Are Through the Seasons, Where the Fish Are in Their Underwater Habitats and notes for Freshwater Fishing


Ultimate Freshwater Fishing /98 - by John Bailey

Themes:Illustrations guide to freshwater fishing by John Bailey


Ken Schultz's Field Guide Freshwater Fish /2003 - by Ken Schultz

Themes:An Overview of Fish ,Fish Anatomy, Species of Bass, Catfish, Burbot, Buffalo,Chub, Fallfish,Charr,Paddlefish, Madtoms,Herring,Ladyfish,Gar etc.


The Freshwater Angler: Modern Methods of Ice Fishing (The Freshwater Angler) /99 - B Tom Gruenwald

Themes:Ice-Fishing Opportunities (Natural/Man-Made Lakes,Fish Senses,Big Rivers & Backwaters, Fish Activity Under the Ice ) Ice-Fishing Equipment & How to Use It(Winter Clothing, Lines & Knots, Rods & Reels...) Winter Gamefish Techniques(Sunfish,Crappies, Walleyes & Saugers, Lake Trout & Splake, Whitefish, Smelt...)


AMC Guide to Freshwater Fishing in New-England: How and Where to Fish in All Six New England States /94 - by Brian R. Kologe

Themes: Estuarial Species (Atlantic Salmon, White Perch, Sea-Run Trout) Warm-Water Species(Horned Pout or Bullhead Catfish, European Carp) Cold-Water Species(Smallmouth Bass, Rainbow/Brown Trout) and Ice Fishing


Live Bait Fishing: Including Doughbait & Scent (The Freshwater Angler) /2004 - by Gunnar Miesen and Steve Hauge

Themes:Equipment - Rods & Reels, Lines, Hooks, fishing Electronics. Live Baits - Salamanders & Frogs, Crustaceans, Insects etc. Scents & Doughbaits.Fish To Go After - Striped Bass & White Bass,Northern Pike & Muskie. Ice Fishing and How to Gel to the Fish


Trout Flies for Rivers: Patterns from the West That Work Everywhere /2009 - By Jessie M. King

Themes:TROUT FLIES FOR RIVERS - PATTERNS FROM THE WEST THAT WORK EVERYWHERE, book ed with DVD : Materials for Flies and lures,Fly Proportions and Components & Entomology and Fly Patterns, Caddisflies, Stoncflies,Midges,Terrestrial fly-Flies,Multipurpose Imilaliims and Wet flies, Mlrm tors,Tiny Fish and Leeches and Traditional fly Flies


Bugwater /2010 - by Arlen Thomason

Themes:A fly fisher's look through the seasons A at bugs in their aquatic habitat and the fish that eat them - The Morphing Mayfly:The unique ancestry and life history of the mayfly Marching into Spring:March brown mayflies and the anatomy of a lunch Grannom Mania: Epic lunches and mating swarms of grannom caddisflies PMDs, Perlodids, and the Next Wave: Mid-spring hatches of mayflies, small stoneflies, and caddisflies McKenzie Green Is the Thing in Late Spring: The big green great gray spotted sedge Pale Evening Duns and the dinger Tribes:Clinger-tvpe mayflies of the family Heptageniidae Getting Stoned:Salmonflies Blood Bonds, Drakes, and a Drenching: Green drakes, lesser green drakes, and father/son outing,Going for the Gold(ens) Humongous Hexagenia: Burrowing mayflies and the Hex hatch Swim Before You Crawl: The large swimmer mayflies crawl out of the water to hatch Humongous Hexagenia: Burrowing mayflies and the Hex hatch Where Waters Slow or Don't Flow: Slow and still-water trout prey Dog Day Doldrums: An investigation into the causes of the late summer trout-feeding slump The Halloween Hatch:The big October caddis tempts even the largest trout Bugs of Winter: For those willing to brave the cold, blue-winged olives and other insects are still hatching A Fish-Eye View of Insects and Flies: Fish vision and slant tanks


The Lure of the Peace River Country, 1872-1914 /2003 - By David W. Leonard (Author) and Victoria L. Lemieux (Author)

Themes:Book with over 2000 applications for homestead were filed, text and pic or Peace River Country lure


Moon California Fishing: The Complete Guide to Fishing on Lakes, Streams, Rivers, and the Coast (Moon Handbooks) /2008 - Tom Stienstra (Author)

Themes: Fishing Tips : How to Catch a Fish, Starting Out etc.,Sport Fish for Catfish,Trout,Sturgeon and much more, Redwood Empire Including:Mattole River, Mad River etc,Shasta and Trinity Including:Castle Lake Redding, Picayune Lake etc, Lassen and Modoc,Mendocino and wine Country include Cache Creek,Caspar Headlands State,Clear Lake, Garcia River, Gualala River etc. Sacramento and Gold & Tahoe National Forest & San Francisco Area Lake and rivers and other, Resources and Angling Records


1 times 1 of angling 1 mal 1 des Angelns /2008 - by Andreas Janitzki

Fang success guaranteed Make no detours - go direct Way to fishing success! Many beginners have already in large supply of Equipment and given the variety of available Lost techniques. Anglo-professional Andreas Janitzki reveals what you for your basic equipment you really need. And he says You how, when and where your device and the required Know how to use performance-bringing. Everything you need to know about fish and water. The correct basic equipment - Spend your money sense from! All fishing techniques for an easy start into the hobby Andreas is a passionate angler Janitzki with great experience and known for his books, magazine articles and films. He is a special concern on his knowledge to others Share Peter's disciple.


Einfuhrung in Angeln Kcder und Krawatten Introduction to fishing lures and ties (German Edition) /2003 - By Dean Christopher (Author)

Themes:contents Learn more about Bass Fishing Lures Lure terminology Best bait for fishing use What lures, what fish? Fly Fishing Lures Effective bait for Bass Fishing Fly Fishing Tackle fly Fishing Introduction To Fly Fishing Tying flies for fly fishing. Learn more about Bass Fishing Lnres Bass fishing has a near cult Popularity with so many anglers over the years that it made ??so many products, associations have been formed developed and articles written about it. here You can find about the types of bass fishing lures read You can use to catch them. In addition, there there is also a list of the necessary equipment to have when you're bass Angeln.Die kind of bass that will bite almost anything that Largemouth bass. Minnows, worms or other live bait, plus poppers or streamers with a Fly presented, or stopper of a piece Spinning or have thrown in the following ways where they can be caught. Since bass is usually found with weeds, a weedless bait often necessary be. Mornings and evenings are the best times in when fishing warm months. As a rule like to stay in warm water and warm weather. there are little bite during the winter.

available on Amazon

Angeln - Der Einstieg - Fishing - The Introduction

Themes: Nature and Faneerfole - Fishing: This is not just the hunt for fish, which is Enjoying nature, relaxation and a bit of adventure- expensive - combined with a few rights and obligations. The basic equipment - rod, reel, hook, where the fish lives The way of life of our fish - How do the fish? What do they eat? As they go on Food? Who knows may be correct for the Fishing method and decide the appropriate bait. Fried fish - often lasting Manholes - roach, bream and Co. - the classic beginner fish. Read here how to pose with, or basic lead Feeder can successfully fish for these fish. Carp Fishing and voltage - modern methods and a rapid development characterize the art carp fishing. but with your basic equipment you can be exciting Struggles with the "fat" deliver. Fly fishing - the "supreme discipline" among the fishing methods however. fear not: With the right equipment and some Exercise will also soon be the skillful swing and the first trout with a fly to be outwitted succeed. Whether fishing on the Sea-North Sea or Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean or the Atlantic - the Fishing in the sea has its own charm. Whether you live on the coast or the next vacation will take you there, try the sea fishing from boats or at surf fishing...etc.


Ken Schultz's Essentials of Fishing: The Only Guide You Need to Catch Freshwater and Saltwater Fish /2009 - By Ken Schultz

Themes:Fish - Freshwater Fish, Anatomy and Physiology,Tools-Natural Bait. Hooks, and Terminal Tackle and fishing accessories,Basic Skills-Knot Tying etc, Fishing techniques and Practical Matters and Safety.


Trout (The Freshwater Freshwater Angler) /1990 - By Dick Sternberg

Themes:Book explans how to catch trout and choose the right stream, best knowledge you needed to catch more trout in Freshwater.


Freshwater Fishing Secrets /98 - By Dick Sternberg

Themes: Book explans top techniques and freshwater Fishing Secrets


IN-FISHERMAN 100 Best Freshwater Fishing Tips: Expert Advice from North America's Leading Authority on Sportfishing /1998 - By EditorsofIn-FishermanMagazine

Themes: 100 Best Freshwater Fishing Tips are gleaned from thousands of in-depth articles featured over the years in In-Fisherman magazine, or in one of our other publications, Walleye In-Sider, Catfish Iti-Sider, Walleye Guide, Catfish Guide, or Bass Guide. Many tips also have been the subject of segments on ourstreams


North America's Freshwater Fishing Book /1989 - By Mike Rosenthal and Fred Wessel

Themes: A Comprehensive Guide to catching the 22 most popular game fish in the US and Canada


Ultralight Spin-Fishing: A Practical Guide for Freshwater and Saltwater Anglers /2000 - By Peter F. Cammann (

Themes: Ultralight spin-fishing,flyfishing spinning rod and reel


Freshwater Fishing (Blazers) /10 - By Carol Lindeen

Themes: Right Equipment and freshwater skils you need to catch monster fish


Fishing New Jersey: A Guide for Freshwater Anglers /06 - By Oliver Shapiro

Themes: NJ Fishing,Detailed NJ guide to fishing in US New Jersey's freshwater rivers, lakes and streams, fishing tackle, equipment and accessories


Freshwater Fly Fishing Tips from the Pros /98 - By Mark D. Williams

Themes: FreshwaterFly-Fishing Tips from the Pros,1998 Edition


'Bass and B.A.S.S.' The Bass Anglers' Sport-fishing Society

publications: (Sea Angler, Nov – Dec 2010)

That's another bass season nearly over. I actually did what I intended this year fished more sessions than last year. Perhaps we all share that New Year's resolution.

Thanks to cold seas in the early part of the year, and dirty water on my part of the coast after that, it was a case of have rod will travel, with visits to the society's fish-ins in North Wales and South Devon, and two trips to Ireland to meet up with some members. This is by no means excessive, with some other members going as far afield as Cape Cod for the striped bass fishing, and there's a hardy group that meets in south-west Ireland over Christmas. For me it is now a time for reflecting on the year and looking forward to the next which for most of us will start around Easter when the seas start to warm. The society does not hibernate during the winter, with the members-only forum buzzing with news and opinions on tackle and methods, conservation and sea angling politics - all due, no doubt, to an attack of cabin fever. There will be the winter issue of the members' magazine, plus the annual general meeting in March, which nowadays is more like a conference.

Cracking Christmas ideas

The Bass Anglers' Sport-fishing Society Some people will pass their time reading about bass fishing, for which the book 'Bass and B.A.S.S.' is the perfect antidote to itchy feet. This is a high-quality hardback book packed with information, guidance and stories, making a fine Christmas present whatever your level of fishing skill. Here's a quote from Henry Gilbey: "I take my hat off to the guys at the Bass Anglers' Sportfishing Society for bringing this outstanding publication out...this book is a mine of information and enjoyment. It is impossible to come away from reading this book and not feel inspired, and I can't personally think of a bigger compliment to give it" Another seasonal idea is to give or receive a year's membership of 8.A.S.S. Cracking value at £20 for adult and special rates for OAP, junior and family membership. Why not treat yourself or drop a hint to someone? Then there's the B.A.S.S. Tape, for measuring the length of the bass and reading off the probable weight. It is quick and simple to use, especially on a rocking boat or in bad conditions where zeroing scales and fiddling with weigh slings is out of the question - a great stocking filler at just £2 each. Also available from the society are individual lure boxes, a superb way of keeping lures apart once the original packaging has gone. Made of square tube and adjustable in length, they stack nicely at home on shelves and in drawers, and during a session they stop lures from tangling. There is less chance of spiking yourself on a treble when rummaging around in coat pockets and tackle bags. Superb value at £1.50 each. For details and to place orders, go to or contact Lee Campbell, tel: 01446 741783 or email: [email protected] Oh, and I nearly forgot I was so busy selling the society.. .a Merry Christmas, and may your bass dreams come true in 2011.SA

Treat yourself or someone else to a copy of'Bass and B.A.S.S.'or the handytape or lure box.

Sea Angler, Issue 460, Nov – Dec 2010