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Walking on water - BasswestusA , special tricks & fishing Techniques for use of the Bass Lure

Smallmouth - bass fishing - what lures and patterns were popular ten years ago as this species of Bass Fishing

Going Fishing... CWNews issue

Full Moon fishing - Some advice for fishermen and "how to fish"

Maritime style Knots to home interiors

fly fishing - Verde River SouthwestFlyFishing article

A blessing of whiskers - Big 88-pound blue catfish in Bayou Sara "how to" story

Fishing the "Otherside" of the Gulfstream for Yellowfin Tuna - a lovely tuna-angler article by Captain Mark Wilson

Central Florida Tarpon Boat Fishing - "Fishing for Tarpon near Cocoa Beach"

Surf Fishing - reading an Ocean beaches

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Florida swordfish fishing story in portfishing

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Alaska fishing and trips & fish Story and Photos , Unalakleet River Lodge


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Freshwater fish of Australia - Where and When to Find Them. Learn About Fish and Their Type & Timing of movement, Habitats and region.

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"I wanted so bad to go out in the Mirage I won from North American Fishing clubs click it and win. But couldn't justify it when I needed a boat for my ministry, Kid Kicks for Christ. I take troubled youth out and teach them fishing skills. Sold the Mirage and bought a 14 foot Alumicraft with the money. Man I want so bad to take that stealth fighter fishing for Muskie. Well it all worked out in the end and now I can help others learn the skill of fishing. OH maybe some day I can afford another one, but being disabled and no income, I don't think it will ever happen.." Charles Wallace, - >

Found the fishing

Found the fishing to be very challenging, inconsistent, and fun. Any tips, tricks, and techniques to get the most from your time.

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Guidelines on sharing a run -vs- finding a new one on busy water. How close is too close, how much drift is considered controlled versus uncontrolled or just greedy.
Fishing hoppers, poppers and streamers for largemouth and other warmwater species during these hot, hazy summer days. How to read your local still water ponds and lakes for these fish and what times of day are most effective. Also, touching on casting techniques to help when casting these large, windsail flies from weedy shorelines would be helpful to many anglers.

Interaction of backing, fly line and leader choice along with your fly type to make a good presentation (cast). In otherwords how they affect each other in the end.

Steelhead and salmon fishing during the summer picking the fly and choosing the right seem to fish if there is more than one to fish.

"How to tie what the fish are eating". I find it hard to see just what they had for breakfast with out cutting the fish open and having a look.

Reasonable fly fishing. Some guidance as to how to approach these conditions safely and actually have some success?

A comparison between the eastern and western US salmon and steel head. Methods used and distinguishing flies used between the two areas would be nice to hear about.

How should a beginner go about choosing waders? Booted or bootless? Should felt soles ever be considered anymore since they're more apt to carry harmful organisms and are outlawed in some/many states and localities? How does local climate play a part in deciding if breathable vs. non; chest-high, waist-high or hip waders are the best for someone?

What size Tippett do you use in clear water conditions vs cloudy water when trout fishing?
Is it essential to go with 7x in gin clear water?

If you trying to choose a new fishing rod. With so many different rods out there, what should I look for when I test cast one that will help me decide? Is there a process that you would suggest when I test cast rods that would help me narrow my choices?

Fishing multiple fly rigs, what combinations work best under certain conditions or for prospecting, and the best way to rig up.

What makes quality gear and is it really worth that year of college price tag? It took many years to get into fly fishing just because of the price tags, I blame name brand name droppers on it, I really think the sport and art both began as a need more so than an eclectic method of fishing.

Fishing Books
"How to" Books for Fishing and Stories

fishing Books Reviews: Tactics, Tips, Techniques and Stories

Fishing, Basics, Tips & Tricks

Salmon Fishing Fishing in the Yemen /2008 - Paul Torday


Ken Schultz's Fishing Encyclopedia : /99 - Ken Schultz

Themes: Worldwide Angling Guide: knowledge on fishing and everything for from A to Z fishing


Roland Martin's 101 Bass-Catching Secrets /2008 - Roland Martin

Themes: nine behavioral reasons, why bass strike, lures and live bait, the jig and eel,spinnerbaits topwater plugs, and buzz&live baits , topwater plugs, buzz baits, spawners, swimming plugs, weedless lures, technique patterns, spawning ,flyrodding, tackle and flipping, night fishing , shallow structure etc.


Moon California Fishing - The Complete Guide to Fishing on Lakes, Streams, Rivers, and the Coast (Moon Handbooks)/08 - Tom Stienstra

Themes: Fishing Tips and Sport Fish,Redwood Empire,iclude "Mad River", "Mattole River",
Smith River and much much more lakes and rivers, Lassen and Madoc iclude Antelope, Blue Lake etc., Mendocino and Wine Country, Sacramento and Gold Country,Tahoe and the Northern Sierra, San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey and Big Sur, San Joaquin Valley,
Yosemite and Mammoth Lakes, Sequoia and Kings Canyon etc.


Geoff Wilson, Encyclopedia of Fishing Knots & Rigs /2009 - Geoff Wilson

Themes: updated Fishing 2009 Encyclopedia


Coastal Fishing in the Carolinas - From Surf, Pier, and Jetty From Surf, Šier, and Jetty /2000 - Robert J. Goldstein

Themes: Fishing from the Beach include Rods and Reels, Line, Equipment and Accessories, Surf Baits
and Tournament Fishing.

Fishing from Structures include Equipment, Šier, Bridge, and Jetty Tackle,
Structure Baits and Castings.

and Where To Go


Fishing the Local Waters- Gulf Shores to Panama City "Fishing the Local Waters series" /06 - Jim Hoskins

Themes: Fishing the Inland Waters include Baits, Rigs and fishing Techniques,Fishing
with Live Baits, Artificial Lures and places where to go. Fishing the Gulf from Piers/Shore, from Boats, and Local fish Reclpes


Moon Washington Fishing- The Complete Guide to Lakes, Streams, and Saltwater "Moon Handbooks" /08 - Terry Rudnick

Themes: Best Fishing Spots, best for Camping, or Fly-Fishing, Best for Warm-Water Fish, for Fishing Without a Boat or to take Kids.
Fishing Tips and Catch-and-Release Tips.

Top Washington Sport Fish,
Other Washington Sport Fish,Šuget Sound and the San Juan Islands
The Northern Cascades, Northeastern Washington, The Southern Cascades and the Columbia Gorge,
Southeastern Washington and Resources


Basic Fishing - A Beginner's Guide /11 - Wade Bourne

Themes: A Beginner's Book- "how to" Guide
Sclccting Tackle ,how to Identifying Fish , Casting, Tying fish Knots ,Choosing Bait, Finding Fish and Cleaning Your Catch


Surf Fishing /10 - Vlad Evanoff

Themes: Tackle and Spinning Tackle, Lures ,Casting, Natural fishing Baits, Weather, Tides and wind, Fishing Rocky shores , Striped & Channel Bass, other surf fishes and more


The Complete Fishing Manual /2011 - Henry Gilbey

Themes:Fishing Basics include History and Fishing Tackle,types of rods,reels and floats.Fishing Strategies for Carp,pike and Baits/Lures.Essental Fishing Skills, Fly fishing - on lake, small rivers, for carp/pike/tigerfish/trout etc.


Fishing Colorado, 2nd - An Angler's Complete Guide to More than 125 Top Fishing Spots "Fishing Series" /06 - Ron Baird

Themes:Coloradop Fishing Spots, best times of year fishing ,techniques favorite lures and flies


The Definitive Guide to Fishing Central California /2002- Chris Shaffer

Themes:Central California's best outdoors


Fishing North Carolina Edition /2011 - Mike Marsh

Themes:General information about the North Carolinas locations , maps and best way and time to fish


Young Fishing Enthusiast /99 - John Bailey

Themes:full-color Book with description of the sport covering history, fish anatomy, fishing gear, tackle accessories, bait &
lures fly/bobber fishing and more


Fishing in Utopia - Sweden and the Future that Disappeared/2009 -Andrew Brown


Fishing Arizona - Your Guide to Arizona's Best Fishing "Arizona Recreation" /05 - Guy J. Sagi

Themes: Arizona Fishing - Featuring over 100 great locations! , Travel Directions, Big Catches and Mexican and Urban Lakes


The Best Fishing Stories Ever Told "Best Stories Ever Told" /10 - Nick Lyons and David Halberstam

Themes: Fishing Stories


Steelhead & Salmon Drift-Fishing Secrets /03 - Timothy Kusherets

Themes: Comprehensive fishing book goes way beyond the basics of fishing Gear, styles and techniques to include marine biology, and physics as they apply to fishing and popular river fish, identification and anatomy


Fishing Texas "angler's Guides" /89 - by Russell Tinsley

Themes: Fishing Basics, Equipment, The Fishing Boat and Finding Fish Electronically,
A Guide to Saltwater and Freshwater Fish


The Texas Fishing Calendar

Fishing Ohio - An Angler's Guide to Over 200 Fishing Spots in the Buckeye State /08 - Tom Cross

Themes: Ohio Fishing guide , Information for every public river,stream and lake in Ohio


Foghorn Outdoors - Alaska Fishing (Foghorn Outdoors: Alaska Fishing) /97 - Rene Limeres and Gunnar Šedersen

The Complete Guide to Hundreds of Prime Fishing Spots on Lakes/Rivers, Getting Ready to Go, Alaskan Species, Regions, and Appendices


Float-Fishing Strategies - Tactics and Techniques for Drift Boats , Rafts, and Pontoon Boats /2010 - E. Neale Streeks

Themes:Basic Rowing Skills,Avoiding River Hazards, The Crawl-Stroke and Rowing & fly fishing Strategies, Planning Your Trip and Choosing and Outfitting the Right Boat
Ramp Use, Trailering, and River EtiquetteLeaders,Saltwater Knots,


Pro Tactics - "Use the Secrets of the Šros to Select and Outfit Your Boat" The Fishing Boat - Use the Secrets of the Šros to Select and Outfit Your Boat/2008 -by David A. Rose

Themes:fishing boat

Book - "How to" choose a fishing boat and outfit for max safety and fishing efficiency


The Boat Buyer's Guide to Sportfishing Boats - : Pictures, Floorplans, Specifications, Reviews, and Prices for More Than 600 Boats, 27 to 63 Feet Lon "Boat Buyer's Guides"/06 - Ed McKnew

Themes: Boat Useful Information Buyer's Guide to power Fishing style boats, Used & and new models with specifications, details, photos and price comparisions


Trout from Small Streams (Trout Fishing)/03 - by Dave Hughes

Themes: Land Shapes Water,
Streams Shape Anglers, Rods, The Learning Curve, Reading Small Šools and Parts Between,An Essential Fly Box, Fishing Trout on Drys, Working Wet Flies and Nymph Trout Tactics, Streamer Situations and more Fly


Notes on Fishing (SRLT (SRLT) knots /97 - Sergei Aksakov and Thomas Š. Hodge

Russian-English translation Book