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- Hook Choices

Like most areas of production of fishing tackle, fishing hooks industry is a rapidly-changing area ruthless competition. The result was an endless stream of new models and concepts as simple and understandable at first glance, things like a hook. Some of them - lackluster phony, and some - now getting into the top ten, which can completely change our view of fishing.

Diversity inevitably creates a serious problem of selection faced by even the most experienced fishermen professionals. That's why North American Fisherman magazine has published a guide to the various features of hooks, having familiarized with which you can pick up that unique and indispensable for your individual style of fishing hook.
First of all, you need to decide where, how and what you are going to catch, as well as every aspect affects the choice of this small but very important tackles. Of course, as you well get into such basics as the size and strength of the hook, however, propose to dwell on the issue of materials, manufacturing process, coatings, shapes and designs.
In general, the price is a good indicator of quality goods that you purchase. Cheap "junk" hooks are made of steel of low quality, so count on their strength just is not necessary - get ready for the constant breakdowns and distortions.

Even a model for the middle class, made of standard wire, on their background are the tremendous step forward in all respects. However, a truly reliable and first class are the hooks from uglevodorodistoy steel or an alloy of vanadium. Of course, they are the most expensive, but a guarantee of strength, lightness, small diameter are worth a little fork. The method of hot forging improves the reliability of the hook by 20% without adding weight. So if you want to buy the lightest and most durable copy - this is what you need. Externally, the hooks are made of this technology, different flat base and place the bend. Good high-temperature treatment may also increase the hardness of steel by 30%. Some manufacturers use in the manufacture of hooks special coating (Teflon, Xylan, and nickel-Teflon), which improves the penetration (penetration), corrosion resistance and adds a little color. Layers containing additives black nickel, bronze, gold and zinc, the most valuable, as it provides a special smoothness and durability.

hooks classification and types


- Teeth, bends, and the interval between the foot hook and the tip

Barb and bend fishing hooks are no less important factors in the penetration and retention of fish on a hook. With the low profile teeth fishhook difficult part of the victim, but it is better to hold, especially fish with a powerful mouth. Hooks on the back with a high-profile barbs, on the contrary, it is better to catch fish with soft mouths. Typically, the deviation from the prongs on its axis varies from 30 to 45 degrees. When buying make sure that the tooth is flat and not very deep Stoch in width.
Kryuchkova bending determines where the edge will be placed in the mouth of a fish. If you have a curved hook, he caught a fish for the corner of his mouth. If you catch a hook, manufactured in Kahle style, then the hook caught her more deeply. There are other options bends.
The interval between the tip and the hook leg also helps determine where in the hook snagged the fish, and for one and show how big bait is the most optimal. Large range, as opposed to a small hook allows far deeper into the mouth enter the fish, it is ideal for bait and large sizes. When fishing for small fish suitable hooks with a small interval.


- tendency of fishing

Circle Hooks (rounded hooks). Marked rise in popularity among a large range of river, lake and sea fishing. At first glance it might seem that a big enough concavity of these hooks can work a miracle, but it applies only to those who are not one-year fishing this hook, the rest assured that if you do not know how to Cut, "catch" you there is nothing. And this is done quite simply. When the fish begins to bite, wait a while - let it zaglotnet bait away in your mouth. Then gently take the fishing rod in hand and not too fast, start to wind line onto the reel. Not podsekayte. Almost certainly a hook baited already in the mouth of a fish. This simple method of "podsekaniya" It is through the curved hooks very much a beginner fishermen.
Colorful Hooks (Colorful hooks). There was a time when the choice of colorful (bright) Hook was very limited. Today, if you ask to see a seasoned fishermen of their box with hooks, you can marvel at the diversity and brilliance of paints hooks. With this set they are willing not only to any weather conditions, but also to all the wishes of the fish.
World of hooks varied, and understand it is not so simple. But if you're a novice fisherman or an amateur angler, I think this story can serve you as a guide to the world of hooks. It will add to your arsenal of knowledge on the new acute hooks, as a top Hooks Manufacturer are Mustad, Gamakatsu, saltwater - fly hooks, Daiichi, Mr. Crappie etc. and perhaps you will find the right single hook, and your chances of success greatly increase.

Kahle Hooks

Kahle is the only way to go. We did a test just to ease our minds. We made 20 two hook lines, half had circle and half had kahle. Use 7/0 for both. We then set the lines almost side by side over many differant areas (one line with circle and one with kahle) using the exact same bait on both hooks. We fished them for three days and at the end we caught 50% more fish on the kahle hooks. The circle hooks did catch and hold fish but the kahle out fished them. What I have found is that the gap on the circle hook is not wide enough to go across the "tooth patch" on the fish. If you dont catch the fish in the corner of the mouth than you miss him. Almost all the fish caught on circle are always in the corner of the mouth where the kahle seems to stick them in just about any spot in their mouth which our test proved this because we also logged where the fish was hooked. Our test was done because me and a buddy always argued on which hook was better, after our test he changed over to kahle's.
If you like to jerk, don't use circles.