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Roessler fishing Reels - /catalogue 2013/

Fishing Reels

A cutting from Roessler 2013 catalogue

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Micro M1 RD

The M1 Micro is an extremely small role and has yet all the intricacies and technical refinements a big roll on. The One-Way Clutch Re backstop prevents the rotor back can rotate. Further advantages are the indicator Spool consisting of aluminum, the five ball bearings one piece cut handle and the large wooden handle grip.

Equipped with a precise working rear- slow them down is the ideal role for the match rod, the ultra-light spinning rod or a short Eisruten.

Match Control

The Match Control is a series of three rollers Front Drag and faster translation. The smallest model fits well with light spinning rods and for fishing with the Wincklepicker or the powan rod. The mid-range is a combination developed nation to match rod been as the 5500 size is an ideal role for the feeder fishing represents.

The reels are both a deep spool supplied as well as a match spool. Particularly noteworthy is the extremely fine working brakes se that a sensitive fish with finest Strings allowed.

Distance Master

The Distance Master is a masterpiece that by the metal body, the brass gear and the ex- extremely fine run stands. A role specially developed handles for fishing at long range and for extremely long casts.

Through the Worm-shaft system is the string stored with extreme accuracy and slides therefore almost no resistance from the spool. Through the brass gears and stainless Ku The role is both ball bearings for fishing in freshwater water and surf fishing at sea suitable.

Bait Control Longcast

This series is specially designed for fishing for carp been developed and catfish. The fine-one- adjustable freewheeling can fish the bait almost Pull off without resistance. You have always right choice.

The size of 6000 is ideal for carp rods with an initial ring # 40, while the size 8000 matched to rods with a starting ring # 50 was. This series is the logical extension to our Control Bait small reels in the season already 2012 were extremely successful.

Catch Control

The improved Catch Control is a part series for universal use on the water. It provides many details which are not in this price range

- Chrome-plated carbon spool

- Chrome-plated carbon crank

- Titanium coated line guide

- Strong and bail arm mechanism

This series is designed for the budget-conscious fishermen developed, not in the usual Byron Qualifiers ity want to miss

Senso Control

The 8 ball bearing this role is extremely precisely. The brake of the aluminum spool is becoated discs equipped, so that the Deduction can be made of the cord more sensitive. The main features of this short series role summarized:

- Aluminum spool

- Metallized Spool

- Collapsible crank aluminum

- Titanium coated line guide -

Strong and bail arm mechanism The size of 1000 can match as both role and be used for light spin fishing. The average size of 3000 is a universal role that for almost every area of fishing perfectly suitable net is. The size of 5000 is a strong and robust Role for fishing for big fish

Fight Control

The role of the spin and match fishing. The static bile axis of Fight Control is the strong back- grat this role. The finely adjustable front brake works with high quality Teflon discs reliably, even if the interior of the roll "Sizzle". The plastic housing is rugged gewichtsoptmiert and so you for hours fatigue eject and may collect. The 10 Ball bearings made of special steel and the innovative Mechanics are the basis for a uniform , And enable pinpointed cranking and the use of very fine cords for he- extended anglers. The ideal role for the drill of big fish!

The benefits include:

- 10 ball bearings for perfect run

- Handy grip and strong bow arm

- Stable axis for maximum load

- 2 spools included

Bait Control

The new Baitrunner series of Byron with the excellent price / performance ratio. The Ge- gear and freewheel mechanism work- reliable and accurate. The finely adjustable freewheeling can be activated via the lever and Baitcontrol automatically turns by turning the spa bel again. The resistance of the freewheel can be adjusted continuously. The finely adjustable Front brake with heat confessed brake discs ben Teflon guarantee a fine, jerk-free Winding the line during the fight. By the use tion of modern plastics, the roll housing is robust and weighs. The two in Supplied spools are made from high- quality aluminum made what additional weight saved. Due to the simple design achieves exceptional quietness achieved.

The benefits include:

- Freewheel and front brake

- Weight-optimized, robust carbon fiber chassis

- 1 spare spool of plastic included contain

- Precise cord storage

- 6 ball bearings


Two reels have been developed for fishing with casting rod. Particularly in the case of a small multi-role it is extremely important that the spool is supported optimally. Only then can the optimal handling of baits made possible with low weight throw. With these reels, you can already take a bait from 3 g. This excellence is achieved by three technical developments:

- Dural aluminium spool w with 2 integrated ball bearings

- Micro adjustable centrifugal brake and additional magnetic brake

The line runs in these reels through a titanium-coated line guide. This will also help with ge- flochtenen cords are fished. The quick ratio of 7: 1 facilitates a perfect guide the bait. Another advantage is that this role is available in both left-and right-hand model

Trolling BTR 221

A left-hand multi-role, as desired by any avid fisherman. The Byron is trolling for the toughest applications in saltwater designed, but also for the freshwater fish on capital Fi noises (eg catfish) suitable. The gear consists of brass gears and is almost indestructible. The Disc this role of a carbon fabric and therefore extremely resistant to heat. Even under maximum load the discs absorb the heat of friction and work unchanged supple dig. The big crank handle provides the support and strength for the drill of really big fish.

The housing

The housing is made of rust-proof stainless steel and carbon ? bre components to give the reel the necessary stability.

PC-R Competition reels

The new roller series for demanding anglers combines top production quality with strength, endurance and Durability. The housing is made of aluminum also sealed to the mechanics in the inner additional protection. The spool change easy click of a button, as well as the newly designed front brakes round out the quality of these reels series. The different sizes to cover all types of financial from fisheries, from light spinning until Carp and surf fishing. The advantages of PC-R Competition Reels include:

- spool change at your fingertips

- Lightweight and durable aluminum housing

- Perfect cord storage

- Micro adjustable front drag

-One-Way Clutch Backstop

- 9 stainless steel ball bearings

- Oversized aluminum cord clip

- Includes spare spool

PXR Power

The feeder or spinning reel of the latest generation at an attractive price. The entire roll was the goal of maximum casting distance developed. The sophisticated design makes it easier to reach large Wide, because the line can not deduct more quickly and smoothly. In obtaining these permits construction tion precise line deposition on the spool. The solid mechanics inside provides power when throwing and when sowing. The advantages of the PXR reels include:

- Lightweight, durable housing

- Solid stainless steel axle

- Perfect cord storage

- Fine adjustable brake system

- Anti-reverse backstop

- 10 stainless steel ball bearings

- Sturdy roll bar, stainless steel

- Ergonomic handle

- Includes spare spool

Inception 3000 Mini

New Inception 3000 rolls were designed offer to anglers a role on perfectly all Challenges of modern Matchangelns is tuned. Particularly in combination with the Rods of the Mini Series, but also with other, lighter th rod, put the rolls your Inception 3000 Benefits to the test:

- Lightweight, durable magnesium body

- aluminum spool

- Perfect cord storage

- Fine adjustable brake system

- Anti-reverse backstop

- 10 stainless steel ball bearings

- Sturdy roll bar, stainless steel

- Ergonomic handle with soft-touch surface

- Includes spare spool

Inception 4000

New Inception 4000 rolls are ideal for Float or feeder fishing center. The by- sophisticated design with the wide but short Coil makes achieving great lengths since, Pull the cord faster and smoother may. In obtaining this design allows a precise line deposition on the spool. The Pros Parts of Inception 4000 Role:

- Lightweight, durable magnesium body

- Large aluminum core spool

- Perfect cord storage

- Fine adjustable brake system

- Anti-reverse backstop

- 10 stainless steel ball bearings

- Sturdy roll bar, stainless steel

- Ergonomic handle with soft-touch surface

- Includes spare spool