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Mammoth Spinning 1 The series for spin fishing with medium action and lace action, depending on the load-activation of the rod into a parabolic on passes. Thus this rod offers extreme reserves during Drill fish caught

Mammoth Spinning 2 The universal in this series spinning rod with medium action for almost every application. Also for fishing with floats forth- excellently suited.

Mammoth Spinning 3 The tail with the stiff and fast action. Besides Jerk Baits This rod can also pike and walleye entered sets are

Mammoth Spinning 4 The rod for the big fish with unmatched speed and stiff action. Light, perfect to use and unsurpassed surpassed in breaking security and stability. A rod, which itself the largest fish can withstand.

Mammoth Handmade The latest rod series of Byron combines traditional craftsmanship with the latest technologies for each rod is made individually by hand! That, of course, only the best materials are used com- men is obvious: out of high modulus carbon fiber material for the blank, SIC rings, handle AAA cork, premium reel seat and more. The result: a thin but extremely powerful Tail with the fastest action in a timeless design. The different lengths and casting weights are indi- vidually for each area of construction. Whether small or capital pike perch, with the new Byron Mammoth you are ready for any situation, and as many years find it. Next the high quality of the new bribe Byron Mammoth spinning rods to their attractive price for a 100% hand-made rod with quality components compared to industrially produced Spinning Rods!

Black Snapper Spinning 1 An ultra fine rod with a stiff backbone and sensitive tip. Specially developed for fishing with extremely light art bait.

Black Snapper Spinning 2 A rod with a universal range for spin fishing with spoons, spinners, plugs or silicone bait.

Black Snapper Spinning 3 A powerful series of rods for fishing with heavy spoons or for towing with larger lures.

Black Snapper Spinning 4 The rod for pike fishing or vertical jigging with larger- ίeren baits.

Black Snapper The innovative spinning rod series of Byron. Ultra-slim blanks and quality components in mo- dernem design. This series is a further highlight in Byron product. Extensive testing at Prior to the launch confirmed it:

- Fast tip action

- Lightweight for fatigue-free fishing

- Optimal balance

- Precise lure

- High power reserves in drill

The Black Snapper range includes various rods, designed for optimal use on the water. The blanks in this series Only high-quality carbon fiber products of the 'IN 10-N "is used. These carbon fiber blend is the basis for the extremely rapid action of the Black Snapper rods. The additional tion surface finishing of the blanks with a special nanostructure makes the rod tip elastic Blank and more resistant to breakage

Spinning Team whitefish New products - Byron team rod for fishing on fields Chen and whitefish. Especially suitable for vertical fishing from the boat. Well as extremely fine spinning rod ideal ge- suitable.

Spinning Light Team Light spinning rod for delicate fish for salmon and Perch. The fast tip action characterizes these rods.

Spinning Team Media Universal spinning rods with a wide range of uses. The low weight and perfect action make the use making this rod a pleasure.

Spinning Team Heavy Strong spinning rod with tip action. Suitable for light Jerk-fishing, and the use of artificial lures of all kinds or fishing with live bait.

Spinning Team Jerk For fishing with big baits for predatory fish, such as Pike and zander. And for trolling from a boat out- suitable outstanding.

Team Spinning 2020

Further improved team-2020-series of Byron is the logical successor of the best for years proven team series. The reason is obvious: an excellent price / performance ratio, per- but no compromise in quality, workmanship and design. The Byron Team Series offers a full range of affordable rods, covering all areas. The new 2013er models have been completely redesigned and optimized: new carbon fiber combinations lead Ren to faster action and a reliable backbone for powerful drills. Different Litter weights and lengths of the Spinning Team 2020 series it easier for you the best rod for your input to find sales area. The new design with a matte blank underlines the high quality of workmanship.


The rod series with the incredible price and performance ratio and the great quality! Only the high ac- acceptance of our customers and the associated high numbers make a sale on this Price possible. The X-Act rods are the perfect rods for cost-conscious beginners and experienced anglers, the equi your want to complete EQUIPMENT cost. Besides spinning rods for all applications including the X-act Series also match, feeder, and a series Winklepicker rods for catfish, the further back in the catalog are found.


Spinning Spinning rods in various actions, specifically designed for certain species of fish.

Travel XT

Before every holiday with our loved ones we ask ourselves the same questions: take rods? Vast sums pay for excess baggage? Fishing again without? The new TravelMate series of Byron, you have the perfect Solution for a relaxing holiday. This 4-piece rods have a consistent action and are for designed for universal use. From light spinning and float fishing to bottom fishing - regardless how you want to enjoy your vacation, XT with a travel you always have the right tail of it! The main advantage is its small size, so that the rods be taken safely for transport in the trunk can. The thin but powerful carbon fiber blanks and stable rings facilitate the drilling and Land the fish. The Travel XT series is also ideal for anglers who transport their equipment in a backpack suitable, which previously had telescopic rods in use.

Sensibility Ultralight

A sensitive rod-fitted solid carbon tip for ex- tremely fine and sensitive fish. Due to the low Ge Weight and balance is the perfect rod in the Hand and allows fatigue free fishing for several Hours. Original Fuji components round the quality of these Rod series from. The innovative design, especially in the area of Handpiece one hand improves the action and makes additional The Sensibility Ultralight unmistakable.

The ideal protection for your rod. 9024 neoprene band with Rod Protection With the broad band can be additionally The lead will be packed safely, without that the rod during transport can cause damage. Price: € 4.89 9023 neoprene belt Two narrow neoprene belts for practical matic fix the rods. Price: € 3.49

Blue Spirit

A rod with extremely sensitive action, but in the larger Fishing has the reserves to these to drill safely and lan the. The special feature of this rod is the hollow, universal compatibility gig shaped carbon tip that the action of this rod-op mized. With greater exposure, the force over the entire Rod distributed and must not be intercepted by the head alone be. The tip is on the first 35 cm extremely sensitive and then goes immediately into a stiff action. Details such as the Wooden holder with the Duralaluminium-fixing round the from elegant appearance.

Prestige Drop Shot

A sensitive rod-fitted solid carbon tip for the extremely fine fishing with slight drop-shot baits. Besides the perfectly balanced action, this rod offers the dignified and the highest quality workmanship of the components used: roll holder with wood grain Deposit, SIC guides, cork of AAA quality, the thread Roll holder made of aluminum with stainless steel, as well as multi-modular Carbon fiber mats.

Mammoth Predator

A series of spinning rods from ultralight to medium Spinning. Blank thin, fast action and unsurpassed Stability, as with Byron posting any Mammoth Rod

Unbreakable top of six individual Shot glass.

Top with Spectra fiber wrapped.

X-act spinning for catfish Spinning rods in a specially tuned action for catfish. The Lengths up to 240 cm are ideal for fishing from the Boat, while the longer rod for fishing from the shore were developed.

Firestick Actually, we should this rod series "Unbreakable"-ie without decomposition brechlich hot. By seamlessly transitioning into the Blank Fiberglass tip is this rod series is extremely flexible and unbreakable secure. Ideal as an "indestructible" spinning and boat rod.

Lord X-Treme As the name implies, rods for fishing for capital Big-fish. Designed for the toughest loads and produced stelllt using the most suitable carbon fibers. Wei- Other advantages of these rods: Byron Power Backbone, SIC guides with extremely stable frame, made of aluminum reel seat order and stainless steel. The ideal rod for salmon, pike, catfish and other capitals, combative predators.

Action Point

- Byronflex Under the three ring material from the fiber-reinforced carbon fiber Byronflex switches to a high modulus carbon fiber. This composite fiber provides:

- Faster action

- More sense when drilling

- Higher stability

SIC ring with Reinforcement

Usage Rod with both Multi-role and with fixed spool reel possible

Triple Force

The name says it all with this new rod series of Byron. "Triple" is one part of the three fishing techniques - spinning, Jerking and sea fishing - for these rods have been developed on the other hand carbon fiber for the three components of existing, new, which was used for the blank of these rods. "Force" is the power inherent in these rods. The area of application of the Triple Force rods ranging from boat fishing on local lakes to sea fishing in Norwegian fjords. By the large and stable Rings are the Triple Force rods also ideal for Huchenfischen. Just big fish you can reliably with these rods drill, as the strong backbone absorbs the escapes combative fish from reliable. The classic design and the The use of top grade components round off the visual appearance of the Triple Force series. Suitable for Using fixed and multiplier reels.

Triple Force 1

Triple use: - Spin fishing with casting weight 80 - 150 g - Jerking with baits 45-100 g - Sea fishing with lures 70 to 175 g

Triple Force 2

Triple use: - Spin fishing with casting weight 90 to 180 g - Jerking with baits 80 - 130 g - Sea fishing with lures 90 to 220 g

Triple Force 3

Triple use: - Spin fishing with casting weight 100 - 250 g - Jerking with baits 90 to 150 g - Sea fishing with lures 125-300 g

Black Mammoth Surf

The blank of the rod was worn thin by the air resistance was to reduce the rods during the throw. The Wurfei- properties by the state of the art have been op- optimized and the requirements of the best surf fishing adjusted. The two series for surf fishing were developed jointly with our partners in Portugal and be- already been successfully used at the championships.

Black Mammoth float

The series is specially designed for Black Mammoth float fishing developed by the cliffs. This rod series is dimensionless oniert that therefore fish are raised up to 2.5 kg can. This will also have the chance of high-Klip to fish pen where you are no longer the fish nets can. These rods are a masterpiece of technology and are the safe.

Byron Travel XR 25

A sensitive telescopic rod that the material through their construction Sectioned rod is very close. Ideally suited for light Spin fishing or for fishing with the pose

Byron Travel XR 55 and 120

Two series of telescopic rods, perfectly-ausbalan by their bribe forces behind action. The Travel XR 120 is the ideal rod for carp fishing

X-act telescopic rods

Telescopic rods in different action. The rods have an- NEN cork handle and feature the small transport length

X-act telescopic rods

Telescopic rods with powerful action and the shared handle for long casts

Tri Fibre 25 g

A series of rods with lighter action for spin fishing and for Fishing with the pose.

Tri Fibre 50 g

A universal rod series, in short lengths for spin fish and in the longer versions of the whitefish.

Tri Fibre 90 g

A powerful universal rod with the optimal casting weight 40-90 g.

Tri Fibre 140 g

Especially in the more powerful versions does the technology the particular combination of fiber. The metal fibers reinforce- ken the blank in addition, and the carbon-epoxy technology Rod gives enormous power.

Tri Fibre 190 g

A series of rods for extreme union benefits. In length with 390 cm, there is a special design with a split Handle for optimal casting position of the tail.

Tri Fibre 300 g

The extreme rods with the highest weight for the harder-throwing test loads.

Tri Fibre

As the name implies, these telescopic rods and glass from three different carbon fiber mixtures produced. The Tri Fibre series is definitely one of the toughest series in our program. This property is located on the power backbone. The backbone of the rod is stable, extremely elastic and almost unbreakable. Around this core then the other materials are wound, the rod depending on the action be adapted to the corresponding bending curves. At the end of the blank is a double Metal fiber reinforced winding. This enables the construction of telescopic rods with casting weight up to 300g and up to 390cm in length. The handle is also wrapped in leather, and for optimum grip while throwing to ensure when drilling

Power Backbone

Power Backbone The unbending backbone of the rod for extreme Loads.

Epoxy C 24

The curing of carbon fiber for less Weight and a much better Action of the rod.

Fibre Metal Metal fibers on the surface for enhancing the rod structure.

Texton IM 7

The rods Texton IM 7 are slightly more robust model. The Material is slightly heavier and therefore extremely widerstands hig. While Texton-IM-10-rods for extremely light-Fi people with an unrivaled fast and sensitive action were developed, the rods Texton IM 7 for fishing better suited to larger fish. Also the cord thickness can be chosen higher. The Texton IM 7 are ideal for Fishing for carp, bream and tench, as a stronger Action also allows the drilling of larger fish.

X-act Pole

The Pole rod for the beginner, but still something specialidem on the tip of the following part is a construction with which the cord can be fixed. By the Monday may be controlled, the length of the cord and this be quickly adapted to your own wishes.

Texton IM 10

Over 10 years through the Texton was the measure of all IM-8-Din ge in the Poles. But after a decade be. It could also be in this area again a novelty to also for the following years a new standard set. The new material is lighter, the action of the rod is still faster. Also this is only for successor the true experts who know exactly how to use a sol- Chen device has to handle. Byron is sure the IM 10 also again many fans see the competition fishermen.

Texton IM 8

Bolognese Rods for master and expert in fish Poles and the fish with the Bolognese. Just the expert should also use these rods, which allow, with extremely thin To fish cords. The ideal lines for these rods lie conditions with a thickness of maximum 0.16 mm. Due to the low Weight these rods are extremely comfortable to hold and permit ben effortless fishing for several hours.

GXR series

These rods are characterized by their price-performance ratio nis. Due to the large number of combinations options with the help of GiS - system can the rods for many areas of fishing be used. Another advantage lies in the Combination of technologies "Fusion, Core and Sun Magic Step "of the tail even at the most expensive Preston be used.

GXR 3600 - 16m

Further upgrades for the 2013, the GXR has 3600 many properties that otherwise only in much more expensive rods to are found. It is easy to fishing even in length of 16 m. By Suncore and fusion technology is the Tail stiff and extremely fast in the action. In delivery fang is a comprehensive Accessory Kit, the This rod also for betting fischer interesting. ELASTIC RATING 18 with Power Kits 12 with match kits PACKAGE 1 x GXR 3600 16m Pole 3 x GXR Match Top 3 Kits 5 x GXR Power Top 2 Kits 1 x Mini Extension 1 x Kup Kit & Kups 1 x Genis 10 Tube Holdall GXR3600/16M Price: € 2.095, -

GXR 2600 - 16m Build on the many Years convincing Blank the GXR 2001 is the new Model is more rigid and strengthen ker than its predecessor. With the comprehensive kit - Package this rod is just-he successfully be. For it is certainly one of the best rods in the middle price range. ELASTIC RATING 18 with Power Kits 12 with match kits PACKAGE 1 x GXR 2600 16m Pole 2 x Match Top 3 Kits 2 x Power Top 2 Kits 2 x Pulla Kits 1 x Mini Extension 1 x Kup Kit & Kups 1 x Pole Holdall GXR2600/16M Price: € 1.350,-

GXR 1600 - 16m

The successor to the lay- GXR achieved legendary 1001 a much higher degree of Speed and stiffness. The tail is also a additional extension part of 150 cm equipped. A rod, which by their un- Handsome believable value for Ratio stands. ELASTIC RATING 18 with Power Kits 12 with match kits PACKAGE 1 x GXR 1600 16m Pole 2 x Match Top 3 Kits 2 x Pulla Kits 1 x Mini Extension 1 x Kup Kit & Kups 1 x Pole Holdall GXR1600/16M Price: € 1.095, -

GXR Tyson - 14.5m

A brand new extension The GXR series. The Tyson a cane full-Kraftreser tive and to the fish by Specimen Carp completed agrees. ELASTIC RATING 20 + with Power Kits 14 with match kits PACKAGE 1 x GXR Tyson 14.5 m poles 2 x Power Top 2 Kits 1 x Pulla Kits 1 x Mini Extension 1 x Kup Kit & Kups 1 x Pole Holdall GXRTYSN/14.5M Price: € 895,-

By the use of Genis Integration System (GIS) Top Kits all rods in the series Your personal desires completed be true.

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