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Professional and Commercial A Grade Nets (NZ Made) with braided lead core rope.

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Recreational Nets with Leads on Bottom Rope


New Zealand

Fishing Nets

Quality CNets and ustom made fishing nets

Flounder Drag

Fishing Net

7mm Braided Lead Core bottom rope

avamiable 20-40m x 4- 3/4" (119mm) x 25 x Meshes Deep 0.50mm Mono Mesh Series

20 to 40m x 4- 5/8" (118mm) x 25 x Meshes Deep 18 ply

Piper Drag

Fishing Net

Quality and strong Nets Made with 7mm Top Rope and 7mm bottom

avaliable series 1" 100md x 0.35 x mono x 20-40m

1" mesh x 100md 6 ply x 20-40m

1 1/2 mesh x 0.35mm Nylon x 60md x 20 to 60 m


Fishing Net

5mm top and bottom ropes nets , with leads on bottom rope
avaliable series for 6 and 7mm

FLOUNDER - Complete

Fishing Net

Not suitable for surf beachs, dragging, or areas Nets for sheltered waters
Series 5" Multi Mono 25MD Grey 0.15mm x 6 and 0.35mm


Fishing Net

Snapper NZ Nets

avaliable series Normal Strength, Stronger, Larger Fish and Stronger and Extra large fish and stronger
5" (127mm) x 0.50 x 25md 6mm lead core rope x 60m - NS

5" (127mm) x 0.60 x 15-25 md 6mm lead core rope x 60m - Stronger Series

5 1/2" (140mm) x 0.60 x 15- 30md 6mm and lead core rope x 60m for big fish nets

6 1/4" (150mm) x 0.60 x 15-20 md 6mm lead core rope x 60m - Extra Nets

Fishing Nets

Quality series By Beckman TM (

The finest in fishing tackle -

A complete and perfect nets dates to the 1960's.


Fishing Net

"Pen Nets" Series are lighter and rubber fishing nets for less thrashing and easier fisherman handling.

Series Pro Nets -20" x 16" hoop/bag 30" plus extendable handle, Sizes: 8" x 36", 22" x 18",26" x 24" and 3...more>>

Fishnet Co ( Louisiana Fishing nets covering the commercial fishing industry to include realy all types of netting include custom people netting needs.

Cast Series

Fishing Net

Sportsman Series - Heavy Duty Floating
polyethylene line, braided hand loop designed for
maximum spread & flatness. 3/8" Mono-Clear, 3/8" Nylon - White and 1/4" Nylon - White S available in varius sizes 3" to 8"

Pro - 3/8" Mono-Blue, 1" Mono - Blue and 1/4" Mono - Clear, Heavy Duty, Extra Strong nets long 26", available in varius sizes 3" to 12"

Pro-Select - 26 foot Heavy Duty, ...more>>

Betts - Tackle ( The finest in fishing tackle

A complete and perfect - designed bay fishiing product line. All of the Aggravator Series provides an excellent spread of marketproducts.

Betts Fishing Nets

Quality net-series By Betts


Fishing Net

Total weight, guality introductory net series than 3/4 lb. per foot.complete packed,equippet with instructions,avaliable in box or vinyl bag.

Series : mono -3/8 mesh,1/2 -mesh and Nylon -3/8 mesh...see more>>

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The Scierra Folding Salmon Net is a smart foldable solution that helps you pack a big net that won’t cause you too much trouble when transporting it to and from the river - or when wading the river.

When fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon and finally hooking up with one of those chrome monsters, you need a big net.

It collapses into a manageable size, and it comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder rim. The net is made from aluminium, and it features a reinforced net block and fish friendly rubber mesh for catch and release fishing. The net frame measures 65 x 70cm, and the handle is 88cm long. For more details and info, visit: