The Raw 2 Reels

High Performance reels from the family range of Okuma products of float reels designed with incredible balance from Precision aluminum frame and Durable and Lightweight Type-II spool plus 2 high-grade stainless steel ball-bearings made in Germany, were constructed to be more resistant to saltwater and to to provide an low-inertia and ultra-smooth spin, making it the perfect tool for float fishing, than standard stainless steel bearings in other fishing reels manufacturers. There are a number of important considerations when selecting a centerpin reel, including: diameter, spool weight, ergonomics, finish, design, balance, bearings, maintenance, tolerances or durability, Okuma Raw 2 combines them all in ONE.

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Okuma's new line of baitcast low profile fish reels pack smooth, yet rugged features into compact packages thar are no nonseasense a true joy to fish.

Okuma Reels and Systems

Adding to the highly successful line trio spinning reels are three new speed Okuma models, with the same durable crossover strong construction and light for all day comfort.

We are condfident you'll find the right and perfect fishing rods and reels for whatever species you're after.


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Fishing Reels

Lever Drag Reels

Makaira 'SEa'

This Okume reel is as smooth as it is sleek design with its Carbonite Dual Force drag system featuring Cal’s universal drag grease and for increased torque - its helical cut gears.

Its over sized comfort handle and lower low speed two-speed gearing versus the original Makaira reel serve up extreme torque for the SEa version. The Makaira SEa manufactured from machined aluminum frame is a great edition to the already popular Okuma Makaira family.

The internationals are indeed built to take a beating , but they are no match for the new makaira line of reels from okuma. You can replace your penn 80 vsw with a Okuma Makaira 30 ll Sea reel. It smaller than 30 international it weighs less than most 20's and has 55lbs of drag at full 37 at strike. And it has a 5 year warranty. Hopefully Penn will soon follow suit with a mini powerhouse like this . Just bought 3 of them and it's nice to fight the fish without fighting your GIANT tackle.

Spinning Reels

Series VSystem

Standard performance model reel with stainless steel corrosion resistant ball bearings, aluminum spool for spinning fishing with ultimate spinning technology, Dual Force Drag system and multi-disc system and unmatched stability

8 to 14 kg Max Drag Force

Series Salina

Spinning model reel with stainless steel corrosion resistant ball bearings, anti-reverse roller bearing and extremely strong alloy composition with a special anti-corrosion coating.

8 to 15 kg Max Drag Force

Series Trio

Spinning Okuma reel series with Dual Force Drag system and stainless steel anti-reverse roller bearing.Dual force drag system is proven ti be the smoothest and most powerful.Okuma Trio - a new coil in the design, which uses a combination of materials from aluminum and graphite. In fact, the idea is not too new, such decisions often uses SHIMANO. Coil housing and handle are made of aluminum, the rotor of a combination of graphite and aluminum. But it's quite possible you'll be equally in awe of the new Crossover construction,which lightweight graphite.

8 to 11 kg Max Drag Force

Series Raw

Aluminum body & anodized spool Spinning Okuma reels with Force Drag system and and stainless steel anti-reverse roller bearing.

8 to 15 kg Max Drag Force

Series Espina

Aluminum body & anodized spool Spinning High speed avzilable reels with Force Drag system and and stainless steel anti-reverse roller bearing.

4 to 9,5kg Max Drag Force

Series Lexsan

Graphite Rotor and body Spinning reels with Elliptical Oscillation System, drag system and and stainless steel anti-reverse roller bearing.

4 to 7,5kg Max Drag Force

Series Travertine

Graphite Rotor and body Spinning reels with 3 bearing drive system

3,5 to 10 kg Max Drag Force

Series Atomic

Graphite spool Spinning reels with 1 ball bearing

2,5 to 15 kg Max Drag Force

Series Distance

Graphite spool Spinning reels with 1 ball bearing

9kg Max Drag Force

OkumaBaitcasting Reels

Series VSystem

V-system low profile Titanium-coated Baitcasting reels with 1 ball bearing with 9 stainless steel and anti reverse ball bearings

23 to 26 kg Max Drag Force

Series Nemesis

Titanium-coated and Carbonite drag system Baitcasting reels

23 to 26 kg Max Drag Force

Series Virage

Carbonite drag system Baitcasting reels with anti-reverse 1 ball bearing and Machined "Hi-Rise" spool system

26 kg Max Drag Force

Series Virage

Anodized aluminum frame Baitcasting reels with right and left aluminum side plates, gold anodized spool and Carbonite drag system

4,5 kg Max Drag Force

OkumaStar and Lever Drag Reels

Series Cedros

Star Drag reels with anodized side plates, Multi-disc Carbonite caged drag system, anti-reverse stainless steel roller bearing

12,7 kg Max Drag Force

Series Magnetix

Stronger Star Drag graphite frame reels with 100% Waterpoof Magnetic Control System for easily manage the amount of spool and best Balanced reel Handle

23 to 37 kg Max Drag Force

Series Solterra

Lever Drag Two-speed models available, Solterra Reels, corrosion resistant frame and side plates with reinforcing and High Speed 6.2:1 gear ratios, also Left handed models of this series available

Okuma Magnetix -Reels


Okuma Lightweight graphite - body, Magnetic braking system, machined anonized rigid solid frame overhead fishing reels with lifetim Warranty. Reels from ultra-light spin to big game fishing are manufactured with features that will improve your catch-rate. This Reels gives this reel the utmost strength. The Magnetix reel does possess a machined alloy spool in aluminum and oversized gearing similar to the MagSystem + the oversized ergonomic and comfortable power handle.

MagNetix Overhead Range of Model Reels:

Model Bearings/ Gear Ratio/ KG/M
MG 20CS 2+1 6.2:1 8/170
MG 30CS 2+1 6.2:1 10/340
MG 45CS 2+1 6.2:1 12/340
Level Wind
MG 20LS 2+1 6.2:1 8/170
MG 30LS 2+1 6.2:1 10/340
MG 45LS 2+1 6.2:1 12/340

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Okuma Reels for sale:


- Modern Japanese manufacturer

It is possible that someone has not heard the name OKUMA, but throughout the world fishermen have long been caught rigging the firm. She began work as many other companies, and in 1987 was a small manufacturer of fishing tackle. For 15 years she worked OKUMA supplier for many well known stores. But over the past few years the company has moved away from its role as the anonymous provider and invested millions of dollars in developing their own Okuma models. "There is no limit to perfection" - so says the CEO, Charles Zhang. Under his leadership, Okuma able to enter the world market under his own name. Not every manufacturer of fishing gear is able to "compete" with well-known trademarks. However, commitment to quality, reliability, innovation and accessibility allowed OKUMA win the confidence of fishermen around the world. Currently OKUMA one of the three world leaders in production of a complete program of reels for spinning, fly and trolling. Millions of reels sold in Europe, America and Australia. Successfully caught on the gear OKUMA and employees. Most of them are ardent fishermen and, therefore, seek to make their products perfect. Constructors and designers of the company are looking for new solutions not from other companies, as often happens with many famous brands, but for ordinary fishermen - that we have with you. This is not a bluff. Just OKUMA company looks at the world through the eyes of anglers. OKUMA has a reputation as a company that has set for itself the priorities of the novelty and quality. That OKUMA became the first company to manufacture the coils, which was very strict production quality certificates ISO-9001 and research work of the ISO-9002. Technical equipment of the company's plants is not inferior equipment well-known manufacturers. OKUMA also maintains close contact with the leading Japanese manufacturer. Modern materials and modern technology - that's the key to success OKUMA. Quality control is carried out at all stages of production until packaging. By price indices OKUMA unlikely to find unmatched. Due to high volume production and efficient distribution system (a network of sales offices around the world) price level remains very attractive to consumers. Never before had you not only pay for quality and novelty of the developments.

OKUMA Reels-Technology for the future

EOS - Elliptical Oscillation System-Technology

The revolutionary design has been patented in several countries around the world and is the soul of the company Okuma, which produces a spinning reel middle and upper class. EOS design involves the use of gear vibration, providing an ideal laying fishing lines, improved smooth running and most long-lasting durability. Gear EOS permanently employed, which provides an incredibly smooth ride cops and prevents the formation of backlash, which is characteristic of many reels.

Double Friction Drag (DFD)

DFD involve the both surfaces of the spool to maximize the effectiveness of the brakes, load balancing and smooth running. Located at the top of a spool that is protected by Hydro Block (prevents water penetration), this multi-disk system is running in parallel with the auxiliary brake system, located under the spool. Load is distributed evenly on both sides of the spool for maximum stability.

Extreme Elements Bearings (E2BB)

Stainless steel bearings can withstand the rigors of fishing in the sea. Testing has shown that they are 10 times stronger and more reliable than conventional stainless steel bearings. Hardened stainless steel and ceramic balls provide a more smooth running, reliability and durability.

High Performance Bearings Technology (HPB)

These bearings were designed for use in any environment. For many years, the company producing fishing gear used standard stainless steel bearings on reels for sea fishing, but using the latest technological innovation, Okuma improve their performance and durability. HPB bearings outlast not only any similar model in stainless steel, but possibly the most fisherman. They are used in the coils for marine fishing and the series of Titus Gold, VS, Aveon, Astral, Inspira and Alumina.

AlumiLite - Aluminum Body Construction

The design of lightweight aluminum incorporates new technology Okuma production of lightweight aluminum casing, which is used in spinning and beytkastingovyh coils. Aluminum housing is very tough and can withstand neveroyatnouyu load at a pressure not him and torsional forces. Housing also provides a precise tolerances between moving parts for smooth running and longevity. Used in models of VS, Aveon, Inspira, and Alumina.

Stainless Steel Body Armour Technology

Coating of stainless steel Body Armour eliminates deformation trolling reel with a graphite shell. This new technology represents a 2 big steel rings, stainless steel, which are installed inside the drive side. These hoops are integrated into case design Armour, used in a series Convector-55 size.

SLG - Speed Lock Pinion Gear System

New technology SLG is a double gear wheel gear on the coils star drag, which provides a better grip on the extremely high speeds. This feature is ideal for anglers who specialize in fishing for these powerful fish like wahoo, karanks, dorado, sailfish, mako shark. SLG system provides continuous contact with the fish through the mechanism of spools, cops and hook even the most rapid spurt of fish at a rate of more than 50 miles per hour. Available on all models, Catalina, Convector and all beytkastingovyh coils of 400.

Self Lubricating Gear System

Self-lubricating gear system is used in all standard models trollinogovyh reels Okuma star drag. The system includes a brass bushing that is impregnated with temperature-sensitive engine oil. The main mechanism revolves around the drive shaft, generating heat. As the heating system of self-lubricating gear, it squirts oil, which cools the mechanism for smooth operation. Used in a series of Catalina and the Convector.

Rulidium Technology

This patented mother has great potential in the adjustment of the brake system of super fine to coarse tuning. These super smooth washers rulidiuma reduce heat and friction at the work coil. These washers are equipped with some models of Okuma from the braking system and beytkastingovye star drag reels.

Rotor reels equalizing system

Stabilization system of the rotor of the second generation RES System contains a balanced weight, calculated on a computer that is optimal for the motion of the rotor. This weight provides a precise balance, and eliminates the rocking motion of the spool, which is important for precise adjustment and smooth rotation of the rotor.

The even flow roller system

Smooth progress of the rotor system is ensured by using a ball bearing roller lesoukladyvatelya for maximum efficiency. Roller helps reduce twisting twine through the free rotation of the roller without friction. Without this device, fishing line starts spinning when the brakes.

Waterproof Drag Technology

Waterproof brake equipped some models of fly reels Okuma. This braking system is 100% waterproof, protected by several annular uplotneneniyami soaked in oil. This system requires no maintenance and can be opened only service technician Okuma.

Blade Body Design
This item reduces the profile body coil, with its reduced weight and volume of the coil, this design makes it much easier and more compact, and incredibly attractive.

Baitfeeding System

The patented system allows the angler to work off the spool spinning reel, allowing the bait to go free. This is achieved through a secondary micro-controlled braking system in the rear of the coil, which allows you to fine tune the spool for better control baits. To disable this system, you simply turn the switch. Switch On / Off at the rear of the coil automatically shuts the system, and you can start vyvazhivanie fish using the main system.


- Cheap Fishing Spinning Reels

Okuma "Helix"-II

Designed Spin Reel with quickset system for instant handle engagement! feature traditional reels tackle designs with the modern technology. 5br ball bearings for ultimate smoothness, 1 quick-set antireverse roller bearing and Hydro block water tight drag seal. Okuma Company brings you the most innovative reels available to put you at the top of your game. Multi disk Japanese oiled felt drag washers

Okuma "Helix" II H-65

Spin Reel with Capacity: 540yds/12lbs


Femme Fatale Reels and Combos

The Femme Fatale combos and Femme Reel from Okuma, come with a Lifetime Warranty on the reel and 3 years Warranty on the fish rod. Reel ,EOS gearing, with 4 ball bearings, sealed multi-disk drag and Okuma's integrated solid tip rod. The rod specifically designed for female anglers are manufactured in F Glass tabular Graphite for better sensitivity and s.power.Rods is available in 4 different sizes; 6'6", 7' Spin light, 019 7' General Šurpose, 10' Surf, 5'6" Baitcast in black and pink ladies colours.

Trade News:

"Okuma™" and "Svendsen" -strengthen alliance

Okuma™ Fishing Company and Svendsen Sport, Taiwan, have announced a closer working plans and partnership for long time investment as part of a joint strategy for Okuma to take a leading position in EU.European Okuma Works Manager "Gunnarsson" explains: "Okuma provide unique technology and, to bring the brand to a higher level, Okuma and Svendsen Sport have increased the cooperation between their development teams and will in future have a much closer partnership concerning both product development and distribution.

"The advantage for both parties Is that we can share knowledge and fishing market intelligence across EU. This will prove to be of great importance to our customers as they will not only receive the newest technology but will also see a programme that complies more to the market in europe "

Gunnarsson points to the fact that Okuma is one of few brands with its own development, moulding moulding, facility, engineers and manufacturing as key advantages in giving it an edge over competitors.

EFTTEX -2010 will play a key part in the companies' marketing programms. Their display at the show will include a special fishing rod programms aimed at the EU market, along with their entire US range of saltwater rods and boat. They will also be showing the latest and modern technological reel products from their German-engineers, including a new, patented spinning series reel. This modern technology is used in most of the new Okuma range such as Okuma™ "Makaira" and Okuma "Trio" Reels.

Okuma-TRIO Reel

Okuma-MAKAIRA Reel(New Force Drag Technology)

More than 10 engineers and professionals, reel and rod technical staff and top designers from Okuma will attend the show to meet European customers in order to leam more about OKUMA and the fish market today and to listen to special wishes and demands in EU.

"The clear sign from Okuma™ at this year's "EFTTEX" will be to show that it considers Europe as one of the very important markets for future growth and that Okuma Tackle Company is prepared to put considerable investment into taking a leading position there in the future."

Svendsen Sport has just released its Tackle-Guide /2010, containing lots of exciting new products from brands including Savagear™, Okuma, Imax, Prologic™, and Hansen companies.


Fishing line on the reel

Note: It is important to load your line on the reel under some form of tension as it will bed down correctly on the spool and reduce the risk of tangles. An easy way of achieving this, even when you're alone - is to throw the spool of line in a bucket of water. Next, attach your reel to your rod, tie the line on the reel's drum, and steadily wind through your fingers ensuring a nice even spread of monofilament line.

Okuma Float Reels

The Aventa Reels

Successful designed by Okuma reel for center-pin angling. The Fully Machined float reel called "Aventa" , an advanced example of incredible freespool and precision alignment. Made lightweight from one Piece Machined Rigid Frame Construction, Anodized Aluminum Spools and German quality Ball Bearings , sets a new standard in the market for fully-machined float reels, Its more than just reel. While an off and on click ratchet provides tension to prevent overruns, Aventa exposed rim provides easy palming.