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The "Omen"

Black Series Casting & Spinning Rods

Both Rods are designed for anglers that looking for the best fast actions Fishing Rods value in fishing. The inovative Black Series from 13 offers features usually found in other brands on rods twice the price.

Black Series features custom handles, titanium Framed Evolve guides plus Zirconia Inserts. Some of the Omen models are only available in limited quantities. Rods for you, If you love to go fishing but you don't have anything strong enough to make it through the thick stuff that is taking over our local lakes.
It's Heavy rods for heavy fish.

Various fishing rods companies have tried but none can compare to 13 Fishing. Every time yio are on the water its bliss. But nothing beats the first day out with a new Omen rod. Many anglers have been using the omen rods and concept A reels and they love them.

Black Spinning Rods Series "Omen"

available models:

Omen Black A Model 6'10" L Spinning Rod
Omen Black A Model 6'10" L Spinning Rod

Omen Black 6'3" M Spinning Rod

Omen Black 6'7" M Spinning Rod

Omen Black A Model 7'1" L Spinning Rod

Omen Black 7'3" M Spinning Rod

Omen Black 7'1" M Spinning Rod

Omen Black 6'7" ML Spinning Rod

Omen Black 7'1" MH Spinning Rod

Omen Black 6'10" ML Spinning Rod

Omen Black 7'1" ML Spinning Rod

Omen Black A Model 6'7" MH Spinning Rod

Black Casting Rods Series "Omen"

the guides on a Omen rod

The guides on the Casting Rod are attached very firmly to the bank and they are very resistant to bending. Keep in mind
If a fishing rod part is going to fail, more times than not it will be one or more of the rod-line-guides, but these Omen 13 guides hold up well to all kinds of abuse in fishing.

It's a solid piece of gear, very well-built rods, quiet and urable. Without pop and crackle when under a load. As for right now the omen black rods has greatly filled the task as well as the freshwater task.

Maybe You would take it to all the bass tours you fish and drag and show off that sweet Lil teardrop would even put it on an omen black rod to draw attention to it.

The handle - it’s made of EVA foam not of cork and it's eliminates any of those stubborn cork stains on the sides of angler's clothes.

Regardless of the fishing situation, angler won’t have to worry about getting your line. The blank of the casting rod is very low-profile and the hook keeper is located above the reel seat.

There is no comparison. For the money there is no other rod on the market that comes close. Check out the Omen reviews on Tackle Warehouse:

Give it a try. You will not be disappointed.

The Omen Black Casting Rod Series starts at $99.99 and performs better than many more expensive models of casting rod.

available models:

Omen Black 6' Med Mod Casting
Omen Black A Model 6'3" M Casting Rod
Omen Black 6' Med Mod Casting Rod
Omen Black 7'11" H Casting Rod
Omen Black 7'3" H Casting Rod
Omen black 7'3" MH Casting Rod
Omen Black 6'7" MH Casting Rod
Omen Black 7'1" M Casting Rod

Omen Black 7'3" M Casting Rod

Omen Black 7'1" MH Casting Rod
Omen Black 6'7" M Casting Rod
Omen Black 7'1" H Casting Rod
Omen Black 7'6" MH Casting Rod

Omen Black A Model 6'10" ML Casting Rod
Omen Black A Model 6' MH Casting Rod
Omen Black 6'10 M Casting Rod

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Omen experience

Josef Leutner A bass boat comes careaning around the bank up ahead at mach 5. This was no ordinary boat, this un-mistakeable black boat with the words "make your own luck" was making a bee line right for me. As it slowed i couldnt beleive my eyes, it was none other than Stetson blaylock!

NO WAY I thought, but it was true, he was coming to talk to me. Stetson look at me and then at my OMEN. "your the one I was looking for"" my co-angler got sick all of a sudden and I cant win this team tourny without your help!! Will you fish with me? I tried holding back my excitement and agreed. Stetson and I went out and won that tournament with a 5 fish bag weighing 35 lbs. Nobody and no fish stood a chance against us and our 13 rods that day - by Josef L.

It started glowing green. Just then I felt the infamous "tick" of a bass inhaling my jig. I rip back and to my surprise, the biggest bass known to man lurches from the water.

After a tireless fight and sore arms I land the beast! The mojo of the Omen Black had just hooked the new world record at 26lbs 3oz! Thanks 13 fishing for creating the ultimate pig sticker - Adam P.

I set the hook on the most amazing fish. we battled from sunrise to sun set that day, neither would give an inch. my Omen flexed every time the spectacular fish shook its head. He would take 10 feet and I would gain 10 ft. around mid day I had yet to even see this fish. I was exhausted and ready to give in but the fish still pulled and the Omen still flexed. I saw my line begin to rise I in knew that he was coming. with a great kick from his tale and a splash of water that sent waves cresting to all shores the fish launched himself to the sky! it was a largemouth, a largemouth like no other.

I could see its bright green back and black bar down its side and they were the brightest green and blackest black that I have ever seen.

As the fish re entered the water and I watched the black strip on his tail disappear into the lake I was rejuvenated again. nearing dark my Omen was still going strong although I am quite sure both the fish and I had become weak and weary. Finally I started to gain ground. foot after foot I pulled on my Omen and it pulled in the fish.

Finally I pulled the fish to the surface. as he lay next to the boat fatigued from to battle I looked down on him with the greatest respect for such a magnificent creature, knowing all to well that I could not have won this epic struggle with out my 13 Omen rod. I reached down and pulled the hook from his mouth and watched him descend back into the dark water. I never even took him out for a picture. some things are just best left to the imagination. said Chris C.