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Manufactured and designed with love from fisherman to fisherman, Orvis Vests offers plenty of compartments and pockets so that your fishing hooks, lures and essentials are well organized and close at hand. 65% of reviewers would recommend this fishing Vests Brand to a friend.

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Orvis - fly fishing - quality men's and women's fly fishing clothing, Performance and lighter fly fishing vest for the best price, and hunting gear, clothing and accessories. In additional pet, home, and gift products.


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Fly Fishing Vests

Quallity series By Orvis TM

The Ultralight Fishing Vest by Orvis

2018 Ultralight Fishing Vest in front and back

The Ultralight Fishing Vest offers a brand new sleek and modern, but functional low-profile design that keeps load closer to the body of angler. Designed from lightweight ,treated with DWR dries faster material. New Ultralight vest is breathes better. Fishing vest comes equipped with 11 pockets - 4 interior, 6 exterior and 1 rear pocket. If nothing else It's made you pair down your equipment. The only thing you can "added" is a a double retractor with Tie-Fast nippers/nail knot tool and a pair of hemostats.

A small chest pouch works well. Some can be used as a bench as well. A minimalist vest - great for ant covered rivers where putting gear down isn't an option.

Sizes S(34-36), M(38-40), L(42-44), XL(46-48), XXL(50-52).

Orvis Series "Hydros®" Strap Fishing Vest

More capacity equipped with 28 pockets and Lighter than other fly Vests. This men's adjustable Hydros® is awesome. It is very comfortable, all your fly fishing boxes and other fishing gear and accessories fit perfectly. Most anglers y like the pouches in the rear for water bottles that you reach while you are wading without having to take the fly vest off. Washable and Nylon with DWR coating, with adjustable suspension that allows custom fit.

These prices of $149 are hard to beat so if you are looking to buy something for yourself or you are looking to get that someone special a Christmas gift come on buy and check us out. 

Sizes: S(34-36), M(38-40), L(42-44), XL(46-48), XXL(50-52)

Orvis Series "Clearwater" Fishing Vest

Fly fishing Vest in 55% cotton and 45% polypopl with nylon buckle closure in front and rib knit nylon collar. The vest is washable available in tan, olive.
Pockets: Twelve pockets and ample cargo pocket
Sizes: S(34-36), M(38-40), L(42-44), XL(46-48), XXL(50-52)

Series "Battenkill" Fishing Vest

Durable, fast-drying Orvis designed to deliver practical functionality and performance Fly fishing Vest in lightweight fabric -nylon Supplex with a stretch mesh.
Pockets: 7 interior pockets + 3 easy access exterior pockets
The vest is washable and water resistant available in olive.
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Get on the water with everything you need with our fishing Vest, allow comfort for long days on the water and fishing!

"Battenkill" Fishing Mesh Vest

Durable, fast-drying Orvis designed to deliver practical functionality and performance Fly fishing Vest in lightweight fabric Supplex (fast drying, water and sun resistant) in a cooler and most lightweight version.
Pockets: 7 interior pockets + 3 exterior pockets.

The vest is washable and water resistant available in olive.
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

"Clearwater" Fishing Mesh Vest

Durable, fast-drying Orvis designed to deliver practical functionality and performance Fly fishing Vest in lightweight fabric -nylon Supplex with a stretch mesh.
Pockets: 7 interior pockets + 3 solid exterior pocket systems to hold all your fishing packets and accessories. The vest is washable and 100% water resistant available in olive colours.
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Super Wading "Tac-L-Pak" Fishing Vest

Functional Vest in 55% cotton and 45% polypopl.
Pockets: total 27 pockets, Two large bellowed chest pockets with hook and loop closure for everything you need.

Someone with the time to set on it for a while could get 2-3 x's this price of $139 eventually. The vest is great for bass/crappie/brim fishing also, by the way. Keeps everything you need within arm's reach. No more fumbling through the tackle box looking for line snips.
The vest is washable and 100% water resistant available in olive, Tan colours.
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXL

Super loaded "Tac-L-Pak" Fishing Vest

Functional and performance fully loaded (snips,ly box,flies etc )fishing Vest in durable fabrics: cotton and polypopl.

Plenty of room in the back for rain gear, first aid kit, the front carries all of my fishing "stuff" for dry or nymph fishing, flies, tippet material, tools, camera, and a host of miscellaneous gear that you don't like leaving at home. the sling packs do a good job but not quite enough room for you.

ockets: total 31 easy access pockets, Multiple front pockets, including zippered pockets.
The vest is washable and 100% water resistant available in olive, tan colours.
Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL, XXL, XXL

Lightweight "Tac-L-Pak" Fishing Vest

Performance most lighter version fishing Vest in durable fabrics quick drying nylon.
Pockets: Multiple front pockets, including zippered pockets, total 31 easy access pockets.
The vest is washable and 100% water resistant available in olive, tan colours.

"Clearwater" Loaded Fishing Vest

Wonderful and more functional Fly fishing vest prepacked (leaders, two fly selections in boxes, tippet spools, forceps, strike indicators etc. )for trout fishing for quick start.
Pockets: 7 interior pockets + 3 exterior pockets, fast drying, water and sun UV resistant

The vest is washable and 100% water resistant available in olive, Tan colours.
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Orvis guide sling pack Vest

They made some updates this year based on feedback from last year. You can fit all the gear you'd need, rain jacket, lunch etc. If you carry a lot of flies with me for some reason - it's really preference but it's never a bad thing to have options.

There's a separate water bottle holder on the outside so you aren't taking up space with it in your pack. Tried the Simms waist/chest pack, and 2 other types in the past 3 years, and you can't see ever switching from the Orvis unless you want to down-size.

where TO BUY:

Orvis Web-Shop Select from hundreds of Functional Vests direct from the manufacturer

New Vests Select from hundreds of Fishing Vests.

Columbia Sportswear Company over 70 year of leading manufacturer and designer of outdoor sportswear and Innovative Clothing - Jackets, Vests, Footswear, Sweaters & Shorts.The Brand
offer a great classic styled and fishing vest at a great price.


Columbia VESTS - Online Shop


Fly Fishing Men's Vests

Series "Henry’s Fork - III" FLY Fishing Vest

Inovative minimum weight Men's Vest Made Of 60 % Cotton and 40% Ğolyester Fabric with Large System-yoke at the back shoulders designed to deliver performance and practical functionality for
fishermen. Easy off and on, made to be both functional and easy to use with all the pockets you need for fishing and hold all your gear and
accessories, features big back-zippered pocket and 6 front exterior pockets plus interior pockets for Breaking Gear and Equipment.
This vest has proven itself time and again as an useful indispensible tool for the fly fisher.
The vest is 100% water resistant available in Sage and Fossil colours, Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXL

Series "Cool Creek" FLY Fishing Vest (Mesh)

Men's Fly-Fishing Mesh construction Vest keeps you comfort and coll, capacity and respectable ergonomics, with Rod Holder Tab and 12 Ğockets and offered fly anglers a quality alternative to the common fly fishing vest.

Storage in a vest is more spread out, disperses the weight more evenly and doesn't force you to cram all my stuff in a small area.
It's most comfortable, light weight, durable, and functional vest, comes in one color - Flax in Sizes: XS, M, small.

Simms - US fishing company, leader anufacturer of the Highest quality fishing products, accessories and clothing include Sportswear, Vests, Hats for mens and ...[]



Fly Fishing Vests

Simms Series

"FreeStone" Fishing Vest

This waterproof Vest gives you Ğerformance functionality and better-comfort at low price! Their high quality materials and construction are combined with many convenient features.
Easy off and on, Simms Vest help distributes the weight of the vest around your body, made to be both easy to use and functional with 2 Large bellowed chest pockets, 6 Waist pockets-2 zipped flyboxes and 4 medium size pockets plus 3 Horizontal pockets...Simms's Vest Line >>

Simms G3 Guide Vest.

This is one of Simms largest fly fishing vests they make, with its super durable nylon woven fabric. With DuPontTM Teflon® water repellent finish, the Simms guide vest is classed as one of the finest fly fishing vests on the market today.

The vest is meant to go over layers of clothing. It has an elastic/drawstring bottom that you can really snug it down when needed (ie summer = no coat) but plenty of room to fit over warm jacket in winter. Ended up being too big/loose for me- great quality vest though

This vest incorporates built in retractors, that use a handy magnetic docking station to stop them flapping about when casting. And with 22 pockets, make this vest there most technologically designed and highest capacity they have ever produced.

Featuring a breathable padded collar, and shoulder stretch panels made from a durable polyester mesh. This Simms vest is extremely comfortable, and provides excellent ventilation for the wearer.

When using the G3 fishing vest, you will find that there is no need to make any decisions as to what fishing tackle you can take. Or what you have to leave behind for your trip, with its massive storage areas, using 22 pockets means this vest is easily capable of holding all your fly fishing equipment.

The cost of the Simms G3 guide fishing vest is around $199.00, which does sound a lot for a fishing vest. But once you see the quality and storage space associated with this vest, then you will understand why most of the fly fishing guides around the world prefer this type of vest.

The use of a Sling Pack in the flats.

The thought is that it is higher on your body and you can wade deeper to get into flats or get closer to drop-offs, etc. Either of them can work really well, the Slings as just a coldwater pack -they adapt to all fishing conditions.

Waist pack, or a sling pack, spey fishing 90% of the time im swinging, and dont want the bulkiness of a chest pack or vest in front. A convertible pack is nice to use the neck strap and keep it on the side like a sling pack but clipped.

Simms Fishing Products Continued innovation in all of our categories. Sims new Fall 2016 line is great as and they have great things in store beyond that waders & boots and vests as well.

Headwaters Packs

Some people still prefer vests and they are a vibrant category still to this day. However, some people like to remove the weight from their shoulders to the waist area and have it move out from the front of their body to their back when casting. To each his own, however. Simms new line of Headwaters Packs is awesome, though.

Patagonia - invest in innovative technologies and Offering the widest selection of outdoor Clothing, gear and accessories for men, women, or kids, including Clothing, GearVests...[]



Quallity series By Patagonia

PFD Series as basic fishing

Unisex "Highwater" Vest

Type III cool and comfortable to wear, minimum weight 0.9kg personal flotation device ĞFD safety with 4 easy off and on buckles for Men and Women, that's also functional and Comfort vest allows a wide range of Motion for fishing. Vest
are made in "Cordura" nylon plus 100% polyester Ventilating mesh on Back-side.
UniSex Vest available in one Color Forge Grey in Sizes...more

FishpondUSA - manifacturing and design of quality products for fishing Markets such as Vests, Packs, Gear, Bags and Accessories
include several new items...[]




Unisex "MaraBou" Fishing Vest

Extra breathability and better comfort on water Fishpond Professional Marabou Fishing UniSex Vest in waterproof they breathe But keep you dry fabric and mesh for
warm weather comfort and Classic design, ¨Barnwood¨ Color. Vest faetures one size adjustable shoulder and 13 interior and exterior pockets, Build a reputation for unmatched quality and covered by a lifetime "Fishpond®" guarantee.

Riverworks Fly vests

Riverworks Fly vests looks good.They trying to catch the angler with that and no thought about the nuteral colours required to fool a trout in low summer flows

There are different coloured zips and pullers however we've carefully chosen the colours to be in the "spring growth" spectrum of bright greens. If the whole vest was that colour then you probably would have a problem but with only touches of a colour found in nature it's not such an issue.

The splashes of colour also break up your solid form thereby adding an element of camouflage effect to the garment.

Riverworks product designers are keen anglers (and hunters) and so they put a lot of thought into each piece of kit to make sure it works and looks good at the same time.


the Greys Strata Fly Vest

Strata Fly Vest

This suits more fly anglers just fine as they prefer lighter waistcoats, also the extra large size weighs just under lib. In fact many lightweight fly vests do not stand up to the wear and tear we all flyfishers put them through, but here, being a quick drying nylon outer is no problem here.

Without any compromising on the storage capability the new Greys fishing Strata fly waistcoat, which replaces the GRXi fly vest design, has been made as light as possible.

It is quite a short fishing vest design that dropped just to your waist and the armholes were of a good size, so did not restrict your arm movement when fishing or casting.

The pockets of Greys vest have zip and Velcro closures or elasticated tops and they all incorporate a polyester mesh to some degree

The new Greys waistcoat has a half-length main zip and a padded knitted type
collar. Storage options are plentiful there are ten pockets of various shapes
and sizes on the front, some of the vest pockets are roomy enough to take a 7 x 4 inch accessories or fly box and more important: which keeps everything
light and also means you can see the contents.

On the back is large full width cargo pocket for storing a lightweight waterproof storing. There's also a small quick-release clip on a webbing tab and a D-ring on the back of the neck.

Excellent value and available in sizes S-XXXL in a
two tone black-olive.

GRXi STRATA fly vest

Greys GRXi fly vest has certainly been popular, but it’s been around long time and what people look for in a fly vest has evolved, so the Strata has some key updates – for example Hardy’ve updated the pocket configuration, and added a tippet leash to keep your spools close to hand. Having said that, if you’re happy with the GRXi vest that’s great. Greys are experts at upgrading to a product that is no better than the previous offering, 3 section to 4 section grxi rods - case in point.

On the GRXi/GRXi+ rods – feedback has been that the majority of people feel that 4 pc rods have the edge over 3 pcs, but of course when it comes to rod actions and ‘feel’ there’s always a degree of personal preference involved. Of course the best item of tackle is the one that suits your fishing style.


The Slough Creek Fly Fishing Vest by Trout Pro Store

In fact, fly vest is a combination of a technical backpack and fly fishing vest.
The system of the "Perfect Fly" Creek Fly Vest provides the all storage space, the pockets and attachment devicesfor everything you need for fishing or a trip.

Comment from a recent purchase. "Just purchased the above named fly fishing pack and couldn't be happier with it. I wore a traditional vest for many years and lately I was having neck and lower back aches after a full day of fishing. I tried this vest pack to see if it took and distributed the weight better. Wore it all day Wednesday fishing on the Chatuga DH section and was amazed. I carried more in it than I normally carried (eg. sandwich, cookies, water bottle, raincoat) fishing for a day and no back ache or neck ache and it is easier to access the important stuff like flies, leaders etc. Good product and will recommend it to my buddies ."


See more, Kids and Women's Vests

Vests and Pockets

There are many of outdoor vest styles, different kinds of materials, fabric,(some made of mesh and heavy cloth other of water-resistant durable materials and fabric or hi-tech innovative fabric, Columbia® - Models upper of the page, Simms® and Streamline® use coaled nylon) models and designs, some models features combine some of the features of a backpack, optional extras and more and more pockets, made especially for fishermen available, but onlya few important things to look for: At First,the vest must be waterproof(breathable treatment of a fabric that would keep rain from getting in while dissipating) and short(or Minimalist) design, Patagonia offers amazing line of Minimalist, shorty vest design fishing Vests. A good vest should have a lot of functionality and easy to use pockets (vertical pockets are better useful ), bets without loose threads. It should have zipper pockets or zip-safe pockets to prevent loss importent things,Polarized Sunglasses and protecting expensive gear. It should have a inside pocket is nice to stow a documents or fishing license. Both Pockets outside and inside should be much easily accessible. It should have a variety of different sized pockets for storing various accessories and implements. Must have s large size pocket on the back(can be mesh lined) for carrying an extra sweater, raincoat, warmjacket or lightweight waterproof jacket. raincoat. The bottom wet fly pockets should be good to close with a zipper and Upper pockets set high should close with Velcro-tabs. All Vest pockets is nice to be made of a waterproof material and sewn into the lower row of pockets. General: What goes into the vest and pockets depends on individual angler needs and the area and season fished. Its nice if the vest have an attached bottle,(Beer or Water, never mind) holder for a long day's Fishing.

Fishing Vests from Different Brands& Quality can you find here, New and Used

Vest Color

Any vest color is not a good idea. Actually not a bad idea, Dark colors and dark water colours perhaps camouflage colors to avoid the wary eyes of trout. Today many stores now carry darker, ¨Olive¨, ¨Navy¨ and ¨Brown¨ "fish catch" colors. Tan is a good choice for open waters, because it is less visible to trout and also cooler for hot Sunday. General: Choose the color of your vests, to match better and better the background colors of the streams and wateIt's wise to get a vest that fits very loosely so you can wear several sweaters or jackets underneath it.r enviroment you like to fish. Also Perfect outfitted and equipped for the stream. It's wise to get a vest that should fits very loosely so you can Wear, jackets or sweaters underneath it for for cold weather. Its nice if the vest offers some rain protection


Pay special attention to seams. The seams are the weak point in a Heavy fly fishing vest. Carefully examine all seams in bunching or stitching of fabric where the two pieces of cloth could Pull out of the seam over time and use. more attention to details to get the more bang for your buck, and don't regret.

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