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Quantum Reels - Spinning and Baitcasting Systems and Technology

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Performance Tuned fishing tackle offering a great selection of models and styles of Reels to compete and dominate at the highest level of professional fishing for both Baitcasting and Spinning Reels.

Quantum - Freshwater and Saltwater Reels

Quantum Fishing

- Amazing high-performance series include latest engineering Trolling Cabo Serie.

Your best choice for salt or freshwater ever!

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Fishing Reels

Spinning Reels


Tour Edition PTi Freshwater spinning Reels

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Spinning Reels engineering in high-tech materials with titanium bail, thin aluminum body and side cover for serious anglers, particularly those taking advantage of the new wave of smaller diameter but stronger fishing lines. Smooth front-adjustable drag and Anti-Reverse systems and gear ratio: 5.2;1

QuantumKinetic Freshwater spinning Reels

Kinetic Quantum Reels in aluminum body and titanium bail engineering for the avid fishermen on a budgetwith LMS Line Management System and our strong magnetic continuous anti-reverse system,gear ratio: 5.2;1

QuantumCabo PTs Saltwater spinning Reels

QuantumCabo 8BB Saltwater spinning Reels

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The Cabo Bait Teaser Reel for for larger fish (gear ratio: 4.4;1 )with Polymer-stainless bearings & Forged aluminum spool, ultra-smooth stacked ceramic drag and live-bait control on the back.

QuantumBoca Saltwater spinning Reels

Models from Quantum represents one of the best values in saltwater high-performance spinning. Reel with maachined aluminum handle, multi-stack ceramic drag system and smooth polymer-stainless bearings

QuantumEnergy Saltwater spinning Reels

Quantum Lighter weight Brillant Series Energy-fishing Reels in aluminum ultralight and ultrasleek body, 10 polymer/stainless bearings, adjustable drag system and Salt titanium bail with magnetic trip for Inshore and surf fishing. ŚReel with Salt bail system, carbon fiber drag and super-strong ceramic and carbon fiber drag system. An aluminum Long Stroke spool is designed for more precise distance castingand, gear ratio: 5.2;1.

QuantumBaitcasting Reels


Tour KVD Freshwater baitcasting Reels

Tuned baitcast reels in 1 piece aluminum frame with Ceramic drag and Anti-Reverse system for freshwater available in 3 unique gear ratios 7.3:1, 6.6:1 and 5.3:1. Designed by the best Baitcasting in the world


QuantumSmoke Freshwater baitcasting Reels

Quantum Smoke durability series are the lightest-weight baitcast reels, this latest generation is light, all-metal compact using new technologies and materials and technologies, available in Right- and Left-hand models and gear ratios: 6.3:1 and 7.0:1

QuantumCatalyst Saltwater baitcasting Reels

Power and speed solid design Catalyst Series permit or other inshore fishgame with corrosion protection SaltGuard system. Reels with the drag system is smooth when need it, and the Anti-Reverse system and looking great, gear ratio 7.0:1 quantum_2011_catalog.pdf -Quantum Product Catalogue (pdf)

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Quantum Reels are warranted for one year from date of original retail purchase we will replace or repair products at its option and return direct to purchaser.



Fishing Reels


Tour "KVD" Baitcasters

Our fastest Burner gear ratio: 7.3:1 with an unheard of 34" per turn retrieve to Help you cover more water. Gear ratio: 7.3:1 Baitcaster from Quantum new for 2011 Model. It's a different version of more Sensitivity & Ultra-smooth Baitcast. One piece ultralight aluminum frame and side covers Reel with Titanium finish and V - 150 size spool that Handles more fishing line without changing tha size of Baitcaster Reel. 11 S.steel and polymer hybrid ŠT reel-bearings.


New "Accurist-Pti" Spinning Reels

ACCURIST ŠTi - The newest Quantum version of the PT technology "spinning reels series" - AC10-PTi, AC20-PTi and AC30-PTi with 7 + 1 Bearings, gear Ratio 5.3:1, 5.2:1 and 5.2:1. Ultralight weight fishing Reel with 8 mix Polymer-stainless PT-Bearings designed with Construction in graphite with a metal side cover offers ultra-smooth, Performance "Tuned" quality to everyone fisherman available in both custom-matched combos featuring a sensetive and graphite rod with split cork handel and fishing reels.


- New "Antix" baitcasting Right Reels

The new Quantum Baitcaster right retrieve Reels series Antix TM - in a beautiful palette of blue colours with Gear ratio 7.0:1 and 6.3:1 designed in one piece aluminum lightweight frame provide array of performance features,Dual cast control systems 10 S.steel Bearing system, anti-Reverse Continuous and Quick-release side cover, available in both reels and combos, 1-pieces rod, length 6'6" suitable for medium action and comes with natural cork handle.


New "Q-Vex" Spinning Reels

The newest "Quantum" series of the ŠT Technology spinning reels and combos Q-Vex. High performance sleek reels with Gear ratio 5.1:1 and 5.0:1 in composite solid frame and anodized spool with 10 Bearing s-ms and anti-reverse s-m. Q-Vex available in both reels and combos with different rod lengths 5'6" to 7'0" suitable for light to medium action.


New "Triax" Spinning Reels

The newest "Quantum" - Triax series of the PT spinning technology, reels and combos more practical, good looking as their golden colored parts. Unique Reels with Gear ratio 5.2:1 and 4.7:1 designed in composite light frame (6,2 oz to 13,2) with 7 + 1 Bearings, Anti reverse system and Long "Stroke" spool design. Triax available in both reels and combos with different rod lengths 5'0" to 6'1" suitable for ultralight to Medium action.


Smoke Baitcasting Reels

The newest Quantum - "Smok" Reels and Combos:

The newest "Smok" series reels and combos. Metal Reels with Left and Right retrieve give you choice to match your fishing dtyle and features Quantum most advanced materials and PT Baitcasting Systems and Technology, combine quality of manufacturing, style and new materials. Now Quantum offers 9 models of Smoke Reels very adjustable models for any applications, designed in light aluminum frame, main gear and side covers, metal - polymer ŠT 8 + 1 Bearings for the ultimate sensitivity and ultra smoothness, spool designs increases fishing line capacity. Both models 100 and 150 size fishing all metal good looking reels giving you better comfortable feel and perfect tool and available in Gear ratios : 5.3:1, 6.3:1, 6.6:1, 7.3:1, and 7.0:1 Lightweight, available in a wide range of sizes , Šerfect Reels for most sporting anglers with style.

"Smok" available in Both reels and combos with different Rod lengths 6'6" to 7'4" in one piece graphite Blanks with new light weight 'Micro Guides' ,self Touch Grips and ACS reel-seats from Fuji suitable for medium to heavy action.


New Ladie's



New "Snapshot" Ladie's Reels

The newest "Snapshot" series reels now designed specifically for women, lightweight GR 5.2:1 Reels and combos combine quality and style in pink colors, Perfect for most sporting enthusiasts with style. Snapshot" Ladie's series available in both reels and combos with different rod lengths 5'6" to 6'6" suitable for light to medium action.





New Generation "EXO" Baitcast Reels

Where addition is achieved by subtraction. Where a radically simple exoskeletal design sheds excess weight performance and strong EXO reels without sacrificing strength. - Brand New reels from Quantum this year, Beauty and productivity New Design!

The new Generation Quantum EXO PT BaitCast Reels - Weighing in at less than 6 ounces with EXO hybrid construction, superlight reelspool and it all adds up to more accurate casts, ultra-rigid and lightweight aluminum alloy in load bearing areas.The reel’s exclusive EXO Drag System also features a series of stainless steel , carbon, and ceramic disks for an extremely smooth drag.

All EXO Baitcast reels by Quantum feature an aluminum drive gear that is ported to remove excess weight. Burner” baitcast gear - 7.3:1 set gobbles up an amazing 31" of fishing line per turn of the Handle with a vibration-free retrieve and smooth.

Baitcast EXO offers a wide range of centrifugal brake settings and features a Micro-sized version of our exclusive ACS™ cast control system.

Lightest baitcast handle use the same aluminum skeletal, more comfort and EVA grips.

"Exo" Reels by Quantum withstood over 1700 lbs. of downward force, it can support without problem over 4000times its weight 5.9 OZ.


New "EXO" Spinning Reels

The Quantum™s New generation special EXO PT Spinning Reels(design the lightest possible fishing gear ot the market NOW, best balance between composite materials and aluminum) are currently available this year. This Reel conventional design provide a revolutionary EXO strong hybrid construction.EXO Spinning model Reel combining lightweight composite with ultra rigid aluminum alloy that reduces weight :6.9 - 7.1 OZ.Now its made- lightest possible frame, 38% stronger than a graphite and stronger than magnesium frame with no sacrifice in strength.The EXO PT’s new lightweight reel spool also employs Quantum’s MaxCast II design and optimized for range of today’s fishing line Types and smaller, compact design. Rotor are made with a revolutionary new Quantum material, 80% lighter than standard rotors, called "C4LF" which minimizes arm flex under drag loads.This Series Quantum Reels are equipped with an exclusive "EXO" CSC Drag System which features a series of stainless steel , carbon and ceramic discs for an extremely smooth drag, left or right handed retrieve reel, ready for the next generation.

QuantumBaitcasting PT Reels

The "Kinetic PT" line of Quantum reels are offered in two speed in gear ratios of 6.3:1 & 7.0:1, and features a 7+1 bearing system, models come in both left and right hand retrieve. The max drag on these reels are 16 lbs & 18lbs, and the line...

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