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Fishing - : A Guide to Fresh and Salt Water , Fishing /2001 - George S. Fichter, Phil Francis, Tom Dolan and Ken Martin

Themes:SPORT FISHING - include Salt-water and Fresh-water fishes, NATURAL BAITS and ARTIFICIAL BAITS include Spoons, spinners, plugs, flies, TACKLE AND ITS USE include Reels, rods, line, Spinning,Salt-water tackle Hooks, Leaders and Accessory


Fish Florida Saltwater - Better Than Luck--The Foolproof Guide to Florida Saltwater Fishing/91- Boris Arnov

Themes:Salt Water Book-guide to tell you "how to" when and where to catch...


Inshore Salt Water Fishing Book /01 - by ditors of Creative Publishing, The Editors and Authors of Saltwater Sportsman Magazine

Themes:Atlantic and Gulf Coast Fish(Red Drum, Tarpon, Snook, Permit,Bonefish...etc.),
Pacific Coast Fish(Kelp Bass, Barred Sand Bass, White seabass, Lingcod, Rockfish...etc.)


The Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing /03 - Scott Bannerot and Wendy Bannerot

Themes: How to catch fish from a sailboat or power cruiser Gear and techniques that work anywhere—offshore or at anchor,How to clean and prepare your catch Includes a worldwide guide to edible fish anB shellfish.
Fishing Success, Gear and Tackle for Hook and line fishing,Offshore Trolling,
Adrift or anchored, Techniques, Hand Tools, Traps, Nets or other Assorted Gear ,
Wading, Walking and Diving etc.


Salt Water Fishing Tactics - Learn from the Experts at Salt Water Magazine /99 - Editors of Creative Publishing

Themes: Illustrated beautifully full-color saltwater guide , Salt Water Fishing Tactics, learn the tips and best techniques :Basics,Shore Inshore and Offshore Fishing


Ken Schultz's Field Guide to Saltwater Fish /03 - Ken Schultz

Themes: Book with color illustrations to help you identify your salt catch, most common saltwater fish, Fish Anatomy and Species


Saltwater Gamefishing - Offshore and Onshore /92 - Šeter Goadby

Book "saltwater Gamefisking" examines all aspects of world saltwater gamefishing both offshore and onshore. iclude where to find, fishing boat, tackle, traveling and more


Fishing Soft Baits in Salt water /08 - Šeter Barrett

Themes: A complete guide to rigs,
adaptations, techniques, and much more for saltwater fishermen


Complete Guide to Saltwater Fishing "Outdoorsman's Edge" /2002 - Al Ristori

Themes: A complete guide to North America's popular saltwater games & fishing, include Rods, Reels, terminal tackle, Fishing Knots, Rigging, Techniques, Marine Environment, Boats and Electronics and more


Complete Book of Saltwater Fishing /2001 - Milt Rosko

Themes: Charter, Party, Rental and Private Boats for saltwater fishing, Offshore/Inshore/Drift Fishing,Fly Casting,Jetties, Rockpiles, Inlet and Breakwaters, Casting - fly,Surf and Beach,Releasing Fish Šroperly, Bring the Youngsters and Friends Along, America's Favorite 50 Species, Caring For Your Catch and Cleaning


South East Guide to Saltwater Fishing and Boating /95 - Al Ristori

Themes: A regional Guide for Saltfishing the Southeast, Virginia,Georgia, Florida,
Florida's Gulf coast, Technoques, Gear and Tackle - Casting & Trolling, Lines Leaders and Hooks for Saltfishing- Tips from the Experts,
Rigs, Knots, Baits and Electronics and more


Fly Fishing Saltwater Basics /99 - C. Boyd Šfeiffer and Dave Hall

Themes: Tackle, Flies, Casting
Basic Fishing Techniques and Retrieves, Where and How to Find Fish, Šopular Fly-Rod Species, Tying Basic Saltwater Patterns


The New Encyclopaedia of Fishing / 2002 - by John Bailey , Trevor Housby , Dennis Moss and Peter Gathercole

It's easy to get a bit bored and blase about fishing encyclopediae when you've seen as many as I have. Every year there's a couple of new titles which all do pretty much the same job more or less well enough. This Dorling Kindersley version is not just another in a long list of competent works; it's a bit of a bible. If you only ever have one, rhis is the one to have. And if you're considering a present for an angler, this is right up just about everybody's avenue. It's stuffed fatter than a daphnia-feeding trout with knowledge. It covers an exhaustively extensive range of information with the usual high quality photos and illustrations that you come to expect from this sort of targe format DK book. Considering it covers so much ground, from bonefishing in exotic-located saltwater, right across to which maggot swimfceder to choose for canal fishing, it manages some quite extraordinary detail. There's very little fat and no florid prose. Lots of excellent, well explained how-to-do's and just enough oh-my-God-I- never-knew-thats to keep even the most weary encyclopaedia reader interested. Top value.

Nick Fisher

Writer ami broadcaster | published: Farlows Magazine | 2002

The New Encyclopaedia of Fishing is published by Dorling Kindersley


The 90 Day Yacht Club Guide to Ensenada 03 by Lonnie Ryan


About the Author info:

A True Traveler BY COTY DOLORES MIRANDA CAPT. LONNIE RYAN is a man of many words.

published:Sea Magazine July 2006

The author of 'The 90 Day Yacht Club Guide to Ensenada" and 'The Land and Sea Guide to Ensenada," and the founder and host of the "True Traveler" Web site. Kvan has become a recognized authority on what it takes to bring a boat to Ensenada and other Mexican ports, and how to best maintain her while staying at one of the local marinas. For seven years, Ryan has kept his own vessel, a Cheoy Lee Pedrick 36 sailboat named Sitka, at Coral Marina, part of the upscale ('oral Hotel complex just north of Ensenada.

ALL THE ANSWERS Hut Ryan has been familiar with Mexico for more than 37 years, crossing the border regularly as a teenager growing up in Southern California. Those early visits were a harbinger of his future. Ryan estimated hehas made the ocean and land journey between San Diego and Ensenada more than 300 times - delivering both power- and sailboats, or facilitating their off- shore delivery. It was through this delivery work that his books leapt from concept to reality. "I was writing these books in my mind long Ixjfore I started the first chapter." Ryan said. "I was always getting questions from vaehters who not only wanted to know about the details of the 90-day yacht club legislation, hut would ask about local marine facilities and insiders tips to living in Ensenada." Many boaters had questions about the previous law that waived the California sales tax on the purchase of a new boat, provided the vessel was kept out of the state for at least 90 days. (At press time. Senate Bill 1100 had extended the waiting period to a full year.) With his initial book, 'The 90 Day Yacht Club Guide to Ensenada," Ryan helped provide the answers. Most recently, Ryan's Web site,, has nearly eclipsed the popularity of his books. When the freighter APL Panama drifted ashore south of the port of Ensenada on Christmas Day 2005, Ryan featured the news on his Web site, augmenting it with daily updates and his own spectacular photos.

Within weeks, his site was attracting international attention - much of it from corporations tliat had cargo among the 1,80() containers aboard the 874-foot vessel. At one point, he was receiving between 8,000 and 40,000 hits a day.

A SEASONED SEAMAN Hut even as Ryan has proven himself to be a prolific writer and photographer, his bread and butter jobs are yacht deliveries and commissioning and equipping boats for offshore delivery. I le also oversees the repair of boats in Ensenada for stateside owners. A seasoned seaman, Ryan was drawn to the ocean at a young age. Bom at Naval Medical Center San Diego and a native of Ocean Beach, he has always considered the sea to be his lodestone, propelling his career. At age 30, Ryan moved to Seattle to work as an electronics technician for a sonar company, and then worked for two years in the same capacity aboard an NOAA oecanographic ship. There, he was in charge of shipboard operations and small boat exploration. performing tide survey data collection in the Columbia River and San Francisco Bay before returning to San Diego.

He then Ixmght his boat, Sitka, and moved her south. His work now centers on Ensenada marinas, though he maintains his San Diego roots through his Navy Yacht Club membership. "I manage big jobs on yachts visiting Ensenada as a local captain, working as a buffer between the local Mexican work crews and the busy American owners up in the states who are paying for the job," he explained. "I also take yacht deliveries that come my way - from the 36-foot sailboat up to 70-foot-plus luxury yachts - to all points of the globe."


In person, in his books and on his Web site, Ryan encourages his readers to immerse themselves in Mexican culture, and contribute to the country's economy in ways other than just frequenting local restaurants and cantinas. In his seven years residing in Ensenada, he's helped facilitate donations of clothing, furniture and other goods to local orphanages and needy families. Even with his work overseeing yacht repairs in Ensenada, penning his Web site notes and taking his own photographs, Ryan said he still makes time to work on his third book, "The 90 Day Yacht Club Guide to the Sea of Cortez," which will include the latest maps and information on the major ports and towns in the region. "I live my life by my trademark registered phrase: 'A true traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arrival,'" Rvan said.

He admits, however, that his "fixed" plan is to one day sail his ship and to write more, with few or no worries. Ryan's books are available online and at West Marine stores in Southern California. His Web site also offers a downloadable version of "The 90 Day Yacht Club Guide to Ensenada." COTY DOLORES MIRANDA IS afreclance journalist caul travel writer who specializes in California, Mexico and Arizona.

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